Women 200lb+, Let's Aim For The Sky This July!!!



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    The scale was up to 126,5kg today. Possibly because I didn't get enough sleep and was stressed over a work deadline. I made it though.

    My workout was good. It felt pretty easy and we were done way fast so it feels more like an active rest day, which is good because of tomorrow's competition.

    It occurred to me that my cousin and her family haven't seen me since September. They were here last summer and then I was there in September when my dad died but we haven't seen each other since. Her mum is someone I don't get along with at all and when we were staying at their house her fatphobia came out in full swing.

    TW, I guess, and a bit TMI: my sister is in the 60-65kg range at 175cm (my height) without any form of exercise, just our mum's genes doing the work, whereas I was idk probably 135-140kg at the same height with at that point a year and a half of no exercise preceded by a fairly active lifestyle, with my dad's genes at work. While we were there, she was pushing SO MUCH FOOD onto my sister, even after she repeatedly said no but I only had to say no thanks once and she'd accept it. She even gave me a weight loss tea, which turned out to be a laxative, and never failed to mention weight loss tips. It did turn out okay because they fed us maybe 5gr of fiber a day so I was super constipated until she gave me that tea, and I thankfully got a light dose. Our personalities clashed a lot, she thinks I'm Satan's child and my mum raised me all wrong and heathenly and she just didn't have a good word to say about me. But my cousin, her daughter, visited us here, she's the younger generation (early to mid 40s) and she actually became mindful of not smoking indoors and around people who don't smoke and even suggested I might have a gf instead of a bf.

    Anyway, they're visiting, she has two kids who are possibly 11 and 15? And it should be fun but I do wonder what they'll comment now that I know what my aunt is like.

    @CupcakeCrusoe hell on heels sounds impossible, it's so cool you're doing it!

    Thanks! Lurkers are totally welcome! I never expected to look good in leggings but they're all so impossibly flattering, every time I take a pic of myself wearing new ones (to make sure they look okay and aren't see-through) I get a confidence boost.

    I'm getting a pair of Stronger leggings in the mail tonight so I'm super excited to see if they fit. I totally guessed my size but I'm hopeful.
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    Age: 27
    Height: 5'10"
    Starting Weight: 246.9
    Current Weight: 189.9
    Goal Weight July: 185 188
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 165-170
    Weigh in Day: Friday

    7/1: 189.9
    7/8: 190.3
    7/15: 190
    7/22: 188.3 (-1.7 pounds)

    1. Do something social once a week
    2. Walk every day
    3. Work out 3x a week
    4. Go to gym once a week
    5. Dedicated 30 minutes a day to hobbies
    6. Dedicated 15 minutes a day to cleaning something
    7. Take puppy on 15 minute walks on non dog daycare days
    8. Eat out 3x a week or less

    So, obviously with strained quads, a lot of my fitness related goals are on pause. And, because my puppy had a cough, I didn't get to take her to daycare. That said, I am on top of eating out less. Only ate out once this week!

    Got a new bed spread/duvet this week. Way too hot for a polyester comforter, so I got one of those cooling duvets and a light cotton duvet cover. We shall see if that helps.

    1 year photos coming either later today or tomorrow.
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    48 yo 5’3” 6/2013 SW 277 ((in 2021 lost 57 lbs from May 1- Dec 31))
    July goal: keep some sort of deficit daily
    Ultimate Goal weight: 141 (normal BMI) No goal date, since I am struggling so hard with the prednisone

    1/1 172.2
    2/1 172.2
    3/1 165.8
    4/1 161.4
    5/1 156.8
    6/1 156.8
    7/1 153.0
    7/8 154.4
    7/15 152.6
    7/22 152.2

    🕊️Recuperate prednisone/hives. If possible, continue fitness journey and always be thankful!.
    🕊️Be patient! Remember that increments are where it is at, and focus on habits.
    🕊️Remember: Total loss of over 125 lbs!! (finally made it to 125 instead of 120!)

    ((((Hugs)))) to all those sick, and dealing with injuries. The dairy free tofu spanikopita turned out well, and I have been struggling to get enough salt - it has been very hot here, and I have the A/C on 80 degrees but I have been painting/cleaning 4-7 hours every day. I keep trying to figure out how to get more salt! Stupid salt, my Mom used to make me gargle with salt water and I learned that salt is a ipecac (for me). I can tolerate it sometimes, but when it gets hot and I sweat a lot it seems ridiculous the amount I need. If I was on my cycle I would have to drink vegetable broth, as the lady Dr. already said I needed to do that before it got hot. When you have fibroids and really heavy bleeding you lose all your salt - so if you have this situation you too may have to drink broth. Esp if you keep losing consciousness during your cycle.

    Have a great weekend ladies!! I hope you all recover and make good and decent choices on a generally regular basis!
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    Age: 34
    Height: 5'4"
    Starting Weight: 320 lbs
    Current Weight: 289 lbs
    Goal Weight July: 279 lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 180-199 lbs
    Weigh in Day: Friday

    7/1: 290 lbs
    7/8: 293
    7/15: 290.6 lbs
    7/22: 289 lbs!

    My weight has certainly yo-yo'ed this month but I am happy to be out of the 290s!!! :star::smiley: We are heading off on our vacation soon and I am going to stay on track while also enjoying the sights and tastes, I've promised myself to log it all! I am definitely not hitting my original goal that I set for weight loss this month, however I am very proud of myself for pushing through this month and getting into the next decade! I do love the 80s! :wink:

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    By the way, I wanted to thank the generous soul that told me about the nutritional yeast. I added it after the fact to a bite of the spanikopita (because I have tried lots of vegan cheeses all with horrible horrible tastes) it was wonderful!! Now I am dreaming of making some nutritional yeast mac n cheeze. I miss cheese the most. Seriously, some days I think the reason I was obese to begin with was due to my love of all the different cheeses (I mean besides the illnesses).
  • LisaLethal
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    Age: 33
    Height: 5'7"
    SW: 244 on 06/06/22
    UGW: 145

    July weigh ins:

    7/1: 233.5
    7/8: 231.9 (-1.6 lbs)
    7/15: 231.4 (-.5 lbs)
    7/22: 229.6 (-1.8 lbs)

    Not gonna lie- didn't make it to the gym a SINGLE time this week. Not proud, not ashamed. Not beating myself up about it. Instead, all but one day I made sure to walk 10k+ steps a day. Made sure my calories were lined up appropriately, and made sure to relax and have fun. Even went to the fair to the concert last night. Not hard for me to pass up on alcohol any more. Not worth the calories or potential hangover. Didn't remember to have a protein shake before going, so became famished- ordered a hot dog (only food available in concert area) took a bite, realized this isn't worth my calories and tossed. Hate wasting food, but I have to prioritize myself.. and I knew if I ate that... I would still eat something later in the night that would send me over my calorie goal. Going to be going to the fair two more times within the next week. Know I would like to splurge on some fair food at least one of those nights... so we will see what the scale says next Friday. Hopefully if I can keep my food dialed in on the other days/other meals for the day it won't blow it.

    I am not quite sure how to do the tag party, but I just wanted to say, I hope everyone feels better this week.
    I am so inspired reading everyone's journey. There are times when I'm tempted to say ah, screw it- and give in to temptation, but then I think about all of you, and how you guys are showing up for yourselves every day, and it encourages me to show up for myself as well. You gals are rockstars, and I am so grateful for this group.

    This week's goal:

    Go to the gym 3x. Get my butt there. Stay for only 10 minutes? Fine. Enjoy and stay for 90 minutes? Great. Just get back in the routine.
    Think of some more unique meals that my kids will eat as well. My daughter is picky, and I find that when she's home with me (half the week), I'm not eating as clean because I'm catering to her. Time to get creative and find ways for her to eat what I'm eating without the whine lol
    Weight wise: 228.9
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    So my order was a complete bust and I am very surprised because the only bad reviews this company has are because of their return policy. I haven't heard a single negative word about their products. Meanwhile I purchased 2 leggings and one sports bra. One pair of leggings was much too small (understandably so) and the waist part wouldn't go beyond my upper thighs but the quality was so bad (not understandable at all). It was flimsy material, didn't feel like my other leggings at all, the print didn't match the website and they just felt cheap. They were €40 on sale but they're worth maybe €10 because of their pretty colours.

    The other pair of leggings was a completely different colour from the pictures. It was a beige-y nude with hints of light brown and it just looked like I skinned a Kardashian and wore her skin over my legs. It was supposed to be a light, dusty pink shade. Not only that but they felt like nylon tights, the upper leg and hip part was too tight but despite that I had the waist already well above my belly button. Were these supposed to cover my chest too? Was this a jumpsuit masquerading as leggings? Also the size was one down from my usual legging size and 2 sizes down from what my measurements said so totally understandable that they were too small (by a cm or so) on the thighs and perfect around my lower legs but they were loose around my waist. Who were these made for? 7 foot apple shaped women? So confusing.

    Then the sports bra. It was the right colour (you can't mess up black) and I went with an XL, which according to their measurements is a 107cm chest, 91cm waist. But the waist part was huge, so loose it only just stuck to my skin. My waist is 100cm on a good day. Then the cups, there was so little space in there, I don't understand. My breasts were spilling over at the top. Sure, my chest is 114cm but why was this bra made for women who wear a size 100AAA? Do people like that exist? And if they do, do they need a sportsbra?

    Nothing about this experience seems like reality to me. Their stuff looks so pretty and everyone is so happy with their stuff. Why is my experience unlike everyone else's?????
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    @LisaLethal You are going down so you are going in the right direction. Next week will be perfect!

    @seltzer_lover Congratulation on one year. You made the best out of it! Thank you for the Friend request, I do feel a bit lonely here.
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    69 years old
    SW: 266ish
    CW: 248.8 (I got down to 247.6 last month) new scale weighs me 6 lbs heavier than old one so not sure about how much I have lost.
    Halfway GW: 199.5
    UGW: 150
    July GW: get into the mid 240’s

    I post weigh- in when I lose.
    7/2: 248.8
    7/13: 248.6
    7/15: 247.4 (new low)
    7/22 247.2 (new low)

    🌻 July GOALS! 🌻
    🟨 Log daily on MFP and track on my spreadsheet Yes
    🟨 Keep making progress with walking longer and walk 6 days a week Yes
    🟨 Add strength training (weights, body weight and stretching)
    🟨 plan and cook healthy meals at home Yes
    🟨 Eat at a sensible deficit Yes

    I really want to get to the mid 240s ASAP. My next goal since I started my last job and after I got my current scale is to get to the low that I had before I started that job and started to gain what I lost during the pandemic furlough. It is in the 245 lbs range. Which would recapture the 20 plus lbs lost I had worked for so hard after the pandemic started but also the 6 lbs higher that my current scale showed over my old scale. I am so close and I am being pretty consistent with lower calories. I still need to add a day of strength training. I think the reason I am not losing as fast as before (which wasn't that fast) is I haven't yet recovered my fitness level from before treatment from breast cancer at the end of last year. I have made progress on this but am not there yet.

    Today was Friday breakfast which I got myself since my husband had to leave early for a site visit today. Tonight we are having my niece and her 2 little boys over with my sister and brother-in-law on our remodeled deck. We will have no-salt fajitas which means corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas and means I have to make my own pico de gallo and quacamole without salt. I am going to use fresh mozzarella instead of queso fresco since it is the lowest salt cheese I can find. I will see what I can do with sour cream today at the store. I felt bad I hadn’t called to get together with them since she came into town but with my family going to Hawaii, my youngest having new diet restrictions, and we are trying to clean up our carport I just can’t get the house straight. We have 3 boxes to sort through in the living room. I called and invited them only for outdoors and it turned out my sister felt the same and my niece felt safer on the deck and wouldn’t have come over if it was inside anyway. So this should be fun. It isn’t as hot as it has been. So I have a lot of work to do after this.

    However last night we had very sad news. My mother-in-law died. After that the 3 of us just got on our bed and cried and talked and prayed. Then my youngest got down on the floor with her work computer and worked since they knew they would soon be going back to Hawaii for the funeral. I am so glad they got to see their Popo/mother so recently. I got to see my MIL just this spring. My son went not too long ago but he couldn’t come now since my grandson is due soon. I am blessed to have had such a sweet MIL. She gave me more jewelry than my husband has. She always supported me. She was a great Popo (paternal grandmother in the Chinese dialect of my husband’s family). I asked my husband did he still want to have the dinner tonight and he said yes. My sister and her husband are so sweet and I am very close to this sister. I lived with them when my niece was still young so I am close with her as well. She has been such a wonderful cousin to my youngest.

    So we three will be off to Hawaii soon for the funeral. My husband may need to stay longer to help with things. So if I become MIA you will know why.

    @Alatariel75 Sorry you are feeling so bad. This isn’t the time for dieting. This is the time to get well. However, eating healthy never hurts. Soup is good. Glad your friend came through with the pho. When our youngest who is living at home got COVID we directed them downstairs and delivered meals and beverages. We didn’t get it but it would have been harder if it was either my husband or me that got it. I am not surprised your husband got it too. Take care.
    @CupcakeCrusoe I am at .2 lbs lost so I hear you. Thanks for telling me the name of the rice. I am finding it hard to find recipes in East. But then they all look good. I think I am not used to using an eBook cookbook.
    @kenziestabes nice loss!
    @justanotherloser007 Glad the spanakopita turned out well. You are making steady progress this month. I haven’t been able to get any nutritional yeast. Your post gave me some more motivation. It is on my shopping list. Yes I need to cut down on cheeses.
    @cosmiccurves I wish there was a good term for getting down into of the next lower 10 lbs. I think of them as decades but that is for years not lbs. Maybe declbs. I am struggling to stay out of the 250s and get through the 240s. But I find making it into the lower 10 lb increment is challenging and feels like a watershed. My weight varies a lot so even when my low is in the 240s my high can be in the 250s. I have to be almost out of the lower 10 lbs increment to not see the upper one. That is what my goal is now to get low enough in the lower one that I don’t pop up into the upper one for a day or 2. It is almost like I have to be in the 230s for my highs not to be in the 250s. Anyway good job making it down into the next lower declbs.
    @The_Fat_Optimist That is the way to show your stomach/body who is the boss. Sometimes we need to listen to our bodies and others we need to ignore it. It takes work to tell the difference. I find this with exercise too. There are some twinges I listen too and others I don’t. I am glad you clicked on getting healthy being the goal. Now that is progress. Nice to get both this month.
    @selter_lover glad you are feeling better. Congrats on this year of getting healthier. I lost at first with eating a lot of what things like Starbuck’s and desserts but as I lose I find that I have to give somethings up. Mostly it is the amounts of those things. I lost 40 lbs while going to Starbuck’s for breakfast every weekday on the way to work. Now I just have it on Fridays. As to chocolates don’t ever give dark chocolate up. They are good for you. However it often isn’t the chocolate that is bad but the sugar and other ingredients that are combined with it.
    @LisaLethal What a lot of progress this month. My youngest who is 28 is struggling with eating related health problems ate pretty healthy at home but when they went off to college started eating some more junk. I remember how I would sneak veggies into things and finally they liked them. It is a challenge. They never liked salads until we had a Caesar salad out. Because the egg issue I stopped making them but I mimicked the one we liked at a restaurant which used hard boiled eggs chopped up and they love my Caesar salad.
    @bojaantje3822 I haven’t mastered ordering clothes online either. I am going to try thredup that was recommended though.
  • bojaantje3822
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    @KeriA thredup looks cool. I'm bound by location to stick with zalando and asos so I kinda know what to look for there and sometimes I luck out and find a great piece from a place that's completely new to me. And sometimes I miscalculate... but yeah, I don't have many useful clothing suggestions for people in the US
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    Got a new bed spread/duvet this week. Way too hot for a polyester comforter, so I got one of those cooling duvets and a light cotton duvet cover. We shall see if that helps.

    @kenziestabes please report in! I spend all night throwing the comforter off bc I'm hot, then the AC comes on and I pull it back over me... Hurray for one year!

    @justanotherloser007 yay for a cheese replacement! I am trying to stay away from cheese right now, with the idea of teaching myself I don't *have* to put cheese on *everything.* Bc I do that--and then I put on way too *much.* Trying to find that world beyond cheese, before I'm forced to.

    @seltzer_lover WHOO for one year! That's a fantastic total!

    okay, I was going to do a whole tag party and I ran out of time. so...
    Age: 52
    Height: 5'
    SW: 266.6 (1/4/21)
    January 2022: 233.5
    February: 235.4
    March 230.9
    April 226.8
    May 225
    June 224.6

    7/1: 228.6
    7/8: 224.8
    7/15: 223.8
    7/22: 224 So annoying! I was at 222.4 yesterday. And I've been making good choices, so I know it's not true. Therefore when I saw that total this morning I just flipped off my scale and got on with my day.

    Yesterday I made sweet potatoes in the Instant Pot, sauteed some onions and bell peppers, and dumped it all together with some barbecue sauce and leftover rotisserie chicken and ZOMG that was good! So proud of myself for using what I had on hand to make something YUMMY and healthy.
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    @kenziestabes great pics! I always have trouble picturing someone roughly my age and height losing weight from 100+kg. It sometimes seems like it's all tiny women who lose like 35 lbs and go down 6 clothing sizes and that never translates to my body. So even though your starting point is some 15-20lbs down from my current weight, this is so insightful, thank you for sharing! It's a very clear difference, which I didn't expect from 55lbs.
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    Work was crazy busy for me this week and I ended up off plan since I had to go into the office and attend meetings all day and eat lunch and dinner at the meetings. Then it was just busy, and I am having a hard time getting back on track! Also, someone at the meetings came down with COVID so now I need to see if I end up with it! Anyway, I am back and working on getting back on track! I haven’t been able to read posts each day as my internet has been acting up too. I will try to catch up soon and get back into the swing of things.

    • Sticking to my plan 95% of the time. Only small variations.
    • Lose 5 pounds (down to 246)
    • Start more regular exercise again. I was doing something every other day, but I got out of the habit and need to get back.

    7/1: 251
    7/8: 252
    7/15: 246.6 – Yay I am finally down!
    7/23: 253.0 – I have been off plan since the 19th so I need to get back to work!