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    Good morning ladies!

    Hope our west coast women got through the storm.

    My cousin is coming tonight to get the extra freezer out of the basement. I hope they can get it up the stairs and around through the door. I guess I should have some dinner ready. I could make chili but we just finished the last batch. Maybe something else will occur to me. Meatloaf? Ham? Hmm. I really don't like entertaining.

    My muscles are feeling the short bike ride. I really lost all my fitness in my six months break. Time to start again.

    Have a great day!

    Annie in Delaware

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    Morning all
    Woke up at 5,and its 8 now,and im still tired.. maybe will go back to sleep for an hour or so.
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    edited February 6
    My current diet (Renal Diet. My BMI is 29 but according to research 25 is best for CKD, so working on that - ALWAYS working on that! 🤪)

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    Today is:k Be without my cellphone for 24 hours?????? NOT POSSIBLE! LOL!😊 Now frozen yogurt I can do! No politics, but there is a reference below.

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    Still waiting.... :|

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Heather- any girl would love to have that beautiful dress and bolero
    Well dropped off taxes and went to pick up some shoes at Target of course they gave me thr wrong size.. so had to return them,and then came home.. Trudy left this morning on her trip so im on kitty duty for the next 10+ days instead of her spending over 200.00 to have someone come.. I'll do it,and when I go away she will take care of Siri.. one hand washes the other ,so to speak .
    A friend of mine needed an antenna for her dad and i had an extra one,so i took it off my t.v.,now have to get the t.v. back to working lol
    Oh well..try and do something nice anyway.
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    Worked then stopped at Bell’s outlet to see if they had any St. Pat’s day shirts, but they don’t so went to Big Lots next door. The only shirts they had were stupid ones but did get 4 boxes of cereal for 64 cents each. Yes, they were Christmas-themed, but so what? My stomach won’t know the difference. Then went to Ollie’s since I had a 15% off coupon. I was hoping they had the chlorinating solution in for the pool but they didn’t. I did need breadcrumbs so I got them and this protein bar that’s pretty good with 12g of protein. They didn’t have a headlight that I wanted for Colby.

    The guy came about taking down the tree. It’ll probably be around $1500. The tree is BIG and is leaning towards the house. If another strong wind comes up, it will come down. And I don’t want that to happen when we’re in FL. If he can’t get to the stump, that’s OK, I just want that tree gone.

    We’ll have dinner early then stop at this vacuum place. They have a (used) pet hair head for our vacuum that is $5, so we’ll get it. I’m glad the motor broke when Vince was using it and not me.

    Allie – so Carmen doesn’t know about the addition-to-be for the family. Wonder how she’ll take it when she does find out. Guess we’ll find out. Maybe this was an “oops” baby.

    Lisa – everything is so organized. You did a wonderful job. Good luck at the MD. And good luck with the tire. I do hope they take you early

    Allie – funny you mention Katla. I was just thinking about her. GMTA

    Heard back from Bryan (after I sent the birthday wishes) Got a few more pics of Leo. He’s growing so fast.

    Ceramics tonight. I’m going to take another piece with me to clear glaze

    Heather – what a lovely present for Bea! I know she’s going to love it, I do when in March is her birthday? Jess’ is in March, too

    Off to my walk, now.

    Michele NC
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    Rebecca - Been thinking about you for days... hope your time with your boys is absolutely wonderful.