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    Ginny - Our girls were not treated fairly by their paternal grandparents. Their cousins got presents for birthdays and Christmas and lots of stuff in between while our girls didn’t receive as much as a card in the mail for years. I swore when I had Grandchildren that they would all be treated fairly. So I made rules on what they get for holidays and that anything extra they want would not just be a given. Michaela is at an age where she is very easy to please for very little money while her brother is at an age where his wants are pricier. I have to juggle to keep it all fair. Of course, the only one that tracks all of this is me.

    My FIL always told me to put my feet on something cold when I got a Charlie horse. I don’t know if it helps truly or if I just think it does.

    Barbara - Lilo and Stitch is a great movie and most of the music is Elvis. I’m not a big fan of the Classic Disney movies, but I love most of the newer and Pixar ones.
    “Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten”

    Annie - congratulations on your calorie intake! I have learned that one of the first things to go with Alzheimer’s/ dementia is personal hygiene.

    I had ceramics tonight, I cleaned a new piece to have fired this week and started a small piece to work on this evening and Saturday for my BF for a “just because” gift. It is The Last Supper. I may regret this it is quite detailed.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Shouting in sleep: Occasionally I’ll holler, scream, yell “Help! Help! Help!” ‘til Joe gently shakes me awake. Have terrible nightmares. Not every time, but always when I sleep on my back instead of my side. Ugh. So I sleep on my side. Any ideas how side sleepers can elevate legs to reduce swelling?

    Vicki Praying for good news at Dr.’s Monday afternoon.
    Likewise praying for Katla's good Dr. appointment.
    Tina thanks for sharing the pics.
    Lanette Brava for inflating those tires. Thanks also for your and Barbie’s reminder to be personally responsible. I still mask in public buildings but am fighting the temptation to return, un-masked, to indoor T’ai Chi.
    Viv, getting your exercise minutes and the dog walk in ARE the important things. Well done!
    Tracey :love: Michaela and her concentration on the ceramics.

    There, caught up at last! Time to get up off my butt and get some steps in.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.
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    Really tired. Graduation tomorrow. Am keeping notes so will post when I have a chance. Reading and thinking of everyone

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    Hi All. The rain arrived last night, and is still here this morning. It's doing the garden a world of good. I planted out some lettuce seedlings yesterday, before lunch. Some of the plants in the greenhouse are big enough to start picking for my lunch salads.

    I have lots to keep me busy inside, and am going to Parchment Craft after lunch. I was getting low on parchment paper, and had been trying to get some on line for ages (constantly out of stock!). Then I was going through some magazine files yesterday, and found a whole packet still in the delivery envelope. I must have ordered it ages ago and plonked it there 'temporarily'. It's 50 sheets, so should last some time.

    Machka: You can see the family resemblance between the three of you.
    Tracey: 😍Such concentration!

    Snoring: DH's stentorian snoring is legendary in the family, but it didn't bother me that much. However, when our nocturnal bathroom visits stopped coinciding, it seemed sensible to change to separate rooms. We do have morning tea in bed together most mornings after I do my wakeup workout.

    😀 Cheers to all those celebrating.
    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.
    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

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    Tracey-I understand what you mean about the fairness. While you think you may be the only one who notices, I wouldn’t be too sure. Especially as they get older, kids notice things. Your grands will remember and appreciate the fairness. Michaela is certainly focused.

    Barbara AHMOD-I frequently had nightmares when younger-would wake screaming, etc. Haven’t had any in some time, thankfully. They were very vivid-the sort where you weren’t sure if your were awake or asleep. I think they were related to working out some of my issues when younger and possible some of the extracurricular activities back in the day!

    Machka-very nice picture of you and mom and grandmother. Good looking group!

    Terri-I love it when I find misplaced items that I can really use.

    For walk last evening I changed up lacing on shoes (was still having pain across top of feet). Doctor suggest skipping a couple of sets of eyelets in the middle to take off pressure. I admit it seemed strange doing that (I mean, I have completely laced shoes for 67 years!). Since she is the doctor I followed her advice-it seems to make a definite positive difference. I go to them next Tuesday for nail trim. Slowly getting feet into the best shape they can be.

    Going to be another rainy day and some rain predicted for Saturday. Hopefully that ends it for a bit (then we complain about lack of rain!)

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio
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    Morning ladies
    Slept well and am up and dressed,fed Alfie and off to take care of Miles and get Carmine to school..
    I have been a slouch this week so will work on all the junk this weekend...that is strewn around the house.
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    auntiebk wrote: »
    Lanette Brava for inflating those tires. Thanks also for your and Barbie’s reminder to be personally responsible. I still mask in public buildings but am fighting the temptation to return, un-masked, to indoor T’ai Chi.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.

    Barbara - I am glad to report those tires held air overnight. :)

    I was happy to hear your knee doesn't have anything major going on and PT and stretching should help the situation. <3

    C and masks:
    I am anxious to find out from my walking partner exactly where she thinks she was exposed. She had the 2 shots last year and a booster a few months ago.

    She rode down to Cannon Beach in a car with some other church women, then mingled with others at the retreat center. She texted me that she was exposed 2X, not sure what that meant. If any attendees at the Center were symptomatic for the C or anything, shame on them for being there! That's one reason why I don't go to these things anymore, plus when I was working I had to attend conferences and long meetings in stuffy rooms. Got my fill back then B) .

    I go by the "4 D" guidelines provided by the FLCCC for mask wearing/exposure risk in general. These pertain to being around strangers of course, not family or household members you live with. And these guidelines pertain to any respiratory bug.

    1. Dimensions of the space/room: Closed in car vs. large shopping mall/grocery store/outdoors.
    2. Duration: Five minutes vs. an hour or two, for example.
    3. Density: Is the space teeming with a lot of people or are there very few? I love that our doctor's office spaces appointments so there's rarely anyone else in the lobby.
    4. Draft: Is everyone cooped up breathing the same air or is there good air flow in the space?

    So I have no problem with outdoor activities. And since I hate to wear a mask because of my glasses steaming up, I tend to avoid any of the risky spaces outlined above. If I have to be in a hospital/medical facility, I wear one though, and a good quality one - not one of my homemade cloth ones- and stick my glasses in my pocket. Mrs. Magoo, lol. That's just me. People need to take whatever precautions they feel necessary to stay safe these days.

    Yesterday I called the Heat Pump place, ours needs to be replaced. It still works fine, but it's 15 years old and probably not very energy efficient anymore. The sales guy is coming out in a couple weeks. I've heard rumors that installation of new units is from 3 to 6 months out. Probably because of the new construction around here, but maybe supply chain problems too. So we'll see.

    Barbie - I am jealous the rain let up in your area and you were able to spread some bark yesterday. ;) It's not letting up much down here. I did manage to get an early morning mile walk in yesterday before it got heavy. Today.... hopefully.

    That's it so far. Have a great day, ladies!

    Lanette B)
    Soggy and chilly SW WA State.

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    Tracey ~ Michaela is doing a great job painting her ceramic figures. My husband sets a limit on how much to spend on son and family and it has to be the same amount for each. Sometimes it is difficult because DnL will not come up with something, grandson wants very expensive things, granddaughter has very little wants, and son has no problem at all telling us what he wants.

    Machka ~ Very good photo of you, your mom, and grandmother.

    Lisa ~ Happy for you getting your OCD room in order. I am still working on cleaning the outside of my kitchen cabinets. Slowly but surely.

    Carol in GA
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    I'm having a lazy day today. DH is at cricket, even though it's our 19th meeting anniversary (I told him to go) :D<3
    We exchanged presents this morning and nice cards. We went out on Monday, and had drinks out on Tuesday, and tonight I have elegant canapés to serve with champagne. :drinker:
    I am a very lucky woman.

    My exercises are done and I have another 30 minutes for this afternoon scheduled. I'm listening to podcasts about sex at the moment - they are very good, and I've just downloaded a recommended book. We still have a pretty good sex life, but there is no reason not to improve it!
    Then I rang my friend L, who is finally getting round to little house jobs that need doing before she goes in for her operation on her hip. People will be coming to look after her, so that was a great spur. Plus car jobs. I love it when those things get sorted! Very lightening for the mind.
    I talked to her a bit about my worries about my next book. Always good to share concerns. I may write an intro to my intro. :p

    Love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    In the hotel room now. I was signing the card and started to get teary-eyed. I originally was going to take 4 tissues with me but now I'm taking more

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    Machka - Yes! Definitely you! :) Almost uncanny.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Good morning ladies! Rainy day here too.

    Lisa so glad the Humera is working for you. You went through such a bad spell, first being so sick for so long, and then fighting to get the medicine. Yay for good results so far!

    I talked to my mom a little about washing her hair. Not sure whether she will do it or not, but at least I opened the subject. She mostly sits on the couch with a light blanket around her head so her hair doesn't show. She is always cold even though the house is warm.

    Weigh-in day today. I feel like I was pretty good this week. We shall see. My knee is just a little sore from skipping the brace yesterday and doing my dumbbells. It's probably good to be working it just to the beginning of soreness.

    Well I need to go out in the rain to get a mother's day card and a marinade for a flank steak. I don't know how I'm going to cook it, the broiler is not knee friendly nor ADHD friendly.

    Have a great day ladies! A cozy day for those of us with rain.

    Annie in Delaware

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    Oh Allie... he'll be okay, I'm sure. So scary. Please let us know. Sending love and prayers.

    OMGosh, lunch and the show were both amazing! I'm a HUGE Buffett fan so I sorta quietly sang along to all of the songs. There were a couple that they encouraged singing OUT LOUD! That was fun! The day was somewhat warm, but dreary, so it was nice to be inside. Today is lovely and tomorrow it's supposed to hit 70!!! WOOHOO! Going to be wonderful for Anne's last home game!

    Carla, in MN