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    I had posted these in January before realizing that it was February today!! So, here they are! LOL

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    Love your doodles Rita! That would make a lovely tea towel. Or silk scarf. I would wear it!

    John's passport hasn't arrived yet, but the day is not over.

    Zoom went well. My friend B has a stepdaughter in Edinburgh, and they went over there to stay the night and babysit the dog and teenager. They found a very dirty, very, very untidy house, which stank of dog. Her husband wrote a careful email afterwards, but there doesn't seem to be much reaction. Difficult to know what to do in those circumstances.

    Not good for the teenager.

    Love you all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    Thank you very much Heather! I never thought to make a scarf out of it! I think I’ll look into that! I pondered cards but didn’t decide until I read your post this morning! Sounds like a good thing to do! I was my first try at that kind of thing. I was happy with it and may try something like it again!


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    Hope ya'll are having a good day

    Hopefully i got the right 2 pictures of mr Miles at daycare,they got eggs from the chickens this morning..I went back to sleep for a bit and then got dressed..
    I love watching all creatures on PBS
    Ordered the Real James Herriot a memoir of my father..
    So I will start reading that tonight.

    Allie Amazing! I had that same tablecloth in the pic with Miles when I lived in CT! Small World! I need a new one, I may look for one similar!

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    Rita glad your meds are straightened out! Hope you feel better soon.

    Annie in Delaware
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    A new month. Thank you Barbi.

    Betsy in Wasilla.
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    edited February 1
    Today is: No reptiles out yet here! (Don’t like snakes!!- Lizards ok…). I won’t be able to wear a sweater today, supported to be close to 70 degrees today.

    Also, I fixed my pills now, so I’m happy about that. Updated my goals too.


    RVRita in Sunny Roswell!
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    Good morning ladies!

    Barbie thank you for a new month!

    I'm just sitting here enjoying the sweetness of my dog on my lap. Such a warm lump of love!

    Annie in Delaware

    that was me this morning. While I was laying in bed doing a nebulizer treatment, I had four cats on or against me plus two others sleeping on the bed. All were curled up asleep- didn't want to disturb them so I just stayed in bed a little longer, until my back started hurting and had to get up.
    It only disturbed a few and all but one went right back to sleep(Tonashi went up into the catio)

    Raining pretty hard right now- trying to decide if I want to take a short walk at the wetlands or skip it and just sit in the car while I wait for Ezie to get out of school. Have to go early for parking. I will wear my rain gear and decide when I get there.
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