5’-5’3” girl success stories before & after



  • GoRun2
    GoRun2 Posts: 448 Member
    What are all of you doing to lose weight on MFP? I'm 5'3", and 65. I've been eating between 1,000 and 1200 calories. I walk about 4 miles a day or go to a cardio class. I'm losing about 1 lb a week.

    The 1,000 calories give me some leeway if I'm not tracking accurately.
  • justanotherloser007
    justanotherloser007 Posts: 578 Member
    @GoRun2 what is your weight now? That is going to effect how fast you lose. Also, do you weigh your food? 1 lb a week is great! Tracking accurately is important, but you are losing weight so you are doing right.
  • RaquelFit2
    RaquelFit2 Posts: 208 Member
    I'm 5'3" and 38yo. On the right side of the photo I weigh 132lbs, was eating 1200 calories daily and doing lots of cardio. Photo on the left I weigh 135lbs, eat anywhere from 1850-2000 calories daily, switched to weightlifting instead of daily cardio sessions.


    Wow! What a difference. I've been weightlifting since January. Hope to get the same results. Good work!
  • LiveOnceBeHappy
    LiveOnceBeHappy Posts: 434 Member
    edited May 2022
    So *that's* how you move the volume from the front to the back! I lost my butt (flat as a pancake now), but I still have a pouch on my abdomen. Great job!
  • pepper300
    pepper300 Posts: 7 Member
    You are looking so good! The last few seem the hardest but it is well worth sticking to it !
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