What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • brenn35
    brenn35 Posts: 26 Member
    i had to delete my account to get back to my home screen and start over. If my friends see me please friend me again. Hope to get my foods logged back in and get friends. Please friend me so I will have some friends. My goal is to not gain over Christmas, I gained 3 lbs over Thanksgiving and have lost that!
  • benedictine888
    benedictine888 Posts: 7 Member
    My mini goal is to go from being a smidge over 200lbs (and around 20% body fat) to under it by the end of this calendar year and to keep it off - permanently. Considering that 9 weeks ago I was at 235lbs and approximately 30% body fat, I’ve already come a long way.

    End goal is to get to between 176-187 lbs and maintain it there while also getting my body fat down to around 15%.
  • GSPsnBees
    GSPsnBees Posts: 675 Member
    GSPsnBees wrote: »
    My next mini goal is to break into the 140s. I'll be so close to my goal weight at that point.

    I'm in the 140's and on the glide path to my goal weight. I won't make it by the new year, but I'll make it by February. :)
  • GSPsnBees
    GSPsnBees Posts: 675 Member
    200Karen wrote: »

    making new recipes

    I love this!!! So creative.
  • shyjoy
    shyjoy Posts: 9 Member
    Super fear of type II diabetes. I found this article very interesting: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/985558?src=WNL_mdpls_221216_mscpedit_nurs&uac=157839PX&spon=24&impID=4993557 Going to start intermittent fasting to avoid it.
  • MuffinTopMan74
    MuffinTopMan74 Posts: 28 Member
    Yivs_87 wrote: »
    -read 'What mini GOAT motivates you' and was wtffff-

    Current mini goaL is to be healthier for my Japan trip in the spring. :)

    I want to go myself, on my bucket list, in late spring or early summer when I go.
  • MuffinTopMan74
    MuffinTopMan74 Posts: 28 Member
    My health is number one, the rest is that I have always been stocky and not close to obese at 28%. I want to bulk up on some muscle and then calorie cut to show the muscles. I have never had any definition of muscle. I will be 50 in 18 months, so yeah no time to wait.
  • aerochic42
    aerochic42 Posts: 814 Member
    edited December 2022
    aerochic42 wrote: »
    5 lb gone before Christmas. That would be just over 2% and a nice start. So based on my weight yesterday (because I forgot to weigh myself this morning), goal weight is 237.8 by 12/25

    this morning, I was 239.8. So 2 lbs to go in less than a week, probably not a thing. But I still broke a zero I'm still counting it. And because I'm now traveling it will be see if anymore can come off by the 23rd.

    edit. I must have either done bad math or gained after posting that mini goal. Because it was definitely down 4lb this morning. So sticking with the 5 lb plan, because not undoable.
  • cdouillot
    cdouillot Posts: 1 Member
    to carry on going to the gym once a week
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