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    5 days to go

    And then?
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    Worked today. It’s nice so right now I’m getting dinner prepared and then I’ll go in the pool. No work tomorrow so that means I can exercise. Yea!!! The plan is to do a Biggest Loser the Workout DVD. This is one of the new ones so we shall see how it is.

    Heather – I wish I could see PJ, too, more than once/year. Love hearing about all you do with the grandchildren

    M – I suspect the reason Denise is more willing to give us the carseat is because right now Pete is working 10 days on and 10 days off. Which means that for 10 days it’s just her taking care of PJ. I remember how it was when Vince went away on business. Not easy. He’ll just be coming off working for 10 days. I think she’s a bit relieved that for a few days she won’t have to get PJ ready for day care, etc, we’ll take care of him. She probably knew how to remove the car seat before, but she wasn’t motivated. Now she is.

    Terri – I really don’t watch the news. The weather? Yes. To me, the news is too sensationalized.

    Kylia – graduation from high school or college?

    Jerry didn’t work today and one of the managers got a full case of cheese for me, the lettuce and tomatoes. I got another box of tomatoes out. I can lift them enough to put them on the cart. Fortunately, a guy came in and I got him to put the pickles up for me. Wish I had a clock so I could time how long the lettuce is in the ice water. I think I’m getting faster at the job and I want to be sure it’s in the ice water a fair amount of time.

    Barbara – I would use my phone for a timer, but I really don’t want to take it out by the pool.

    Off to the pool

    Michele NC
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    Karen in VA & bwcetc — I like framed prints, too.

    Machka — I think of your pleasure riding bikes with your DH. You two have had grand adventures. Congrats on making the time limit. ⭐️

    Terri R — Congrats for your town for being granted city status. 😊

    Allie — You are a lucky grandma. Good for you that Tracey sent pictures of Miles. 😘

    Heather — So pleased for you. Your DH gave you a well earned compliment. “You have worked very hard on yourself and I notice you are much more calm these days.” ⭐️🌸⭐️

    Barbara — Congrats on waking up feeling great. 2 AM and no knee pain. 😊 😘

    Pip— “5 days to go . . .”. Intriguing. Where do you plan to go? Wherever it is, I think you will enjoy it. 😁

    Today we woke up to a bright, bright, sunshiny day. DH is feeling a bit better and we plan to enjoy the sunshine.

    Katla in NW Oregon
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    Carol - HUGS <3

    Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Been here for 35 years, Mary! They'll probably have to bury me in the backyard! LOL. We love it here and love our neighborhood. Can't imagine living anywhere else. Did y'all get FROZEN out last night? Can you believe you came back to this? Where is that sun you promised?

    Machka, I love ALL of those books you mentioned!
    I'll add John Sandford to the list though because he writes about Minnesota and I recognize a lot of the area in his books.

    Barbara, I'm no longer a para.
    ASD, (sorry, I tend to speak in Sped acronyms) Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was Blessed to be part of the first middle school ASD program in our district. We were first in the metro area to have a group of six middle-school boys who needed intensive programming and we saw them all the way to graduation. Which, quite frankly when we met them, we didn't think was going to happen. Says a LOT for the brilliance of intense and early programming.

    I do all the medical assistance (MA) billing for the district now and have for the last 12 years. It's federal law that we bill DHS for certain services that we provide, in school, for students who also are eligible for medical assistance. It comes out of a completely different pot of $$ than their general medical assistance and doesn't affect their fees or caps. Nothing gets billed to the families. Most don't even realize it's happening except some, who are really astute, and look at their EOBs every month, do see my line items going in and out. So again, I happen to get paid out of the money that DHS sends us from what I bill and the district gets the additional funds. Hence, my "funny". Your schools, in OR, are required to do it too and have been for the last 30 years, but most have just started for maybe 10-20 and a lot have only billed for very specific, related services to get going and moved up as they feel comfortable.

    You're a good daughter, Annie. I'm glad you were there during the pandemic too. I wish I could have been with my mom and she wouldn't have had to be alone.

    OMG Heather! That mud actually looks FUN!

    COLD here in MN! Actually had freeze warnings Up North where Mary's hanging out! Sorry'bout that. I'm snuggled up in my blankie while I'm trying to create some birthday cards.
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    Our toaster popped a slot this afternoon. Threw out the contact breaker for the kitchen. DH reset it. All OK except for one half of the toaster. I have ordered another exactly the same. Last bought in 2014. We like the 4 wide slots and the bagel option.
    Oh well......

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Kylia - So glad you had a great day and felt like yourself again. <3 Lovely photos. Nice to see your family.

    Hope all gets sorted for your DH.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Kylia- I have had quite a few procedures done for Afib. But the ablation is what really helped and ive been fine ever since..
    It was a lovely service. And a nice reception afterwards so great to see family.. just freaks me out that now we are the elders..
    I bought Miles a summer hat because he is a little baldie... and Tracy sent me a picture with Daddy holding him .so adorable.. he is still a bit fussy because of the shots ..and its the high 90s here so they are staying in the a.c.
    Luckily i just have a fan going and im doing well .
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family n going to yard sales- 2hrs 1min 26sec, 2.81ap, 63elev, 84ahr, 92mhr, 6.10mi= 518c
    Strava app = 696c
    Zwift home bike trainer- strava stats- 47.05min, 436ekev, 132aw, 19.4amph, 109ahr, 140mhr, 15.24mi= 268c
    Strava app = 357c
    Zwift stats- 47.11min, 437elev, 131aw, 52arpm, 19.46amph, 15.3mi= 357c

    Total cal 786
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