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    exermom wrote: »
    Previously, when we were up in DE, Denise gave us the excuse “I don’t know how to take the car seat out of my car”. This year since we’re coming up and staying in a hotel with a swimming pool that PJ can use, she seemed to be more willing to take the car seat out of her car for us to us. What can I say?

    Michele NC

    She's had time to work it out and get used to using it. :)

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    Morning all. I’m a city girl again! 😝 Our town has been granted City status as part of our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

    Machka: TV is so unsatisfactorily repetitive these days, especially the News! And too many sport, cookery, and inane repeats. Or else they schedule all the good programmes at the same time.

    Heather: I know what you mean about feeling that you are not seeing enough of the grands as they get older, and worrying about them. They grow so quickly. As for hubbies, they have their moments, but I think both you and I have been fortunate in our current choices of partner.
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    Morning ladies
    Tracy just texted me Miles slept 10 1/2 hrs he had 3 shots yesterday... Tracy brought him home and gave him a bath and tylenol and he was zonked.
    She sent me pictures of him sitting in his baby seat this morning all smiles.. thank goodness for that..
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    Terri - I completely agree with you about how fortunate we are. :p DH doesn't interfere with anything I want to do, even if it's not 'his bag'. It still took a while for me to stop looking for his approval for my increased 'exposure' though. I am growing up at last! The other day he said "You have worked very hard on yourself and I notice that you are much more calm these days." :p
    We are very happy together 95% of the time. When it blows up, it really does! Of course, it's all his fault. :laugh:
    We have a lot of things in common, but also are very different. But we are good friends.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

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    Bodenista wrote: »
    Machka9 wrote: »
    Bodenista wrote: »
    I am going to the library to pick up a book I ordered. Reading is one of my loves and obsessions and has been since I was a child so I am looking forward to starting my new book later.

    Have a fabulous day everyone 💫💫

    Bodenista UK

    I've been debating about going to the library again. I stopped going because I'd start on a series and couldn't get the whole series. There would be 2 of the 3 books in a trilogy or books 1, 4 and 7 out of a collection. I was told I could try ordering them, but quite often I'd find there was a list of people ahead of me who wanted the books. So I'd read Book 1 and it could be months before I'd see Book 2. It just wasn't great for settling into an interesting series.

    I also found the 3 weeks allowed for the books limiting as I can only read on weekends. I constantly had overdue books and was constantly paying for the extra time.

    So I started going to Op Shops ... and started finding whole series there for $1-2 each book and I can read them at my own leisure. :):)

    But I've been tempted to try the library again. Apparently they've dropped the overdue book fee.

    Machka in Oz

    Machka I'm in the UK and they have dropped the overdue fees here and they automatically renew the book for you every 3 three unless of course someone else orders the book.

    I do read a lot of books by the same authors but they tend not to be series of books of so I don't have that problem.

    The book that I picked up today is called 'A Different Kind of Daughter' by Maria Toorpakai. The one that I've just finished was called 'Grown Ups' by Marian Keyes. I read all kinds of different stuff. Give the library a go again, you never know what gems you might find 🙂

    Bodenista UK

    I like ...
    Sue Grafton and the Kinsey Millhone Alphabet series
    Nora Roberts Trilogies
    J.D. Robb's In Death series
    Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta Series

    ... books like that. :)

    John Grisham seems to have individual books. I've have (and have read) several of them. I don't know if the library would have more.


    Machka in Oz
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    Heather - what should I look for to know where to have a book made. I have tried a printing company here, but they only do coil. I have searched book binding but wasn’t successful. Is there a specific word I should be using? I want to see what I should be looking at for format before I start my work.

    I am off today and don’t go back to work until Tuesday. I needed the break.
    Tomorrow I am going out for lunch with a coworker and my old supervisor.
    I think I may go bring the grandkids out on Sunday.
    It’s been too long since I’ve seen them.

    I should go do something, it’s taken me 2.5 hours to catch up this morning.
    Tracey in Edmonton
    Tracey - I have always used Amazon, KDP . They talk you through the steps, but there is quite a lot to get to know first. It's all there, but a lot of reading. It's free if you DIY. I am always terrified, but it works out alright in the end! Remember to start your first reading page on an odd number. I start the actual text on page 5. :p
    I am the least technical person in the world, so, if I can do it ............. :D Their new thing is hardback, which would be nice for your project. I might do that for my projected poetry book. Lisa also did it on KDP.

    My books are available on my author page, Heather Eyles. Read the blurb carefully to see if it's for you. Trigger warning. There are also my old children's books on there. :) Mostly remaindered. My recent books are also on Kindle.

    Back making progress. Slow progress, but going in the right direction.

    Lamb Tagine was heaven. It's from the Hairy Bikers first diet book.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    My father also uses Amazon for the books he has published.

    Have a restful time off Tracey! :)

    Machka in Oz
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    Good morning ladies!

    Barbara good luck with your knee! Do you have to manage stairs?

    I am doing knee and hip strengthening exercises as part of my dumbbell routine. I've had to cut back on the squats though. I've got dumbbells tonight and then Sunday I might walk some or I might take a full day of rest from exercise. Who knew I would get to the point where a full day off was an anomaly!

    Today's challenge is to put away laundry and clean my desk. Shouldn't be difficult but there's a mental hurdle. I used to say that I was not qualified to teach my daughter to clean her room! It's bad now because I moved from a five bedroom house to a ten by twelve room in my parents' house. You would think I could adjust after seven years but that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Happy Saturday! I am awake early and being quiet so DH can sleep. When he wakes up I hope we can plan a little fun for our day. 😊
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    5 days to go
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    1948CWB wrote: »
    Annie ~ This may be too much to ask, but, why did you move from a 5 bedroom house to your parents? If it is, just ignore. I've been married for 53 yrs and there have been numerous ups and downs. My husband actually left me 3 different times. I never left him because in my growing up dysfunctional family my mother would leave my father every time she got upset with him. Many times this was because he was abusive. Then, I was in charge of the 7 person family until she came back. Never that long, but, very frustrating to a young girl.

    Carol in GA


    You and your mother put up with a lot more than I would have. I presume culture and lack of support were part of it back then.