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    Debbie: I hope your Mom's surgery goes okay. I wish her roommate could be more helpful!

    Rebecca: Glad you are feeling better. Hope the MD has some ideas.

    Tracey: Hope your friend's father does well with his surgery.

    Sandy: Welcome. I certainly have struggled with weight since adulthood.

    Katla: Hope visit is good with your DH

    Grandmallie: My father loved Sanibel!

    Barbie: Interesting new friend. Maybe she is lonely and doesn't realize how negative she comes across.

    Carol: I hope your family is safe in Florida.

    Not much new here. We are not expecting much in the way of the storm which is a good thing. I hope to visit a friend today to pick up a wedding gift for my son. Hope to get some exercise. I am craving. Starbucks coffee and might go get one!

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    I've been watching Windy lately with the various hurricanes, typhoons, etc.


    Machka in Oz
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    Machka so sorry about the skin cancer. Sounds like you got checked just in time! Here's hoping that clearing that up will lower stress on your body and help with the other symptoms.

    Annie in Delaware
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    I’m in the doldrums this week. Our full-on long weekend getting DGS settled was more taxing than I expected. At least I didn’t put on any appreciable weight with all the restaurant eating.

    Lanette: 🥰 those yes2next ladies. The mother is a hoot!!!
    Machka: DH has to have regular twice yearly checkups for BCCs. His next one is next month. He has had a couple removed over the years, and wears sunblock out of doors year round. It’s good they diagnosed it, and you can have it checked regularly and treated. He also had his six monthly bloods done this afternoon, to check his thyroxine levels. I so glad that he takes care of his health without me having to chivvy him about it.
    Karen: Sounds like a lovely birthday.
    😱 OMG! That Timelapse!! Praying for all those unfortunate people in the path of the storm.
    Heather: We used to get the odd field mouse at this time of the year, as DH would insist on leaving outside doors open. I must remind him that it’s that time of year!

    I’m joining our local art club tonight for a demo. Looking forward to not having to organise anything.

    🥳🎉 Cheers to all those celebrating.

    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.


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    Machka9 wrote: »
    Another rough night. Four baths later, slept all over the house, in recliner, on couch, in bed, in bath, everywhere! Just whole abdomen tight, and the only thing that feels good was lying in hot water. Its now almost 11 am and I was able to sleep for two hours while Lee was at gym. Hadn't eaten since 2 yesterday, so at 8 am I had a cup of chicken broth, and just now after sleeping had 2 saltines. Nothing sound particularly good. Its not the flu, its not just an upset belly. I was really gurgling though at about 3 am. Its like my insides have a side ache. Called doctor and have an appointment for Thursday 1:40. This is nuts.

    Gallbladder? Or have you had your gallbladder removed already?

    I'm amazed about the baths! When I've had gallbladder-like twinges, I've gone with a hot water bottle. Baths are way too time consuming with the scrubbing and cleaning the tub and surrounding area, waiting for the tub to fill, and the post-tub rinse shower.

    M in Oz

    I haven't. I will ask the doctor today. Our bath tub is in an unused bathroom that son used. I now just use it for a bath, with white and pale blue furnishings like a spa place. We never do daily showers etc in there so tile is always shiny. When I was hurting the fetal position getting my whole belly under the water helped. Plus felt good on my back. With no bath oils or bubbles I didn't even make a ring.😁
    Now I need to check it because husband was in there last night!

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    Spent the morning looking through Memory Box 2 and then had to wait in for the 'blind' man. He gave us a decent estimate, but DH is baulking as usual. I think we'll give it a miss. It's only a few months of the summer when the sun is in the west. I might buy some car window meshes, just for the sunny days. The ones I was looking at were voile Roman blinds.
    Then I jumped on a bus into town to pick up my bowl. Quite pleased with it.
    Also visited M&S to buy another towel in the peacock for my bathroom. Thought Edie would appreciate the matching stuff. :p Picked up another grey mug to match the one we bought before. We bought a pair, but when we got home we found they were different sizes. I bought the bigger size for morning tea.
    Also bought the gluten free Millionaire 's Shortbreads which my son said were delicious. He can have one on Sunday when he comes to pick up the kids.
    So, a good day.
    I'm trying a new fish recipe tonight with baked orzo. Sort of tomatoey with feta etc. Lots of fresh spinach to go with it.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Lisa I chuckled when I read your comment about mice. I put lavender and sage by our doors to deter mice. We also have mint and chives growing by our home. They do like to come in this time of year as it gets colder and their food supply is not as secure. Also any holes that are big I fill with steel wool. You do have to be careful where you put this because it will rust. I will not use poison. I do have a dog, but even so I am not comfortable having that in our home. A trap kills them quickly unlike poison which can be a nasty death. Also you do not know where the mouse died in your home with poison. You know where they are with traps. When we do get mice despite our efforts we do put out traps. We put them out at night and put them away during the day because of DrewB. A neighbor by Son's house who I would love to have watch DrewB occasionally. I will not have DrewB in her home without me because she uses poison. The bait is with the scents dogs love like peanut butter. Plus sometimes mice will move the poison around, and it will not be in the spot you left it. If they die outside other animals will eat the mice, and that can put them at risk. I am on my soap box because there are enough poisons we are exposed to already. The number of chemicals we are exposed to are growing not shrinking. I do the best I can to find other ways to solve a problem other than a chemical one. Sometimes there is not a good choice. I just try to minimize exposure when I can.

    I will now get off my soapbox.
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    Margaret - I do agree with you about poisons. We have a wildlife garden and the council uses no weedkiller. However, I think I draw the line at mice. They are so unnerving. We saw it again just now. You see it, then it completely vanishes ! There are a lot of options on Amazon, we just went the cheapest route. Not happy about it. :s I want to catch the problem early.
    Can't see any obvious entry points and this is the first time we've had a problem in this house.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx