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    Pip-nice camper. Notice that there is a king bed for you and Kirby and a fold out for the kids-or do they get the big bed? Your leg mad me hurt. Take care of that burn.
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    Pip-nice camper. Notice that there is a king bed for you and Kirby and a fold out for the kids-or do they get the big bed? Your leg mad me hurt. Take care of that burn.

    Haven’t figured out where the girls will sleep, probably under the dining table, yogi jumps on the bed with us

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    Did a spining workout toay The plan for tomorrow is to do a Lower Body Total Body DVD.

    Rori – I can just see you enjoying every minute

    My eye still hurts a bit, I think it’s more allergies than anything else. But it’s a real pain, with the bright sun down here my eyes want to close.

    When the kids were little we’d color eggs, I hid them, we always took baskets to church to be blessed. Oh, the memories

    Allie – HUG

    April – yippee for you and your son. Good blood work but take it easy

    After the spinning workout wet on the elliptical for an hour. I guess my pedometer only registers steps if you pick your foot up. Then took a walk to the grocery store just to put some plastic bags in for recycling then to the dollar store to get a birthday card for Jess. On my way home stopped at the post office to mail the card. Then in the sun and pool only it stared to rain. Then again, this is Florida, in 5 minutes the sun was out.

    Pip – when do you get it? Congrats

    kylia – too bad we can’t bill squirrels! So sorry that happened to you

    who is counting down
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    Lisa - That really is WOW! :o:o:o Amazing luck!
    The wheels of the NHS grind extremely slow. To see the hospital doctor is a minimum of 21 weeks after referral. I am feeling so low about that, that I really am coming around to private treatment. It would take all my savings and it is against my principles. But I do not want to waste away in misery.

    Allie - So sorry about the Lymes. <3

    April -
    Wonderful news! :)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    From my experience, those in Allied Health are much more likely to get things moving than a public GP.

    Thus, I went back to my optometrist today and asked her to send a letter to my GP about my ultra-dry eyes and possible Sjogrens. That will have a greater chance of encouraging my GP to send me for further testing than would me making an appointment and going in out of the blue.

    It seems sort of backward to the way it used to be.

    Have you had obtained a referral to a public specialist yet?

    For something like hip replacements here, you'd be waiting a long, long time to see someone and even longer for a surgery. It might be something like 5 years.

    But that's why I have private insurance ... to shorten the wait on notoriously long-wait things.

    M in Oz
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    sh0tzz99 wrote: »
    I forget to start making dinner early enough to be done eating by 6.

    Will catch up with more later. Have a great week!

    Tina in CA

    Why does dinner need to be finished by 6 pm?

    That's about when I get home from work, and we often eat dinner about 7 pm.

    I read something about keeping our brains young. When we become too dependent on technology - mapping/GPS on our phones and in our cars and even calculators, for example, these important parts of our brain eventually atrophy. People who hike on unfamiliar trails often fail to pay attention to visual clues and landmarks as they walk, thinking if they get lost they can find their way back to the trail via their phones. And get nearly hopelessly lost when their phones die or there's no service. Interesting, isn't it?

    I started out a map reader with 911 and working with the county road department and will continue, although I generally glance at online maps before I head out to a new spot to identify cross streets. I still try to use addition, subtraction, multiplication and long division on paper when I'm solving a math problem instead of automatically using a calculator. Makes me wonder if kids who always depended on this technology will ever develop that part of their brain that served us and our ancestors for eons, or maybe they'll develop it in other ways to deal with technology? And does failure of development of this part of the brain alter other parts involving problem solving or something else?

    Who of you still have your Rand McNally US road map? or Metzger maps?

    I still have all my paper maps of places around the world. But I rarely refer to them anymore. I use Google maps.

    I sat glued in my chair yesterday and finished "Lessons in Chemistry". Brought back a lot of painful memories about getting a job in a "man's world", lower pay and the expectations we dealt with not only from men, but from other women as well. It had a very good ending. I always feel guilty when I consume a book in an a day that the author probably labored months or years writing.

    Our age difference shows here. I was often the only woman or one of just a few women in the areas in which I trained and worked, but I don't have any painful memories regarding lower pay and expectations.

    Very early on, when I was 20 and had just got married, I had a few older women (like my grandmother's age) tell me that they supposed I was going to quit working and quit school and be a housewife ... and they were a bit taken aback when I told them that I was not quitting anything! But that was the closest I came to a "man's world" barrier.

    So thank you for paving the way!

    I took another stab at contacting McAfee customer service yesterday. Of course the call went to the Philippines again but this time I had a male on the other end of the line. After telling him repeatedly to SLOW DOWN when he talked or get someone whose native language was English on the line, It helped. I read recently that if a person is speaking to a senior who is hard of hearing, keep your voice low and speak slowly - we lose the upper range as we age so a high pitched female voice can come out garbled.

    He helped me a little bit, at least steered me in the right direction. I did get a few slams in on McAfee's dirty tricks but told him it wasn't his fault and thanks for listening. :p Didn't have to use any "fowl" language, lol.

    It took me a little while, mainly because I didn't have the time, but I figured out how to disable and remove McAfee from my computer. Problem solved!!

    Machka in Oz
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    Today’s gratitude: MRI today ;)
    Allie ((hugs)) Poor Alfie.
    Heather ((gentle hugs held extra long)) You are so right, about your pain, your life, your decisioni. It is horrifying you have not yet been properly examined/diagnosed. Hard to make decisions in the dark. What Lisa said about Johnny wanting you healthy more than any cruise. Brava for booking the appointment!
    April, thanks be for the good news about your son. Fingers X’d Friday’s tests give you the all clear.
    Rosemarie my heart hurts for you. Thankful you were somewhat prepared, so very sorry for what your friend did, glad you took steps to distance, protect yourself, sorry it was necessary.
    Lisa :love: the pic of you with newborn GD. Thankful the tree fell how it did. Was it wind or just rotten?
    Pip, wow! That trailer looks luxurious! Has a fireplace?!? Oww! That burn looks painful. “putting up the lights”???
    Kylia those are some spendy squirrels. ((hugs)).
    Evelyn what an accomplished day!
    Tracey I feel better, too, knowing you have a doctor.
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    Later, lighter, lovelies!
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    I was walking around the side of the house, checking on a large dog that came running through the yard, and ran into this.
    In order: Walked around to the side and saw that stump sticking up. Looked at it again, and realized it was almost exactly centered on that end of the house - had this tree not slid down as it was falling, instead of breaking off clean, it wouldn't have slanted its fall so it missed the house by a couple of inches. The last picture is looking back toward the path of its fall.

    We got lucky on this one...

    I heard only a bump a couple of hours ago, about the same loudness as Egg pushing something off a shelf, and even walked back to that bedroom to see if she had broken something. I never looked out the window though!

    I wonder if Egg pushed it over! 😀👀😈😍

    Still saying "Wow."

    Later, y'all,
    Lisa in AR


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    Machka hope your eyes feel better! How annoying that must be.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Walking and climbing stairs (16 flights)


    Machka in Oz
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    Machka - Sorry about the eyes. How annoying.

    I went to the pharmacy to collect my BP meds, and asked to see a pharmacist about the pain meds I am taking. I saw a trainee, but he seemed OK. He said I was doing all the right things, limiting ibuprofen, changing them around. I bought some more Anadin Extra, which suits me, and he suggested a Deep Heat patch. It's too expensive to use a lot, but I can use it if I have to be out and can't use a heat source. At home I use a heat pad , or hot water bottle.

    John doing the honours picking up Bea today. I'm cooking pasta with broccoli, prawns and fresh pesto for his return. :)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Lisa - Ok I'm intrigued by those Genie bras. I found them on Amazon and Walmart both. I decided to get out a tape measure and actually measure the band and the bust. WOW. Two band sizes smaller than I'm currently wearing, and a cup size bigger. Do you find that sizing is accurate? I will admit the ones I'm currently wearing, not Genie type, don't fit right and maybe that's why.

    Close call with that tree, glad no harm done. Was it dead or just rotten in the middle/weak for some reason? You might have said, I sped through here.

    Machka - my eyes get dry from allergies and just being older I guess. Quite often after I wash my hands in hot water, I place them, still wet, over my eyes and it's really soothing. Those compresses sound great.

    Lessons in Chemistry -
    What I liked about that Lessons in Chemistry book is that even though women have dealt with a lot of biases, probably much like folks of a different races have encountered, finding the gumption to work around them and stay on course pays off. Makes us tougher and more compassionate. So I identified a little with Elizabeth in the book as would many of you ladies. Don't let what takes you down take you out. I think that applies to most areas of our lives, not just the workplace. ;)

    Heather - that surgeon sounds wonderful, bravo for moving forward with that.

    Annie - glad your car is running smoothly again. That's not a bad price for all they did.

    Barbara - hope you get the MRI results soon so you and your doc can formulate a plan.

    April - such good news about your son and also your bloodwork. <3 Crossing fingers your stress test has good results as well. You have definitely been under huge stress in your life recently.

    After the pre-diabetes finding, I decided to try, once again, to close the kitchen early. Finish eating at least 3 hours before bed. I tried this many times before throughout my life and I would always be hungry and head for the after dinner snacks. I finally figured out that if I pack in a lot of protein and some fat during my last meal of the day, that last meal holds me fine through the night. I've been doing this for a couple weeks now and hopefully it will improve my FBS. I can tell I'm sleeping better.

    I'm kinda sore from hacking off branches from bushes in the backyard these past 2 days and dragging them next to the shop. My landscaping maintenance guy will be out Friday to take a look at what else needs to be done, and I'll let his crew finish the job.

    Back later.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State