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    Unpacking our “stuff” is a very slow process. Our daughter has put many things in a safe and dry place at her home. She has brought me furniture that I love. There will continue to be many of our things in her care for awhile. We don’t have a clear timeline.

    ❤️ Katla in Illinois
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    Been busy. Did Denise Austin Boot Camp DVD Sun. The plan for tomorrow is to do a body pump DVD.

    Jess and Colby came here this weekend. We went to Hibachi Grill for their birthdays. Just got food off the hibachi but I did have to constantly remind them no butter. I did have a piece of cheesecake since when we go out is the only time I get it. Only water to drink

    Had senior bowling today and tonight is the first time we’ll be at ceramics.

    Been working on the xstitch for Jess, you know, the one that I made the stupid mistake on and couldn’t fix so I had to start from scratch. I’d like to get it done before this one gal at the condo leaves so I can text her a picture and she can show someone else. The lady is 89 and not real good with the phone. Made an amaretto cake for Jess and Colby (his birthday is Sunday). Walked down to the dollar store yesterday and got cards.

    Got a stye in my eye. Have rice in a sock that I microwave and put that on my eye. It’s feeling much better since I’ve been putting the heat on it

    Lisa – awwww that pic

    Barbara – when I worked at Food Lion we weren’t allowed to accept tips when we put someone’s groceries in their car. I would usually just tell them to make a donation to the soup kitchen. It probably never got done


    Apologies to anyone I missed. Having to skim since we need to leave earlier than before for ceramics

    How I love seeing pics of Miles!

    Rebecca – how old is Athena now? Is she 5? She gets more beautiful every day

    Good for you Allie getting away

    Rita – Glad to hear your hubby did a “turn around” and hope that lasts

    Went to the dentist and was told that I need a crown and possibly more work done. Hope it isn’t a root canal. Have to go back next week. They’ll take off the crown that’s there and they may have to replace it

    Katla – having your own stuff makes things so much better.

    Better get dinner ready. Don’t have to do too much since I started to get it together and then Jess came in so I just put things in a microwave dish.

    Love to everyone,

    Michele NC
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    Okay I ate 1024 calories and I am done eating for the day. A little more exercise tonight, though.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Vicki- gee how scary... hope she recovers well
    Nobody will talk me out of it,she has told her boss she needs the time off.
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    Lisa-nice looking house! The price makes me cringe-but it is what it is! And of course-they are in Hawaii.

    Heather-I think it is great you and Johnnie are trying new things. The artwork is great and a wonderful thing to do with kids. Nice houses in your area also!

    Allie-not to be a worrier but keep your eyes on the hips waking you at night. That's how I knew my hips were a problem. Cruise sounds awesome!

    Rita-I hope your husband does follow through regarding guns. Has he seen doctor regarding dementia?

    Vicki-not 100% sure about cramps. Blood work for vitamins, electrolytes etc normal. We think it may be related somehow to my thryoid levels being totally upside down (I don't have a thyroid due to throid cancer-got removed nearly 27 years ago. They give me thyroid med to keep me suppressed to slow cancer spread). Given all that-I am now testing at a normal thyroid level-we are thinking it could be a reaction from Covid. Nobody knows-but it's the best educated guess. Meanwhile, I am taking my b complex and calcium and D2 k2 and stretching religiously. May know more in April.

    Katla-you sound so much better!

    Well today I am knackered. Actually felt better this am with weekend rest and calves on the mend. Had funeral for supervisor who died last week. Very draining. She will be missed.

    Since I am still taking it easy on walking I am just going to do 10 minutes or so in the house to get my active minutes for the day in. I am hopeful I will not have a recurrence of last week. Also need to spend thirty or so minutes on some work stuff.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 1hr 54min 6sec, *still pushing lucy*, 43elev, 2.99ap, 88ahr, 113mhr, 6.04mi= 594c
    Strava app= 594c
    Walk home to gym- 12.06min, .53mi= 54c
    Strava app= 65c
    Treadmill jog- 19.49min, 5.5-8.0sp, 9.54min mi, 144ahr, 175mhr, 2mi= 210c
    Walk gym to store then home- 14.54min, .82mi= 125c
    Strava app= 101c
    Zwift home bike trainer- strava stats- 1hr 4min 44sec, 299elev, 108aw, 18.7amph, 118ahr, 140mhr, 20.13mi= 427c
    Strava app= 400c
    Zwift stats- 1hr 4min 45sec, 300elev, 107aw, 48arpm, 18.63amph, 20.1mi= 400c
    Other- 17min, more work on master bathroom shower tile= 83c

    Total cal 1493
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    Lisa, When I fix a plate for my spouse without her input, I do a good job of putting satisfying portions on her plate. When she is supervising me dishing up her plate, or is doing it herself, she always gets twice as much food on her plate as she wants, or can eat. She is always surprised that there is so much food left on her plate. lol I just go along with her because it doesn’t matter one whit.

    Vicki, When Dad died, we were picked up from the airport in Denver by family members and drove through a blinding blizzard to get home. You couldn’t see the edges of the road. White knuckle drive. It was a miracle we got home safely.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Karen Thanks for posting that chair for Kim! My mother-in-law just moved back to Minnesota. My brother-in-law was helping care for her along with his wife in Wyoming. She wanted to go back home desperately. That would be a great chair for her because she faces the same issue of the small size bathroom.
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    Are there some fashions that you just don't understand? Think-WHY????

    My son's girlfriend wears these leggings that on purpose gives her a wedgy!!
    I always thought that you didn't want one and really didn't want one that showed everyone!
    It really looks so uncomfortable.
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    Good evening ladies!

    I ate 1024 calories today, because I quit eating when I was supposed to. Yay! And I exercised for a deficit of 532. Yay!

    Although something about those numbers makes me think that's not a sustainable level. Hmm. It helps a lot to average them with yesterday.

    My ankle weights came today. They look great! I'm going to have to practice getting the little pouches in and out to adjust the weight.

    Annie in Delaware
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    dlfk202000 wrote: »
    Are there some fashions that you just don't understand? Think-WHY????

    My son's girlfriend wears these leggings that on purpose gives her a wedgy!!
    I always thought that you didn't want one and really didn't want one that showed everyone!
    It really looks so uncomfortable.

    Some of them are darn right pornographic! It’s almost embarrassing for me to be around people that have those ones on. I really wonder if maybe they don’t have a mirror that shows what they look like from the back. They may not even know that they look like that. Way back in the late 80s leggings some of you from the US might remember they were a craze. I wore them and never looked at my backside. One day a man told me that I looked like I didn’t even have any clothes on. That’s when I looked in a mirror that showed me my backside and never dressed like that again. Even heavier women should look at their backside before they decide to wear leggings that their shirts don’t cover their rear end. Also, a lot of the leggings tend to wear out, and the material becomes see-through! My son‘s mother-in-law had a pair on at a birthday party for our older grandson, and you could see everything! I didn’t say anything, because I thought that my daughter-in-law or one of her daughters would mention it.

    💕 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota