Women 200lb+, Let's Rock 'n Roll this January!!!



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    Sharon age 42
    SW 230
    Jan SW 193
    Feb GW 187
    UGW 150 (will reassess once this goal is reached)

    1/01: 193.0
    1/8: 189.0
    Total month loss: 4lbs

    Weekly goals:
    Add more activity into the day to day
    Be at calorie deficit 6/7 days.
    ***will do better with Goal number two this week. I was under 5/7 days…
    Here’s to a better week and hoping to lose any amount this week (loss is loss) would like to maybe see 188 by Monday.
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    * portion control, portion control, portion control
    * make good food choices (going to be hard with the holidays coming up)

    SW: 294 (7/4/23)
    Jan SW: 219.4
    CW: 211.0 (1/8)
    GW (short term): 208.8 (the lowest I got in December before gaining a bunch back)
    GW (long term): 165

    1/8 update: Doing good so far. The last couple days I decided not to eat my big after-work meal and just had a helping of Veggie Straws one night and some popcorn last night. I left the rest of the bag of Veggie Staws downstairs so I wouldn't be tempted to eat more. So far so good. It's a bit of a struggle because I'm always worn out and hungry after work. I think I'm going to distract myself with crocheting a new blanket for my bed and/or playing Sims (I got the 2 newest expansion packs for the kids for Christmas but haven't played them myself yet).
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  • kiteflyer105
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    Random thoughts...I noticed if a eat a big salad with many veggies daily, I don't eat "junk food". I don't want it. I don't want the normal fillers (empty calories) in my plan. If I cut back calories too much (very strict), it sets up a binge cycle. I want to learn calligraphy instead.

    We all will be more mentally sharp and healthier the more we take care of our bodies. We deserve the best within ourselves and for our family, friends, and employer deserve the best we have to offer. Our partners deserve the best within ourselves for longevity. Why would anyone choose addiction over being healthy? This defies common sense. I just want off the ride of insanity. I am the only one to get off of it with one choice. I am getting ice water and going back to bed. My stomach is not full at all. It still is a foreign feeling to me at times. Overeating will not take away my problems. It just creates more, then it is harder to dig out of the hole.

    I came here because I want to overeat now. That will create a larger problem; this keeps me sick longer.

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    Good morning everyone!

    Weight is a little up the last couple of days, unclear why, but it's fine. My calorie intake has been a little up as well, but still lower than maintenance cals.

    daily stars:
    ⭐ duolingo: ✅
    ⭐ weight loss calories: ✅
    ⭐ logging in grams: ✅
    ⭐ reading: ✅
    ⭐ exercise routine: ✅

    The exercise routine was hard to get myself to do yesterday, as I did a lot over the weekend, and I'm tired, haha. But I did it! Because I really want those cards! Lol. I'm such a kid.

    My pole comes today! I still have to put down flooring and take out the light fixture about where it's going to go, but I needed to let the laminate sit a couple days, as the garage is cold, it had to acclimate. I should be able to start on that today, continue Thursday, and then the pole will go up probably the weekend, as tomorrow's a gym day.

    @itladyee you're doing so great!

    @RavenStCloud I thought of your exercise flexibility yesterday when I was struggling to do my at-home workout! I was like, if it's exercise, it counts, so I did a dance choreography video.

    @kiteflyer105 I love all your inspirational quotes, and best of luck on your surgery. I understand that impulse to eat until you're full. I absolutely still feel that urge sometimes. You're right about volume- there are a lot of people on this site who share tricks about volume eating, lots of vegetables, that kind of thing, one such thread is called Volume Eaters Thread, here it is: https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10563959/volume-eaters-thread#latest

    @melissaaridgeway yeah, I'd take a 4 lb loss too :lol:

    @sharon81 you're doing great!!!

    @justanotherjen13 distracting yourself to keep from eating more than you want is a solid plan. And especially video games, I find- I don't want to alert the babies in the kitchen that I'm there, so might as well stay at the computer, haha. If I go into the kitchen, suddenly everyone wants me to make them snacks, instead of getting them on their own.

    Have a great day, everyone!
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    Yesterday, I had a lot of trouble with food. I was starving all day. Today the plan is less food and healthier choices.

    I woke up late this morning, and didnt get my morning workouts in. so I will do them after work.
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    Yesterday wasn't great. I banked about 500 calories for dinner, but ended up going to a pizza joint that didn't have calories listed on anything and it's a mom and pop shop, so it wasn't a chain place that MFP had listed and sold food that MFP doesn't have. So I chose a sandwich that sounded good because gosh darn it, I was hungry. I only ate half of the sandwich though (though it was a huge sandwich) and only half of the fries (again their fries weren't even normal fries...like potato wedges but less fried? Idk. Hard to record those too!) So I honestly have zero idea how much I ate last night but it was definitely more than 500 calories lol. I estimated at least 1100. Oh well. I was over. I recorded it. I have moved on.

    That's the thing: move on. Don't dwell on past mistakes. Don't continue to make mistakes if they can be helped, but if they happen you should accept them and move on. Don't let them hold you back from living your best life. Weight loss isn't a downward slope; it's a rollercoaster. There are downs and there are ups. The thing that makes it work is that they're more downs than ups! Tell yourself that today will be a better day.

    We have a huge storm system hitting us today and I woke up with my crappy wrist in lots of pain. Lol. I say this because old wives tales say that healed broken bones and bad injuries can be weather-wise and I have this wrist that got absolutely shattered about 10 years ago and needed tons of surgery and therapy to fix (it still doesn't bend right) and rarely does it ever bother me. I can probably count on one hand how many times it has throbbed in pain, once healed, in the last 10 years. So I think this is going to be a doozy of a storm.

    On top of that, I'm hungry. I'm still adjusting to a lower calorie lifestyle and my body wants to eat. Probably boredom eat because I had breakfast not too long ago, but man the struggle is real today. It might be also do in part to the storm...idk the storm, the cold wet weather, the cooped up all warm inside, nothing to do...all combined just makes me feel like snacking. I'm determined not to give in because of my bad dinner last night AND I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon and I'm determined to show them I haven't gained in the past 2 weeks. Hopefully I'll be victorious today.

    Good luck on your journeys today everyone! Remember, it's not about perfection, just doing your best.
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    Second week of the new year off to a good start! Yesterday, I walked on the treadmill; I've been bringing my kindle and it helps me forget about how long I've been walking. Today, I swam some laps and, providing me enrichment (like an animal in the zoo), there were scuba divers at the bottom of the pool doing some practicing!

    My mantra is 'Move Your Body.' That's it. It's so simple and it's something I've been repeating to myself every day. Just move your body; you can be a couch potato again after you've moved your body.

    I think that no longer measuring and painstakingly journaling my work outs (by duration/intensity/etc) is helping me stay motivated and will prevent me from getting frustrated with myself. If it was 30 mins or more of exercise, I put a sticker on my calender. So walking on the treadmill for an hour on a slow speed gets just as many stickers (1) as swimming 30 laps or taking a yoga class.

    I've ordered a bunch of new stickers from Etsy and I can't wait until they arrive!!!
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    Weekend was a mess from trying to get a dog from a rescue that ended up being a wannabe rescue if not scammer. I had applied for them in the past but they didn't like my vet records compared to application so Mom knew any dogs with them she'd apply for. She did. Too many red flags after seeing lots of dog scammers elsewhere. The last straw was changing the payment method after acknowledging the type the day before and them not acknowledging another worker posting the dogs on another site. Universe has been certainly saying there will be a dog just not right now. Taking the sign to wait for this one at a legit rescue that's having multiple surgeries and just had updates stating she'll be available soon.

    Went to the gym yesterday for lower strength training.
    Today not going with the storm coming and extreme high winds. I will expect there to be shoveling in my future to compensate though lol.
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    Good morning everyone!

    It happened, I went over my calories yesterday. Now that we've gotten that out of the way.... Time for some screenshots.

    This is showing my lunch and after, to the end of the day, condensed so I could fit it in one screen. My coworker brought me korean fried chicken and tteokbokki, so I decided I would partake. After all, it was very nice of him, and I gave away half of it so I wouldn't eat it all. At home, I had more of my butter chickpeas from the weekend for dinner, then was still hungry, so I grazed on Baby's rice, a mini powdered donut, and some chocolate :lol: But I logged it all! And ended the day at 2126, lol.

    I ended up with the scale downward this morning, so my average has actually gone down for the first time this week, haha. I love when this paradoxically happens.

    And because I logged it all, and my weight went down, my expenditure number for MacroFactor went up. The expenditure number is my total calories expended, so from there, MacroFactor adjusts my food calories in order to lose or gain weight according to my goals. (BTW, I went through a long period of not logging everything, and then not logging at all- so my expenditure number is not right, right now- that's why the line is grayed before, like, 2 days ago, haha.) If I hadn't logged it all, my expenditure number wouldn't be right, and I would continue to be recommended fewer calories than I really could have. It's just data, but I have to relearn this every so often. Until I lock in my real expenditure number, I have to just log everything and do my best.

    Anyway! No matter how much I know it's just data, it's hard to get over the shame of logging through a bad day, and to let go of the shame. It's just data. It's just data. The more data, the better.

    daily stars:
    ⭐ duolingo: ✅
    ⭐ weight loss calories: ❌
    ⭐ logging in grams: ✅
    ⭐ reading: ✅
    ⭐ exercise routine: ✅

    Tag party time!
    @kristinwoods919 we all have those days! I had one yesterday!

    @melissaaridgeway the wrist thing sounds like it sucks! I hope you have a better day today.

    @itladyee I know that's right! Wonderful attitude.

    @RavenStCloud your 'enrichment' comment had me rolling :lol: That's so cool that there were scuba guys there while you were swimming!

    @sarah12277 these things happen, and I think you're right- a dog will come in its own time, and it will be great.

    @CeCeFlyy welcome to the best thread on the site! Can't wait to hear more from you!

    Have a great day, everyone!
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    Last night while I was feeling like a failure for calories, I was determined to plan next week better. So I found a meal planning template online and modified it for my purposes:

    And Wednesday is the day I put in my grocery order to pick up from the store on the weekend, so today's the day. I have a much better feeling about next week, because I'm planning for it. No more wondering on the weekend how many calories I have left- I'm planning for it. The veggie delight sandwiches are just hummus and pickled onions and a bunch of veg on that wonderful 40-cal-a-slice schmidt bread.

    Averaged across the week, my planned calories are lower than my goal, so I have a tiny bit of wiggle room as planned.
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    @RavenStCloud I love the sticker idea! What exactly is your goal with your sticker plan? Do you "earn" something after a certain amount of stickers or do you just collect cool and fun stickers to show off? What do you put them on? I'm curious about your cute idea!

    @CupcakeCrusoe Bad days happen. They just do. And although it sounds counterintuitive, I think the occasional bad day is actually very useful for two reasons. 1 - It helps you realize this is a lifestyle, not a crash diet. Crash diets have "end dates". You tell yourself "if I am good until March 21st, then after I can have what I want" may help you stay motivated until March 21st, but after any weight you lost will come back, with friends. Accepting bad days as they come, forgiving yourself and not allowing the shame to drag you into the "I'm a failure, I should just give up" thinking is healthy. Lifestyle changes mean you're on this for life. You can't be perfect the rest of your life! So accept them, try to make them infrequent, and move on. And 2 - bad days are good to shock the system sometimes. If you steadily eat 1200-1300 calories day in and day out, your body gets used to the calories and adjusts your metabolism that lead to plateauing. Throwing in that random 1700 or 2000 calorie day every once in a while can shock your metabolism out of its rut and back into weight loss mode. I'm not a nutritionist. I do not know if this is a valid or scientific process at all....but I have noticed it helps me sometimes in this exact way. So I very well could be blowing smoke out of my butt right now, so take this reason with a grain of salt, but it seems to be at least somewhat true.

    Keep up the positive attitude and push through!
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    Morning everyone! I'm Kyleigh, my SW is 288 the highest I've ever been... I'm down to 280 already in the first week which is mainly water weight, I'm sure, and the fact that I'm moving consistently for the first time since having my last kid in 2021. My goal right now is just to get to 250 by doing cardio and rebuilding all my muscles, then I plan to add strength training in when I'm confident my muscles can handle it. Then I'll make a new weight goal, although I'm trying mostly to focus on NSVs -- blood sugar, sleep, energy, fit, endurance, etc.

    I'm really looking to make a few friends to add and cheer each other on as I'm doing this by myself for the first time and I'm definitely better motivated when there's someone on the track with me. So if you want to be friends, add me!
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    @itladyee MacroFactor is the app. It's paid- I decided if I was going to pay for premium MFP, I might as well pay for something with more features, which MacroFactor has. I did a big post right here about the features. The features look a little different now, but function the same.

    And this is a link to the planner- I just added a column in the middle for calorie count estimates, and added a snack row, because I love to snack, haha. I got meal ideas from a website called Eat this Much., which is free to use with a limited number of recipes, but you can plug in your calorie goal and number of meals, and it will spit out some ideas.
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    Hi all,

    I read Andy Friscella's Andygram daily. This ended up in my email and thought someone else might enjoy it. I like Andy a lot. I don't agree with everything he says, but he is an expert on mental toughness, which I need to build more of in my life. Enjoy! He cusses a lot. I don't care for that. I madly respect him though.

    “Thinking the journey will get easier is faulty thinking; it doesn't.
    The goal is to make yourself more capable of enduring and thriving along the way.
    Wishing it to be easier in itself is a constant stimulus that makes us perceive the journey as harder than it really is. Acceptance is key. Yes, it's hard. So what?
    Are you committed to the process?
    Are you committed to overcoming?
    Are you not committed to proving to yourself that you cannot be messed with and that your drive, determination, vigilance, and pursuit of your own true potential is unbreakable?

    You have nothing to prove to the world, but you have a lot to prove to yourself.
    What can you build yourself into? It's the ultimate game.
    I hope you find the courage and commitment to play it.
    If not for yourself, for the people who will become the greatest version of themselves by witnessing it.”
    --Andy Friscella