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    Machka thanks but now I’m having even more trouble visualizing relational AND hierarchical databases.

    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie
    2023: Be of good cheer.
    February: Move more, fuel better, live NOW.

    I know!

    It took me months to finally work out what she was talking about ... and I finally understood why she kept telling me that it was very difficult to create a database the way she wanted. Well ... yes! It would be.

    So the other database guy and I are just going to recreate the database in a better configuration and migrate the data across.

    I'm hoping to get her to focus on output tools like Excel PowerQuery, Azure Data Studio and Power BI ... not sure which direction the organisation is going to go.

    This may also be the cause of my headaches! :smiley:

    M in Oz

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    Our daughter dropped in to visit this evening. She spent time with DH & me. He was ready for rest & after he was tucked in our daughter & I made some plans for fun. We both enjoyed every minute. 😊
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    Katie - So sorry for your husband's cousin's family. Life can throw these things at some people in spades. So hard for the kids. <3
    My best friend when I was a child, had early onset Alzheimers. She was the most vibrant woman you could ever meet.

    Tracey - You have had such a hard time. One thing that's difficult is that people process grief in different ways. What brings comfort to one person, is the last thing someone wants. Everyone has their own path.
    My friend L, over a year after her partner's death, is only just now allowing herself to feel the truth that he was not always the best partner. Her intense grief when he died reflected that turmoil in her mind. We all have to sort through the palimpsest of our memories and make a new story out of them. This is HARD WORK. No wonder we feel so exhausted! Hugs and love to you both. <3<3<3

    Quiet day today. I am planning to have a long bath. :p Poor DH has been suffering with indigestion at night and a little bit in the daytime. Plus toothache. It may be a nameless virus from the kids, wandering around his body. He's not brilliant at knowing how he feels. :*;):|

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Only if you're interested in doing something like this as we go along ...

    Feel Good Feb and/or Exercising the Alphabet in February
    Feel Good Feb

    Exercising the Alphabet in February

    In other words, on February 1, you'd walk to a street that starts with A or do an exercise video hosted by someone whose name starts with A or something ... A.

    On February 2, you'd go swimming at a Beach or play a game of Baseball or something ... B.

    On February 3, you'd go Cycling or Climb some stairs or something ... C.

    and so on.

    There are, of course, 26 letters in the alphabet and 28 days in February, so you'd have 2 free days if you didn't exercise those days or couldn't fit in the next letter of the alphabet.
    I have listed several January highlights so that meets the calendar suggestion for February 1...

    And I walked to the Asian "dollar store" next to the Asian grocers and bought Art supplies at lunch today. That'll be my A. :)

    Put myself in someone else's shoes --- I've been treating my difficult work colleague with kindness by talking to her about her son, complimenting her skirt, talking quietly and gently to her and so on.

    And today, I walked to Bathurst Street to Buy some Books. I also climbed stairs in my Building. :)

    Watch a movie that reminds me of kindness --- probably not tonight!

    C is for Climbing and walking on Collins St!

    Take a picture of three things that make you happy --


    D is for exercising Downstairs!
    Rowing - 16 minutes
    Walking - 38 minutes
    Weights - 10 minutes

    Be kind to yourself -- Sleep, gardening and cycling! :)

    E is for Exercising!
    Plus we cycled on Endeavour Ave and the Esplanade. :)

    Start a conversation with someone new --- I'm not the sort to strike up random conversations, or conversations at all. But I did chat with a person I met recently and one I haven't seen in a few months today.

    And ... F!

    Consider a current struggle. Write down two thoughts that bring you comfort.

    Hmmm ... A current struggle, like only one? Let's go with waiting. I feel like I spend most of my life waiting.


    And a walk to the botanical Gardens through the rose Garden!

    Consider and celebrate diversity! Does that include people who look at things completely differently than you do? If so ... woohoo! I've had that opportunity today!

    H is for Hobart - walking around. And Hanging clothes outside.

    Identify a role model who embodies perseverance and find 2 ways to emulate them.

    Well, I don't have role models ... and I've persevered as much or possibly even more than many people I know.

    However, today was brought to you by the letter I. I did walk by and around IMAS (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies).

    Check an item off your to do list this weekend!

    YES! I tidied a shelf in the kitchen. I've been meaning to do that for months but finally did it today. There was a large quantity of rubbish on that shelf ... more than I thought. So, much of the cleaning process was just throwing things out.

    I've also been dusting our entertainment unit and all the stuff on it.

    And I went outside and tidied the area right in front of our front door which involved moving a whole bunch of pots and other garden things to a different location and then sweeping out a year's worth of leaves and stuff. I climbed up and down and up and down stairs doing that.

    This evening I made an attempt at digging the area I want to plant things next to my dry stream. I got a new spade which is great, but even so, there are so many roots, I'll need to use something else to break it up.

    Just getting rid of Junk and Jabbing the Soil

    Make twice as much for dinner and either invite guests or deliver a meal to a friend ...

    We're actually doing that sort of dinner thing on Tuesday.

    Meanwhile, all my exercise was in K ... Kingborough today!


    Heaving a heavy mattock in the garden:

    And walking our Kitty, Rhody. :)

    Machka in Oz

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    Machka-I am no where near as skilled in databases/queries as you and your team, but from the description, your co-worker doesn't seem to have the standard concept down. Have you tried having her diagram it our on a white board to show how she would build relationships with the "buckets". Perhaps she is just using a different verbage?

    Kylia-I have no idea why UTI is so overlooked. I watch myself for them based on mood-sometimes my first symptom is I am very easily irritated.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio

    She draws me diagrams just about every day because she doesn't think I understand. The way she would do it is to continue to create more and more tables down to finer and finer detail. Imagine an organisational chart. She would organise the database like that so that in the little tables at the bottom of the "org chart", would hold the data for one particular activity.

    The way I would do it is to have our main tables and several lookup tables and then the queries would produce the output containing the data for one particular activity.

    I am going to make a sample this coming week and show her.

    I don't think I've every had a UTI. I'm not sure I would know what to look for.

    Although, in thinking about it ... I did have a kidney infection when I was in my early 20s, and I've been tested for UTIs but other than that kidney infection, they've come back negative.

    Instead, they've discovered I've got kidney stones and a slightly prolapsed bladder because of gynaecological surgery for polyps and precancer. And even with that kidney infection in my early 20s, I actually wonder if it was a temporarily lodged kidney stone.

    M in Oz

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    Did Sara Kooperman’s Retro Low to Go DVD then went to BK. They asked me to also do a few containers of lettuce. Now, in addition to the onions that I wanted to do, I also do a few tomatoes for them, and now a few lettuce. I have a feeling that this is going to be every Thursday. The store manager did tell me that if there are 4 or fewer containers when I come in on Thurs, would I do 3 more? What did I say? So I guess it was a blessing in disguise that I couldn’t sign up for the Green Room.

    Got cans of V8 to take in the car while we’re traveling. Interesting, the 5.5oz can was 30 calories. The ones I just got, 8oz, also says it’s 30 calories. How can this possibly be? Looking at MFP’s database, it looks like the 8oz is like 70 calories. So why does the wrapper say only 30?

    I enjoy washing, waxing, detailing my car. For one thing at least I know that it’s the way I want it.

    Tracey – how I miss the ceramics and can’t wait for them to open again. To me, it’s just so relaxing.

    Michele NC

    Check the fine print on the V8- it might say there are two servings or something like that.
    You know those bowl salads- the premade ones that come with ONE fork?? Some of them are actually two servings- if you glance at it, you think you are doing great with the calories but then read the print a little closer and you just ate two servings or more. They should put the total per container when it is packed for one person.

    …AND…to make it even more annoying, the weight or amount listed on the label is often not the actual weight or amount in the container. Manufacturers are required to put into the container at least the amount of food listed. Here is a great example: Costco carries Yakisoba Noodle Bowls, 6 9-oz boxes. Each bowl looks like one serving, but is actually two. The contents of each 9-oz box actually weighs at least 9-oz; most of them weigh more than that. The nutrition information is based on 4.5 oz servings. It’s not practical to make half a bowl, and once the water is added, weighing your portion isn’t useful. The only way you can know for sure what you are getting is to weigh it ahead of adding the water, add the water and cook it, then weigh the cooked product and do your calculations.


    Karen in Virginia
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    I’m up and had breakfast but I’m not feeling okay. I hope my digestive system settles down asap. 😳