What Was Your Work Out Today?



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    I didn't start out thinking I would do this. But when I got to about 15 miles on my Elliptical, I realized since I have to babysit @ 5:30-9 tonight, I wouldn't get a second session in today. And decided to try for something. I wish I knew how up upload photos to the site, to show you. I DID 337 MINUTES ON THE ELLIPTICAL FOR 26.25 MILES. AND I FEEL FINE. GREAT ACTUALLY! As far as any plan this is most likely a one time thing. Just wanted to see if I could do it.

    Wow! Elliptical marathon! I feel like you should get a medal for that. 😀

    Thank you. I was quite proud of myself for making it!

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    Rowed the double again today, with a different friend rowing stroke seat. The usual roughly 7k distance, still sticking with easy pace . . . partly to keep any singles out with us in sight for safety, partly to focus on getting the rust out of our bladework and balance early in the season. Mostly Z2 and below, a little Z3.

    My double partner this morning took a photo of me sitting in my double today post row, because I was complaining that there are few photos of me rowing where I look happy (even though I nearly always am) - my face usually looks concentrated/intense in on-water photos, doesn't show the inside happy.

    This is what our funny, skinny boats look like - note how the seat is on wheels, on a track, so it slides similar to how a normal rowing machine works, so most of the power comes from legs.

    Oh wow what a fantastic place to live and you look great too 😃
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    Here are some more photos, the first is me staring at pretties in one of the more open bits; the second is me going into the Roly Poly entrance .



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    Here are some more photos, the first is me staring at pretties in one of the more open bits; the second is me going into the Roly Poly entrance .



    Crikey you're brave! I can feel the claustrophobia clawing at my chest just looking at those photos. Gosh my workouts are nothing compared to yours!!
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    Here are some more photos, the first is me staring at pretties in one of the more open bits; the second is me going into the Roly Poly entrance .



    Crikey you're brave! I can feel the claustrophobia clawing at my chest just looking at those photos. Gosh my workouts are nothing compared to yours!!

    I was thinking the same thing. As someone who has actually had a full-blown anxiety attack in a cave once, I have trouble looking at those pictures. :D

    Having said that, @drmwc I'm glad you are having fun! I can appreciate finding some exercise that feels like recreation, not work. Good for you! (Also, your meadow walk looked lovely!)
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    Today was Murph day because it's the US equivalent of Dodenherdenking today iirc and I was dreading it. I've only been doing xfit for about 9 months now so it's my first introduction to Murph ánd we rarely do hero workouts. The og Murph is run 1 mile (1,6km), 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, run 1 mile, for RX with a weighted vest and under an hour.

    I scaled it a lot. I'm still not allowed to run because of my ankle so I did 2 x 1,6km on the ski machine. I can't do pull ups so I did ring rows. I can't do push ups so I did them off a 30 inch box. I weigh 282lbs so I skipped the weighted vest. No idea if such a thing would even fit me but I feel like I have several extra 15 lbs on my body at all times so I figured it was hard enough. I planned all weekend and decided to do half the Murph (which still unfortunately includes all the running, or in my case skiing) and if I wanted to continue I could do the full thing. But my trainer talked some sense into me and said you gotta learn to take it easy so just do half the murph. So I did half the murph. (1,6km ski, 50 ring rows, 100 push ups off 30 inch box, 150 air squats, 1,6km ski) It took me 40 minutes and 46 seconds because skiing after you did 100 push ups is actually the definition of insanity so while my first mile took 7 minutes 14 seconds, the second mile took about 10 minutes.

    I am really happy because:

    - I ski'd a km in 4.44 even though it felt like an easy pace where I could hold a conversation.
    - I didn't partition anything and my breaks were reasonable and well-thought out.
    - I wore new leggings that fit perfectly in a size down from usual and a sports bra (so no shirt) and did not feel self-conscious at all.
    - I stepped on the scale at the gym, which shows 2kg/5lbs-ish more than my mum's scale which is the one I usually use for weigh-ins, in the evening after the workout, fully clothed, after having eaten 2200kcal and drunk a liter of water during and immediately after the workout and it showed the same number it showed on my mum's scale on the 7th of May in the morning after I'd used the bathroom and unclothed so I might've lost another kg or two.

    I spent the weekend resting a lot because I was catsitting for my sister. I'm actually allergic to cats, including her, but I love her so I'm happy to spend a weekend teary-eyed and runny-nosed to take care of her.
    Tomorrow is another day off, not by my choice but because we have a work thing that lasts until 9pm in the next city over and our gym closes at 9pm on Tuesdays. But maybe that's for the best as I am really feeling my triceps.
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    Another lovely rowing day, the usual 7k-ish, focused more on technique than speed/energy, mostly Z2. I was in bow of the double again; and we had a good group today from the row-together group I "den mother", the two of us in the double plus four others out in a quad.

    We had a unique adventure this morning: As we rowed upstream just out from the dock, a young, still-fuzzy duck/goose (not sure which!**) swam out, completely alone, from the North shore at breakneck speed, and met us mid-river.

    At first, I thought it just wanted to get past us, but no: It wanted to stay by the boat, right up next to the hull, even as we maneuvered to get out of its way. It was swimming at maximum energy, right alongside the hull, yeeping frantically.

    Finally, it literally hopped up onto the double's stern deck and just sat there! We didn't want to carry it even further from its (we hope) nearby family, so we sped up and it slipped off into the water again.
    As we rowed off, it was heading for the South shore, still at top speed. We can only hope it found its separated family!

    ** It was mostly fuzzy, so not clear markings, more duck-shaped than goose-shaped, but kind of large to be part of this year's baby Mallards. The Mallard ducks usually hatch their babies later than the Canada geese do theirs, and the baby geese are still at the mostly-fuzz stage now. (I haven't seen any baby Mallards yet, but there may be some.) I was more focused on not injuring it, than on identifying it. We didn't have a camera with us, and wouldn't have had time for a photo anyway, given circumstances.🤷‍♀️
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    Thanks Alice and bojaantje3822. I actually find caving similar to climbing and diving - it's very relaxed. I used to be quite stressed on dives, but at some point (maybe around my 300th dive?) I eventually learned to slow down and chill out. That also helped make diving more fun.

    I wouldn't say I'm brave. One of the lads on the trip is - he is mortally afraid of heights, but still goes caving regularly and does get the climbs done. Confronting your fears is way braver than not being afraid in the first place.

    There can be minor things which are, on the surface, slightly worrying, but they tend to actually not be bad. For example, in the picture, the hole I'm going into is the one where the easiest way of making progress is rolling over, which is just good fun and not dangerous at all. (It did make me dizzy, so I eventually reverted to a crawl.)

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    Drmwc I love reading about your adventures. As I'm both scared of heights (I can go up a thing but not down) and caves, I know I won't ever experience it for myself (probably) but I love reading about it and the pictures are great. Dives seem equally terrifying and great
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    Ran 5 miles. (4.94mi). Tomorrow will be 1hr lower body weight routine. 3 sets lift heavy, 1 set burnout on half the weight.
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    Did my usual 45min strength and very low LISS :) sharing progress for some motivation

    NSFW, top/mid section bare
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    My Achilles bursitis has subsided so I can get back at it this week. I was only able to swim last week and was only able to get two in.

    20K bike today followed by a walk...sort of building up to some brick work.
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    Chest/shoulders/triceps day in the weight room.
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    Leg Press
    Kinesis machine chest press
    Dumbbell shoulder press
    Calf raises
    Triceps Pushdowns

    Dumbbell RDLs
    Seated rows
    Bicep curls
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    No workout for me. I have a dislocated knee cap.


    Hope it gets better soon.