Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 210



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    You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be better than you were before

    30, 5'5"
    OSW: 164.2 164.5 164.9 Dec 31, 2022 165.5 Jan 5, 2023
    GW: 130-135

    Previous Rounds:
    R69: 158.1; R70: 156.5; R71: 156.3 R72: 156.3; R73: 155.2; R74: 155.4; R75: 156.1; R76: 155.6; R80: 153.2; R81: 154.3; R82: 154.1; R84: 156.5; R89: 156.7; R91: 160.1; R93: 159.3; R94: 156.1; R98: 154.5; R99: 155.9; R100: 152.8; R101: 149.7; R102: 149.0; R103: 149.0; R104: 146.2; R105: 146.6; R106: 144.6; R107: 146.8; R108: 147.7; R109: 148.1; R110: 150.1; R111: 154.3; R112: 152.6; R113: 151.7; R121: 153.0; R122: 154.8; R123: 153.9; R124: 153.4; R125: 155.6; R126: 152.3; R127: 151.5; R128: 151.0; R129: 151.0; R130: 152.6; R131: 153.9; R132: 150.6; R133: 151.2; R134: 149.3; R135: 149.5; R136: 148.4; R137: 147.9; R138: 148.4; R139: 151.9; R140: 150.4; R141: 150.4; R142: 144.0; R143: 144.2; R144: 147.0; R145: 145.7; R146: 145.9; R147: 145.9; R148: 146.5; R149: 147.3; R150: 146.8; R151: 147.9; R152: 147.7; R153: 147.2; R154: 147.0; R155: 144.7; R157: 146.1; R158: 146.6; R159: 146.3; R160: 150.2; R161: 146.7; R162: 144.6; R163: 146.2; R164: 147.3; R165: 146.3; R166: 148.5; R167: 147; R168: 148.4; R169: 151.4; R170: 148.9; R171: 144.8 R172: DNW; R173: 146.1; R174: 147.9; R175: 145.9; R176: 150.5; R177: 149.3; R179: 150.5; R180: 151.6; R181: DNW; R182: 150.2; R183: 152.9; R184: 153.4; R185: 151.3; R186: 152.3; R187: 151.8; R188: 150.9; R189: 152.6; R190: DNW; R191: 154.8; R192: 155.5; R193: 155.2; R194: 156.5; R195: DNW; R196: 155.7; R197: DNW; R198: 156.1; R199: DNW; R200: DNW; R201: 159.8; R202: 159.7; R203: 160.5; R204: DNW; R205: DNW; R206: 161.7; R207: 163.6; R208: DNW; R209: 164.5

    Last weight
    01/01 - 164.5

    Round Goal: 160lb Water goal: 90oz.

    Day, Weight, Comment
    1/02 - 164.7
    1/03 - 163.9
    1/04 - 163.9
    1/05 - 165.5
    1/06 - 165.4
    1/07 - 164.5
    1/08 - 165.4
    1/09 - DNW - Have a horrible feeling I'd see a new highest weight ever today if I stepped on the scale. I feel so heavy and bloated. I decided to save myself the mental anguish and just not weigh in today. Yesterday was simply a calorie bomb and my body decided it was hungry enough to override my mind. Plus, the amount of salt cannot simply be flushed out in a single day, no matter how much water I drank. About to knock out this FeelGood plan workout, then yoga if I have enough in the tank. Finishing off before work with my journaling. Reestablishing all my good habits today and will be working hard to undo all the damage from the weekend.

    Previous Day's Comments
    1/02 - Had wings yesterday with Fam and I know that always brings an uptick. Oh and I hit my highest weight EVER on New Years Eve.... joy. Apologies for not posting much, MFP decided that my account had been deactivated whenever I'd try to come on to post. But it wasn't deactivated on my phone as I was able to log in, log food, update progress (measurements and weight). Finally got it sorted out, though. Happy New Year, everyone! I'm not one for resolutions so I simply have my Nerd Fitness Anti-Challenge/Anti-Resolution. Its a 5 day program to set us up to NOT fail like most resolutions. And we are only making "resolutions" we have plans for by the end of this mini challenge (plans meaning: what to do when life gets in the way and we'd normally quit). I also have my new planner which has a place to note daily what you're grateful for, your mood, your self care (yes or no: food, movement, sleep, water, nutrition/supplements/vitamins) daily affirmations, dream journals, ritual/mindful minutes (meditation, morning rituals/bedtime rituals, etc), scripting (I'm scripting my day ahead what I hope/imagine it will be. Speaking good things into existence), 3-6-9 manifestation (learning more about that still), and 1 thing I did to move forward that day. In addition, I'm conveniently over my sinus infection as of Saturday so yesterday I woke up, took all my measurements, and got ready to start my FeelGood Plan (book) work. Week 1 is mostly just paying attention -- journal about sleep (when I went to bed, when I turned lights off, when I woke up, how I felt.), food (when I ate, how I felt right before/during/after eating. Log the food to start to see patterns, etc), and begin the 15 minute workout (provided bodyweight 3x week, Mon/Wed/Fri and choose 15 minutes of activity Saturday to get me moving, even if its just walking). I'm up super early today (430am!) but I went to bed super early last night and listened to my body. Instead of forcing myself back to sleep and oversleeping, I woke up and and I'm doing my morning ritual. I decided what I'm grateful for, wrote my affirmation, completed my dream journal (didn't remember anything, but can note down FeelGood Plan stuff), check in here, and then off to work out! Then coffee once it brews so I can sip that while scripting out my day. It's a day off work (not for BF) so I'm running errands and making dinner. Sorry so long! A lot to catch up on!
    1/03 - Yay, a drop! I was mindful through the day with food because I knew the meal BF requested was NOT pretty. (Chicken bacon ranch stromboli. From scratch). I'm rather surprised I dropped this much eating that. I did, however, make a decision to take the pup for a much needed after dinner/before dark walk. By the time I got back, I had determined I didn't want any of the cheesecake I made (BF, who hates sweets, loves cheesecake. But he had only ever had strawberry swirl, which I made last week (better than the store-bought he had previously Win!) So now I experimented with a peanut butter cheesecake). I got in my FeelGood plan workout plus Yoga for Flexibility yesterday morning, as well. The NF Anti-Challenge yesterday was to change ONE thing - route to work to pass by gym, pack a gym bag, put yoga mat front and center rather than hiding in closet, etc. Also, to write down "emergency" workouts for when life happens (travel, time, not feeling it, etc). Today I already completed morning portion of planner and Yoga for Flexibility as my "stretch" day for FeelGood Plan. Time to get to work, I suppose! Goal: get up and move more frequently during the day!
    1/04 - Cheesecake taste test last night. BF was right, too sweet. No more of that. Walked pup 1.5 miles before dinner. Today I'm cooking so not sure I'll fit in walk. I did squeeze in my FeelGood Plan workout in despite turning my alarm off when I meant to hit snooze! I slept (and dreamt) an extra 21 minutes. Guess I needed it! No room for yoga due to that debacle, but tomorrow is stretch/rest day and I can make it up. Dinner is beef stroganoff using the leftover ground beef we have. Ate 1/3rd kale salad for lunch today (plus roasted sweet potato), 1/3 will accompany dinner and 1/3 saved for tomorrow.
    1/05 - I have logged YET ANOTHER highest weight ever. I have no idea what's going on. I don't feel overly sore from my workout, I drank all my water (and then some), I logged all my food, even my little chocolate oopsie (I was at maintenance calories at most). Sodium? It isn't TOM, that I know. Went for evening walk with pup as BF was hungry early and we ate early enough to squeeze it in before dark. I got the most steps I've had since last summer! All the things and yet, I'm just increasing my "start weight" rather than decreasing my "lowest weight". Nothing I can do at this point but keep trying. Being upset is only going to make it harder so acceptance it is.
    1/06 - It's a drop. A small one, but it's there. Dinner was a bit over seasoned. Mainly with cayenne pepper, but probably salt that I couldn't taste over the spiciness. Also finally got TMI after a lack thereof yesterday. Hopefully that helps with tomorrow's weigh-in. I got in a loooong walk (for us, at least. 1.8 miles to mailbox and back) with pup between work ending and dinner prep yesterday evening. Today I woke up without an alarm (I had to factory reset my Fitbit and completely forgot to set alarms) about 9 minutes later than alarm would normally be set. I got in my FeelGood Plan workout and all my journaling. Feeling quite good today in that regard. The factory reset on the fitbit was to get hourly reminders to move (if I don't hit 250 steps every hour, it tells me I have 10 minutes left to do so and how many steps are left to hit the 250 minimum). I have it set up for 7am to 7pm Monday - Friday. Unfortunately I don't know a way to up the number of required steps so I guess 250 will have to do. It will still get me off my bum every hour which I need! Fasting again today. I made it 15 hours yesterday before I needed a handful of grapes to settle the beginnings of the nausea feeling. Slowly but surely my body is adjusting!
    1/07 - DNP
    1/08 - Drop yesterday, I think, was due to less sodium and more TMI. Today's weight increase is due to fast food for lunch as we worked on house reno with Fam all day followed by a late dinner. I had a small taste (not quite a quarter of a cup's worth total) of 2 different kinds of dairy free ice cream after home cooked dinner. It put me over calories for the day (but under maintenance). I figured I'd work it off today with more house reno work. I did, however, fast until that fast food lunch, which I'm quite happy about. Hoping to continue that today. If we do fast food again, I'm attempting to be more mindful of my choices and while eating than I was yesterday. I did choose a healthier option than I originally wanted, but I was very distracted while eating. Work in progress, but at least I'm trying and that's all I can ask of myself!

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    R164 SW 208.4 EW 204.8 (-3.6)
    R165 SW 204.8 EW 205.4 (+0.6)
    R166 SW 205.4 EW 199 (-6.4)
    R167 SW 199 EW 196.4 (-2.6)
    R168 SW 196.4 EW 193.4 (-3)
    R169 SW 193.4 EW 192 (-1.4)
    R170 SW 192 EW 190 (-2)
    R171 SW 190 EW 189.2 (-0.8)
    R172 SW 189.2 EW 189.8 (+0.6)
    R173 SW 189.8 EW 187 (-2.8)
    R174 SW 187 EW 184.4 (-2.6)
    R175 SW 184.4 EW 180.2 (-4.2)
    R176 SW 180.2 EW 179.8 (-0.4)
    R177 SW 179.8 EW 181 (+1.2)
    R178 SW 181 EW 176.6 (-4.4)
    R179 SW 176.6 EW 173.2 (-3.4)
    R180 SW 173.2 EW 172.8 (-0.4)
    R181 SW 172.8 EW 168.4 (-4.4)
    R182 SW 168.4 EW 169 (+0.6)
    R183 SW 169 EW 167.6 (-1.4)
    R184 SW 167.6 EW 166.4 (-1.2)
    R185 SW 166.4 EW 170 (+3.6)
    R186 SW 170 EW 166 (-4)
    R187 SW 166 EW 162.6 (-3.4)
    R188 SW 162.6 EW 162.2(-0.4)
    R189 SW 162.2 EW 159.8(-2.4)
    R190 SW 159.8 EW 173(+13.2)
    R191 SW 173 EW 164 (-9)
    R192 SW 164 EW 162.8 (-1.2)
    R193 SW 162.8 EW 165.8 (+3)
    R194 SW 165.8 EW 166.2 (+0.4)
    R195 SW 166.2 EW 163.8 (-2.4)
    R196 SW 163.8 EW 163.6 (-0.2)
    R197 SW 163.6 EW 162.8 (-0.8)
    R198 SW 162.8 EW 172.6 (+9.8)
    R199 SW 172.6 EW 168.4 (-4.2)
    R200 SW 168.4 EW 171.4 (+3)
    R201 SW 171.4 EW 168.8 (-2.6)
    R202 SW 168.8 EW 168.4 (-0.4)
    R203 SW 168.4 EW 169.8 (+1.4)
    R204 SW 169.8 EW 169.8 (no change)
    R205 SW 169.8 EW 175.4 (+5.6)
    R206 SW 175.4 EW 171 (-4.4)
    R207 SW 171 EW 171.8(+0.8)
    R208 SW 171.8 EW 175 (+3.2)
    R209 SW 175 EW 178.2 (+3.2)
    R210 SW 178.2
    R210 GW 175.6

    1/2 / 179.8 / Yesterday was a great day across the board. I'm working on five habits in January and I checked all the boxes. My husband and I went for a really long walk and enjoyed the start of the New Year together. The dog was thankful too!
    1/3 / 178.4 / First day back to work for 2023 was a success in terms of staying on track with my goals. I have some intentional choices to make tonight to stay on track, but I feel confident.
    1/4 / 178.2 / Another good day, sticking with my habits and making it happen. Got on the Peloton tonight as well.
    1/5 / 178.8 / My alarm was not welcomed today. Lunch out with colleagues will require good planning.
    1/6 / 179.2 / An eventful day. My first Friday in years at the office. Only perk was getting to wear jeans for casual Friday. At lunch my boss threw us a pizza party as thanks for all the hard work over the holidays due to some issues in my industry. I ate well there and was proud of my choices overall. However, after work colleagues were going for beers, I had a couple, and then inhibitions went out the door. Ended up overeating on date night out with my husband. On the plus side, my steps are already over 12K today.
    1/7 / 180 / Happy with my choices at the dinner theatre last night. I got up and squeezed in a 15 minute Peloton ride before breakfast which is great because it's been pretty sedentary around here since then watching the football game. I'm waiting for my husband to finish his workout and then we'll walk the dog together. I travel for business later this week so we want to make the most of our weekend time together.
    1/8 / 180.4 / Yesterday was good across the board. I am up to commute into the office this morning. Lunch out with my husband planned and then salads for dinner