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    Carol there were a few choices of recipes and while there are a few steps, it was really quite easy and the flavor of the chocolate is so good... almost a rich chocolate mousse flavor. I really like chocolate to taste like chocolate, not just chocolate brown colored sweet.

    Heather I used my grandma's white cake recipe and was glad to use it. I altered the white cake for some chocolate cupcakes and some lemon ones. I don't think I'll go back to the package now that I have tried this. I am not a big cake eater - my go to dessert is fruit pie or ice cream or both (LOL) but so many folks like cake, it is nice to have a "good" recipe.

    Allie there is also RSV running around and a cough is a top symptom. Both Whooping Cough and RSV are highly contagious so be careful who you are around.

    Thinking of everyone.
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    Well im watching Miles tomorrow but I plan on wearing a mask..The Drs office opens at 7:15 so will call them when they open
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    Stat for the day-

    Housecleaning etc- 1hr41min 37sec, dust, vacuuming, etc. didn’t take me as long, kirby took the car to Wash yesterday so he was here to help me today- 478c
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    Good morning ladies!

    Before I forget - last night I watched "A Man called Ove" on Amazon Prime. It was Swedish, with subtitles, and it was very good. I believe the English version now out with Tom Hanks is called "A Man called Otto".

    Carol - I was just outside looking and the house and what needs to be done, DH hired some guys several years ago to power wash the outside of the house and repaint a little of it. He didn't tell me what he was having done, they just showed up and got to work. They completely missed the wooden chimney stack that is covered with mildew on the north side of the house. When the supervisor returned the following day to get payment, I pointed that out to him. He shrugged his shoulders and said in very broken English he didn't have a ladder with him. DH didn't seem fazed by it. Now it's really bad and dirty looking, next time I get someone out to do work on the house that will be at the top of the list.

    Anyhow, I came in and read your post. :D Aggravating when our spouses don't bother to communicate! I hope they make it right tomorrow.

    Tracey - Am I reading it right that Rodger's sister is part of the problem? I am still hoping something can get worked out for your MIL's finances that won't be a strain on your budget. So hard when family is involved and they are on different wavelengths if that's the case. Anyhow, glad you got to visit everyone and see your mom. <3 Did anything get resolved with the huge interest payment on that loan? Not my business, just curious. Working on taxes, ran across loan interest and her situation came to mind.

    Heather - what a beautiful scene. Thank you for sharing it. Your son's house is REALLY getting a makeover. Are they enlarging the square footage? Changing/adding rooms? I'm sure it will be very nice when they are done.

    Beth - glad your mom is settling in. And so glad for everyone that she's nearby. YouTube is teaming with Dr. Li videos. :D

    A week or so ago I mentioned Tara Woodcox on FB as a source for interesting meals. Turns out yes, she fixes high protein meals, but really goes heavy into protein supplements. I think they can be useful for some folks.

    A friend gave me a container of high protein powder - 20 gm per serving - it's sweetened with stevia. Since I rarely eat sugar, the sweet taste was overwhelming. I still add a little to my overnight oats - about 1/4 serving - I like the creaminess. It does wander into the ultra-processed category. I can eat dairy just fine and a sliced fresh pear or apple with cottage cheese or Greek yogurt packs a nice protein punch I can handle.

    Kim - now I'm hungry for cake, lol. Or cupcakes! Hope your mom's visit to her friend goes well. A good time for her to get closure. <3

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

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    (((Kim))) lots on your plate. Thinking of you.

    Tracey hoping you are able to help your MIL see what needs to be done to assure financial stability in her remaining years.

    Betsy in Alaska til tomorrow night.
    It’s warmed to 10*. Yay!
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    (((Kim)))—Thinking of you. 💖
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    Barbara Oregon Coastie-
    I haven't eaten much in the last few days and been drinking alot of fluids which is good..
    I feel better than I did friday.. and ive gotten alot of rest..
    I put a new harness on Alfie and Dan stopped and got my garbage out..i gave him some cans of chef boyrdee.
    I ususally stay up till 10 un sunday nights but dont know if I'll make it that far tonight..
    I also changed out the hoses and things on my Cpap.
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    Today I had a bowl of ramen using my homemade chicken stock,with some soy sauce, a blob of wasabi and a sprinkling of nori seaweed and sesame seeds. It was yummy. Tonight is my leftover teriyaki chicken,Bruce and picked cucumbers and beets. Dessert is my homemade mousse'. Totally not watching my food intact but just enjoying the weekend.😜🙄🙃
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    Need help with my "Listening..." homework. Would anyone share an example of when they really just needed to be heard, but others talked over them or snowed them with advice.?

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
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