Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 210



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    @SModa61 Welcome back! Though I am saddened to hear its due to some not so ideal circumstances, I'm glad to have you back amongst us (: Sending love and positivity you way that 2023 can bring all the necessary work with houses to a happy conclusion and you can focus on YOU again.

    @CamandJarvis Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. I really should not complain. Many have so much more to deal with than I. I really should feel fortunate. :) Sadly, I get distracted more easily than I would care to admit. I'm glad to be back!

    Hey, I'm definitely the type to have more SQUIRREL!!!!! moments than actual focused moments during my day so don't feel bad at all. No matter the struggle, big or little, we'll be here to support you!
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    @CamandJarvis that sounds like an awesome planner. I am a planner freak...where did you find it?

    @Machias1949 that is amazing for being on a cruise. I hope I can do as well this month when I go!

    So I'm a part of a lot of "witchy" groups (kitchen/recipe/homeopathic medicine related) but it popped up as an ad while scrolling through one. I'm open minded and very much "to each their own, we can coexist happily, just please share your recipe..."

    It's called A Mystics Guide to 2023 by Nicole Marie. It does have witchy stuff in beginning (natal chart, chakra stuff, tarot card thing) but it does also have limiting beliefs and fixed vs growth mindset stuff I really appreciate and desperately need. The daily planner part of it isn't witchy (it has the moon sign of the day and the ruler of the day and that's about the only "witchy" part of the daily planner part.) so I just paperclip the witchy stuff so I can breeze past it right to the planner part without being bothered by it. Again, I don't mind it (coexisting), I simply don't partake. Not my cup of coffee or tea hahaha