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    Machka and everyone,
    I did see a diagnostic physical therapist maybe seven years ago. My boyfriend at the time insisted after my knee gave out on two separate vacations trying to keep up with him. He was the one who told me my knee is built a little crooked.

    Since then I have been doing clamshells with a band, side lifts with two pound ankle weights, bridges and unweighted squats plus stretches. All as part of my dumbbells routine. I could try single leg bridges but that feels like a lot of weight for me.

    It's slowly getting better. I can use the stairs now with a little twinge. Than you all for your concern. 😊

    Groceries today and dumbbells tonight.

    Have a great day ladies!

    Annie in Delaware

    Could be worth having it looked at again if it still isn't better after 7 years. :)

    Are there Pilates classes in your area? They can be good for things like that. My hip feels better when I go consistently.

    M in Oz
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    Thank you all for the comments today. It has helped change my mood and thinking.

    Spoke to my BF for 3 hours tonight, first time in years. I miss her so much.

    Late already, will chat more tomorrow.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Knee was really achy after casserole-a-thon, Pastor’s wife saw me have to lift my leg into the car and commented. Managed to drag my achin’ knees down the drive to the powerline with the pooches, but then crapped out and had a nap after. Thinkin’ maybe either I overdid after PT or PT was more intense than it felt. Will ask therapist at tomorrow’s appt.

    Annie Heather and Machka give good advice. Glad to hear you have seen a PT. Seven years was awhile ago, might be time for a re-check?
    Heather my PT has me doing (hip hingeing) “sit to stands” instead of squats; step downs (similar to your standing on one leg and raising up, but instead standing on one leg on a stair and bending knee to lower other foot toward the next lower tread) ; and strap assisted supine quad stretches (instead of bridges). Thanks for the clamshell and side raise reminder, need to pre-emptively add those. Yours is an inspiring story. Enjoy your picnic/music event. Wow, what a wisteria!
    Debbie sorry to hear your mother’s home is the scene of so much drama.
    Tina could you describe the quad and twisted quad raises?
    Michele you found exercise DVDs you didn’t already have? Amazing! :love: the “5 foot rule” :laugh:
    Ginny, never thought of lunging on a Bosu ball, thanks!
    Tracey sad and frustrating about your coworker and boss. While your coworker may not have said exactly that, she did complain to your boss. :smh: As for Rodger’s erratic behavior, :cry: ((hugs)) :cry: Personally I’d have trust issues if Joe locked his phone from me. My phone and laptop are not locked and passwords are in the “Just in case” binder. “April is procrastination awareness month” made me laugh out loud!
    Julie good luck for the appointment. That is strange about eating chocolate to artificially boost wbc before sampling.
    Brava for 21 g protein at breakfast!
    Viv I’m with your mum, my eyes are always closed, and my head is turned away just in case… 20K steps, well done!
    Vicki hooray for the good news from the Dr!
    Allie you must have nerves of steel in addition to your incredibly great heart.
    Barbie Great example of understanding and equanimity in the face of hurtful comments.
    Rita quick wit!
    Weclome @chuckees130! Would you tell us what you’d like to be called and your general locale?
    Katla I wouldn’t want to drive a strange, loaner car when I was tired either. Hope you were able to postpone.
    Kylia so glad to see your smiling face. (((hugs held extra long))) for the rough couple of months.

    There. Caught up for the moment. Time to try to get some steps in.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.
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    hi all
    walked 4000+ steps to start the day and had breakfast we good protein and not too much carbs. already that!
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    Katla - When we need a service the garage comes to get our car. Much better! We are too old to be going through all the bother. Could you arrange that with them? Anything that makes life (much) easier. They also washed it.
    It's the same with having the bulk of our shopping delivered and having a cleaner and window cleaner. As we get older we just do the things we like doing and get someone else to do the rest. Life is too short.

    There is a campaign on the TV at the moment. 'No-mow May'. Great excuse not to cut the grass. We have a great collection of daisies and our 'wildflower meadow' at the end is rich with pink campions.

    I read a great quote the other day.

    'Many people are addicted to lives they don't even like'

    So true. If you don't like it - don't do it. Life is not a dress-rehearsal.

    I realised why DH is being a bit insecure and grumpy at times. His back pain has returned. We (the family) have all given him excellent suggestions on who to consult, and links to practitioners, but he won't do any of it. His last, years ago, consultations were not helpful at all. Plus he is stubborn. Last night he rediagnosed the problem on the Internet, sacro-iliac strain, (I am sure he is right) and found a few exercises to help it.
    Oh well. ....
    We are what we are.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    barbiecat wrote: »
    :) We had an emotional day. First we dealt with the dishwasher technician with a satisfactory but expensive outcome. Then after a long wait on the phone, and a drive to the cable store to return the cable boxes we successfully disconnected from cable TV and will save ourselves a bunch of money. There is a lot on cable TV we like but the cost was too much so we'll satisfy our watching needs with the streaming services we have.

    :s No yard work today, the rain seemed to come at the times I could get outside.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA

    We don't have cable or Netflix or any such thing.

    Just the standard dozen or so channels and a collection of second hand DVDs I've picked up for $1 or $2 over the years.

    M in Oz
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    Shopping done. Going out with Garden Group to visit a walled garden. Hoping the weather holds good.

    Kymarai: So good to see you posting. Focusing on your accomplishments is very positive.
    Barbie: We just have Freeview channels on our TV. I can barely find time to watch what I want as it is, s,o Sat or cable would be wasted.

    Pg 25
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    teklawa1 wrote: »
    5 more days and off fly Ella and I. "to do" list is getting shorter". Betsy in NW WA. (and soon to be in NW AK)
    To Betsy and to Pip - traveling grace.

    Lisa what kind of heat shielding fabric do you use in your hot pads? Barbara AHMOD
    The product is Bosal Polytherm Heat-Reflective Fleece. I found it at Joann's by the package, and you can find it by the yard in some places. I like it because the polytherm is built into fleece, so if I want to, I can quilt the hot pads of oven mitts I make.

    Kylia - Your granddaughter's dress is absolutely stunning, and she's such a pretty girl... So pleased to see you posting, and also glad that the "Done" list is helping. I'm up to two weeks of it now, and it is genuinely helping me remember how much I do instead of dismissing all my tasks with blanket terms like "housework" and "yard work." Another plus for the "Done" list for my increasingly leaky brain is it serves as a reminder for my battered memory. One more thing, with a to-do list, I am never, ever finished; there are always a few tasks that I haven't done moved over to the next list. To-do lists cause stress. "Done" lists relieve stress. So good to see you!

    'Many people are addicted to lives they don't even like'
    Heather - I LOVE that. I've been those people, and have known them, too... Hope your DH is feeling better soon. I can't get Corey to go to the doctor either, to the point where I just throw my hands up in the air and walk away. Luckily, in the last couple years, he's had to get a couple physicals done for insurance and for work. His blood pressure is now perfect, which it wasn't in the early years of our marriage when he was smoking. One less worry.

    Later, y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    Hello again!

    The other thing that is just so incredibly annoying about my husband is that he's lost eight pounds in the last two weeks, just by switching to light beer with fewer calories. Makes me want to cry to the heavens, "It's not fair!" But then again, what is? :D

    I'm coming on the thread so late because I didn't get to bed until midnight. Dinner got stuck, but I didn't know until three hours later when I took my first night-time medication with water. Three hours, a cup of tea and innumerable trips to the bathroom later, the blockage was finally resolved. I haven't had an issue with food getting stuck in more than a year! Still not sure why this one did.

    Not-That-Quick Bio:
    For those who don't know, I had gastric bypass 17 years ago.

    When food gets stuck it means that either a) I wasn't paying attention and didn't chew well enough, or b) I didn't get up and move around to make things keep moving, or c) some other thing, such as soft bread, which seems to stick to each other and form a blockage. Pasta often sticks, too, and I have no idea why.

    I weighed 303 pounds when I had the surgery, dropped down to 137, and looked and felt like a completely different person. Left my husband in Illinois and headed for my sister's in West Texas. Within less than a week, I had a job and met Corey on my first day. Married him a year later. After I married him 13 years ago, I got happy and started adding weight back on--and I got up as high as 219. This morning I'm at 172, which makes me happy - I'm shooting to get down to 155, but I've got time, I hope.

    The last few years have been pretty rough, but I finally got a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis in November. After a couple tries at other medications, the gastroenterologist finally prescribed Humira, just started a month ago. A lot of the more recent weight loss has been because of the colitis, before it came under control. Love the loss, but don't like the reason. The Humira is definitely helping.

    Typed more than I meant to! Hope your Wednesdays are or were wonderful!

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    Good morning ladies!

    It's a beautiful spring day here and that means full of pollen. I am sniffling my way through.

    Adriene has a video for yoga with sensitive knees so that's on the agenda today. Plus walking. And I really need to edit a story my friend sent me two weeks ago.

    And I need to stay away from candy and cookies. I get more motivated when weigh-in day is closer, like day after tomorrow. I wonder if weighing twice a week would help me keep my priorities straight.

    And I bought a bright red top from Amazon especially for first dates. It has a vee neckline, but I won't know how deep it goes until I try it on. Such a gamble. But the local stores seem to specialize in drab work wear. This is really cute - I hope it fits.

    Have a great day!
    Annie in Delaware
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    <3Allie, Sending hugs to you for your dental visit.
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