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    Rebecca, Have you ever had diverticulitis?

    So sorry you are dealing with that bellyache! It's miserable.

    Karen in Virginia

    I looked it up, and though I don't have fever or nausea, I do have the abdomen pain, and heat is the only relief. I will ask doctor about it.👍🏻💖
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    fanncy0626 wrote: »
    Rebecca did you take your temperature? If not do that just to make sure that you do not have some type of infection. My daughter had really bad stomach pains and it ended up being cysts on her ovaries and other areas. She did however have a temperature so that alerted the doctors. One of her cysts was leaking. She has endometriosis.

    💞 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota

    I don't have a temperature.👍🏻 Soon is my doctors appointment Thursday, and hope to start this ball rolling into what I might have.
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    Rebecca: I hate to be a nervous Nelly, and to make you nervous, but as you probably know that an isolated infection can become a much bigger problem if it somehow gets into your body and especially your blood stream. This can cause a blood pressure drop. So please go to the ER if you feel that this is not going away and is indeed getting worse.

    I appreciate your care and concern💖🤗. I hope to get the ball rolling with all this soon on Thursday at my doctor appointment. I promise to go to the ER if I need to.🙏
    Whidbey Wa
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    Carol - the reason I started taking ceramics was to make some local friends. I find it difficult meeting people that I connect with now, so I thought a common interest would be a good place to start.

    I think any large piece of furniture is a miserable shopping process online or in store. I like them in the stores but after sitting/sleeping for a time I don’t like them.

    Margaret - I had a lady in my life that drank very rarely and had pancreatitis. She was livid that her alcoholic ex husband never got it and she did. I hope your DH listens better next time.

    Annie - would the pharmacy have a record of the vaccinations?

    Heather - I think it’s great that you have all those letters and fond memories.

    Tina - I hope you get answers on your knee soon. You could wait up to a year for a MRI here. One of my coworkers husband had back pain started in March, his MRI was scheduled for November. He ended up having emergency surgery in August when he became temporarily paralyzed. He had a compressed spine.

    Michele - you need to look at your pay stubs. I have been doing payroll for about 30 years now off and on and I always tell people I am not perfect and they should be paying attention.

    Allie - yay for the pictures!!!!! He is a cutie!
    We are starting our flu clinic at work soon. I have to wait until January for my next Covid booster.
    That’s a nice picture of Carmine.

    Lanette - I’m with you. I found that a bit confusing.

    Prayers for those of you in the hurricane path. Fiona devastated many areas of the Maritimes here in Canada.

    Lisa - I hope you are successful on getting your disability. My cousin fought for close to two years to get it, but got back pay from day one. As if fighting for financial security is what people need when they are facing disability.

    Vicki - I hope your employee gets on the right path so you don’t have to work OT.

    Rebecca - I hope you get answers on Thursday. This has been going on for 2-3 months now intermittently hasn’t it?

    My Best Friend is in NB, her and I have been friends since grade 2. When my Dad was sick and passed she was there more than me. Tomorrow her Dad will be having open heart surgery. He is a recovered, about 26 years, alcoholic and she is now closest to him. She has promised him for 3 weeks now that she will be there tomorrow and her soon to be daughter in law visiting from BC tested positive for Covid yesterday so she can’t be there. She is feeling very bad that won’t be there for him. One of her sisters went instead. I’m praying he comes through and has a lot more years. He turned into a pretty good man when he left the bottle behind.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Sandy from Kentucky: Welcome!

    I am looking forward to my visit with DH tomorrow. He seems to be improving. DD will take me there, and later will bring me back to the apartment. I hope we will enjoy the visit. I’ll be even happier when he is able to join me here at the apartment.
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    Sandy from Kentucky, Welcome Aboard! Glad you joined us!

    Karen in Virginia
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    Do we have any active members living in Florida?
    We have a lot of friends there; some right in the path of Ian, but out of the way right now. Just really worried about them and their homes. Praying for everyone.

    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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    Morning ladies
    Im over with Miles
    He is on his first nap..
    Wow the hurricane is heading straight towards my belived Sanibel..
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    Thinking about those in the path of the hurricane. <3

    Hooray for DH and me this lunch time. We at last got our act together and co-ordinated our phones to book our covid boosters together. In a couple of week's time. Five minutes apart. He will have to drive there, but that's fine. We've been meaning to do it for a while now.
    On Friday we both have our flu jabs, I'm hoping any side effects will have worn off by the Saturday afternoon, when we have the kids for a sleepover. I usually feel rubbish for half a day. The Sunday is my birthday and DH is going to make gluten free pancakes. I also have croissants and pain chocolat, with gluten free chocolate twists for Edie.

    Yesterday was hilarious. We picked up Bea in the rain, but she insisted on taking a turn on the climbing rocks. Luckily, they are under the trees.
    She played the new game I bought Edie for her birthday :o with DH, and the others joined in when they came home. A huge row broke out which ended with Bea tipping over the game and Edie hitting her over the head with the board. :p My son tried to restore order. There was peace before we left.
    We decided to go to our wonderful micro brewery for a beer, then I claimed an early birthday celebration and we wandered down to Shandiz, the Persian restaurant. Had a truly lovely meal in great surroundings. Such a nice time. Caught the bus back as my legs were a bit feeble.
    A Vera repeat on the TV ended the night. <3

    Lots of love, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    I went for my 5k run this morning as the weather was perfect. Bought the first Brussels sprouts of the season on the way home, to have with our duck legs tonight. Plus a huge fig each, which we have just eaten at lunchtime, sprinkled with crumbled feta. :p

    Then I set about Memory Box 2 and found all sorts of goodies! Including this report in the local press of my younger son's spectacular exam results. He would have been around 16 then. 27 years ago! I'm loving the centre parting! :o

    A bit of rowing this pm, a bit of napping , and not much sorting.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

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    Good morning ladies!

    Yes we found a receipt from the pharmacy for my mom's booster shot, and that was enough to get her a new booster shot. Yay! Now she has a new card that only has the one shot listed. That should work as proof of vaccination if she needs it. The next struggle is that a different pharmacy won't refill her pills. I need to call them today. There's always something.

    Such a pretty day here. Hard to imagine the destruction in Florida.

    Welcome Sandy!

    Katla what are you knitting? I used to knit a lot, and now I have a collection of leftover yarn.

    Annie in Delaware

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    Heather ~ Your son was awfully handsome.

    Allie ~ Like the photo of Carmine and little bit at the apple orchard.

    Debbie ~ Sounds like your mom's roommate is a bit mean! I guess your mom feels kind of trapped with her attitude.

    Rebecca ~ Hope you feel better soon. My son has suffered with diverticulitis several times and found out a while back that he has some damage from it.

    Tracey ~ I know! I know! I really need to make myself get involved in something. It was fun when I used to go to sales and the Good Will stores looking for things to sell on eBay. Since that period is over with, I have not made myself get into anything new around people.

    Carol in GA

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