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    Betsy in NW WA
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    No work so I got to exercise. Did 30 Minutes to Fitness Cardio Blast DVD then walked around the block. Work tomorrow.

    Interesting...one gal from BK called to ask if I was coming in today. In a way, this makes me feel good. I guess she didn’t know that I’d been asked to work only M,W, and F, and Sat. She’s used to me being there every day. Anyway, I called her back, explained that I wasn’t intending to go in but if she needed me to just call. I’m sure she won’t. And that’s OK.

    Green Room later today. In a way, I wish I wasn’t going there since I have a lots of things to do at home, like make the manicotti for Jess, clean the floor, decorate the one tree, clean the kitchen, etc. etc

    Tracey – Hope your SIL gets better fast

    Making yogurt and will let it be in the IP while I’m at the Green Room and later

    Rori – what a smile you have! So glad you're having such a good time.

    Meetings: Vince’s company used to give you a “punctuality bonus”. Actually, this was part of your salary. You were required to punch in by like 9. If you didn’t, the company could dock you some pay. This was incentive for people to be at the office for a, say, 9:30 meeting.

    Karen – how great you got that frame for your brother! I’d want each and every entree

    Michele NC
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    Gratitude 9: place=our 15 vertical acres in the woods above the sea.

    Machka glad those were only basal cell and they have you scheduled for surgery soonish.
    Heather that pic of the cactus, had to go back and check that it was you posting and not Rita :laugh:
    Rita GORGEOUS!
    Carol Runoff elections. Ugh.
    Rebecca I felt a little of your “no heat” pain last night. The heater at the firehall isn’t working. Problem is likely too many volunteer fixit electrical wiring jobs. Chief wants an oil bath heater as a temporary fix, and liaison officer will investigate heat pumps, but don’t all those have to be plugged in? IMHO its way past time to get a qualified electrician in to give us an estimate on rewiring the hall, but our chief and board are such champion penny pinchers. Would hate to see our fire hall burn down due to not-up-to-code wiring :noway: :rage::devil: Hope your landlord gets on the ball. Would you consider getting an estimate to have it repaired yourself and deducting cost from your rent payment? https://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=59.18.100 Good for you for doing the legwork for your nephrologist appointment. Hate it that we have to do all the communication and follow up, seems Dr’s offices and specialists are incapable of communication and coordination. Double Ugh.
    Katla “dinner with DH” Yay!
    Vicki whoever is chairing/holding the meeting is not doing the company any service. Reports could be submitted via email or shared drive. Only things each department needs to verbally report at meeting are things coming up that directly affect other departments. Streamline, streamline. How many people were held hostage for that afternoon, and at what cost??? Sorry I’ll fall off my soapbox now…
    Allie sorry you had to change nephrologists, hope the new one is even better.
    Designer, there are chair exercises you can do to help build muscle/burn calories. Is there any PT that can help you cope with the MS/drop foot?
    Ginny when are you going to retire?
    Michele, Why won’t Vince eat a taco, especially one whose fillings he can choose himself? Yah, that new BK promotion sounds silly to me too.
    Tracey prayers for your son in law.
    Rori thank you so much for sharing your Maui pics, brings back warm memories of good times there with dear friends now gone ahead.
    Karen yours to Vicki. Amen, sister AMEN!
    11/9: Move: 2 sets pt, line dance class. steps: 5106
    Fuel: plants (running count for week) so far: almonds, apple, artichoke, beans-cannellini, beets, broccoli stalk, carrots, cauliflower, celery, corn on the cob, cherries-dried, cranberries-dried, cucumber, garlic, grapefruit, maraschino cherry, orange, pecans, radish, romaine, snap peas, tomato-sauce, walnuts, wheat-pasta/bread CI<CO=Y just barely
    Live: Joe, readings, BP, district emails/meeting prep, start POV Q3, board meeting.
    Wt: 138.9

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    2022: Be still and listen.
    November: Move more (7515 steps), fuel better (protein + vegs), live NOW (time with Joe, Tumble and Shadow).
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    Karen ~ That menu sounds fantastic! The prices are fantastic also. No way could you get those foods around here at that price.

    Machka and Debbie ~ I have to go back to the dermatologist Friday to check on the spot on my nose. She has frozen it twice but it never goes away. I have been battling skin problems since I was 9 yrs old. :'(

    Carol in GA
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    We are so excited! Hate to admit it, but it's over food. My spouse, brother, and I are going to enjoy fine dining tonight & tomorrow night. We have a $200 food credit at our new senior community to "use or lose" by the 15th. There is a fine restaurant open 3 nights a week from 5-7 and we were fortunate enough to snag reservations after 2 parties cancelled. We are going two nights in a row to eat deliciousness. What a splurge! I'll post the menu. In addition to being the equivalent of a five star restaurant, for the quality, the prices are most reasonable. I'll have to help my brother look at his clothes to choose something nice-ish.


    I believe everything is included except for the uncharges listed, so you can see what an amazing value it is. People say it is five star food. :)

    Karen in Virginia

    That is incredibly inexpensive ... especially if it includes everything!!

    I'd go for the Pasta Puttanesca.

    And I'd go once a week at those prices.

    Here's what that goes for in Hobart - this image is from one restaurant, but a lot of others I just looked at are much the same. The $25 is the entre (small size) and the $29 is the main (larger size). Plus you'd buy the salad, dessert, drinks etc..

    This one is from a restaurant we go to a few times a year because the prices are good. As with most restaurants in Australia, you'd purchase your starters, desserts, drinks, etc. in addition to that.

    M in Oz

    Even Hobart pricing is cheap compared to where I live!

    Tina in CA
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    Karen thanks! The dermatologist did not scrape my foot. I think I will switch to a podiatrist.

    I have a theater ticket for Saturday at 2 pm. I'm worried about driving home in the dark. I should get home right about sunset. But I just found out there is a home football game on campus that lets out about the same time. It will be an adventure.

    My dad is having trouble with his computer. I will try to help him but it gets both of us frustrated. Some day he will have to give up the online
    banking, and we don't have a plan for that.

    Too much worry for such a gorgeous day!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Heather ~ Beautiful Sky Scene!
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    Just saw a question I asked the weather man about a picture I took of an “X” in the sky. See below. He said it was contrails. I don’t know… didn’t look that way to me!

    1 smell. Onions frying
    2 technology. All. I love tech stuff
    3 color. Sky blue and lavender
    4 food. Yogurt
    5 sound. Soft music
    6 nature. Birds
    7 memory. My trip to the White Mountains in NH with my mom
    8 book. This one is hard. I read a lot. I think John Wayne’s biography.
    9 place. Whit Mountains in NH
    10 taste. Sweet and salty together!
    11 holiday.
    12 texture.
    13 abilities.
    14 sight.
    15 season.
    16 about your body.
    17 knowledge.
    18 piece of art.
    19 touch.
    20 who.
    21 song.
    22 story.
    23 tradition.
    24 challenge.
    25 moment this week.
    26 form of expression.
    27 daily use item.
    28 what happen today.
    29 friend/family member.
    30 talent or skill

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    Machka9 wrote: »
    On my lunch walk today ...

    American warship USS Tripoli visiting Hobart from Japan, Singapore and the Philippines:



    Machka in Oz

    Oh my, that's an instant 5,000 more people out and about in Hobart!💖👍🏻⚓. A nice tourist boom. Hopefully they'll be hospitable, with no troubles. They usually do some humanitarian thing at each port if they can.
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    7. Memory. When I took my youngest to "meet" my mom at the mortuary in March of 1999. He started crying in his carrier, he was 4 months old. It was a cry I had never heard before, he had no tears, so I said aloud, "well Mom this is my son Owain, you and him just talk". His cry echoed throughout the mortuary and my Mom never looked so beautiful. Woah, and I cry just thinking upon it...💖
    8. Book. Sadly I haven't read a book in a while, I need to.
    9. Place. Out of all our many homes, I liked the house in Vacaville CA. It was the house kids visited, and felt safe at. One of my middle sons friends was dealing with parental issues, step father woes, so he came many times a week, because it was calm. I spoiled him. The house had a lot of issues, but even the gecko lizards enjoyed it, so no ants!
    10. Taste. My favorite tastes are Thanksgiving related. A piece of turkey, stabbed with some dressing and a bit of jellies cranberry, then my fork running thru a bit of gravy. I know its tryptophan coma heaven, but its that savory/sweet combo!

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    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD,
    I am not sure our management office would be keen to that. Our heater seems to be cycling on and off ok, which we're grateful. The toilet issue, while isn't an emergency, its annoying. Being that we're paying month to month, if we become more trouble then we're worth, who's to stop them from really not fixing anything? We've been great at dodging the bullet and the rent staying the same for a couple of years now. The fact that things need to be done, off sets their need to raise it maybe. So we call when its really needed, and gently remind them of past projects that need done.
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    Karen--These meetings are run by corapate and I have no say. Most the people at these meetings can close their office doors and attend. Because I am a working supervisor I have to have someone come in and cover while I am gone. During Covid they did the meetings zoom and I loved it as I could turn it on and still work. But now we are back to in person. Each director or department gets 15-20 minutes. I am one of the ones that does not get any time. It is mostly legal stuff, HR updates and our president updates. New doctors that have joined our clinics, etc. Most time I get something out of it, but this month was nothing I can work with. I thought with the down time and joint commission being here they would have an report. But said it will be next month. They seem to think these meetings are bonding time. Next Wednesday they are having an all day retreat with a social hour at the end we can invite our spouse to. I have chose not to go and I am sure I will get a email about it. But I am not going to pay someone overtime so I can go play bonding games with people I don't really like. I agree they are a waste of time and the week after the meeting we get a report about what was said. But then no one listens to me. Most management meetings have between 60 and 75 people and we have to sign in. We are requiered to attend so many a year.
    On top of that yesterday I had to meet with my boss, then with my problem employee and then we have to do what they call rounding once a month with each person in our department. So I did one yesterday and will do one today. Also this morning I had a meeting with my boss and the director of our Skilled care unit about some transportation problems. Then only have 7 left this month. I do not like doing these either, but we have paperwork to fill out each month. Someone in an office somewhere makes all
    this stuff for us to do. I am meeting out.
    I am off tomorrow and I am working Saturday so one person can have early Thanksgiving with her family. I am coming in to give blood in the morning and then baking cupcakes for a fund raiser our grand daughter is helping with for her grandpa on the other side that has cancer.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE yesterday 70, today barely 35 <3
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    Afternoon ladies
    Well i can barely move,today was a busy day.
    I bought some diapers on Facebook marketplace, so Miles and I picked those up this morning.. he did get his naps in,then when Tracy got home i ran down to get Homer out and came back up ans Tracy,Miles and I went to Aldi and then to Sams club.. I had to renew my membership and I put Tracy on mine..
    My lower back is killing me im going up to Trudys for chili tonight.. im not much of a chili person but I'll do my best.
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    Happy to have written for an hour - so easy to distract myself into oblivion, and look up and it's 4:30 and Corey's on his way home. That was yesterday, to the largest extent. This morning was the same thing until I pushed myself into my living room recliner, with instructions not to move for an hour. Worked this time.

    Catching up my gratitudes:
    9. Place: I am most grateful for this place. It was the culmination of searching for years on end, online and off. Getting here was an adventure in itself, and I am most grateful to have found this place, the first real home I've loved since my mother died more than 20 years ago.

    10. Taste: I am most grateful for the taste of water. I spent more than ten years unable to comfortably drink plain water, and whatever else these last couple years have brought, they gave me back the ability to drink water without pain, and I am very grateful.

    Retirement is the blessed ability to talk just to those I choose, and only for as long as I'm willing. I am becoming more and more of a hermit, but there is just so little that I need out there. I was never a social animal anyway - like you, Vicki, my work demands made me participate in meetings with people that I would have happily skipped, but had little choice. I always pushed for fewer, shorter meetings, too, but was seldom heard.

    Now, as I begin to feel somewhat physically better, I have moved to that place where I can truly enjoy that retirement. With winter coming in, there's little to care for outside, so I can indulge in the life of the mind instead. I'm working on it.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa, feeling serene in AR