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    Counting the minutes until I have to drink that God awful stuff..
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    Ps to Machka, it would creep me out, too, if strangers touched my hair. Eeuww!
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    Linda what an eventful Easter! Hope Fergus is ok?

    He seems to be. The bandana seems to have come out the other end along with some egg shells. :D
    He's a 50-pound APBT mix; not a wee thing and not first time he's gotten the Grandpup's bandana. One day, Stevany will learn not bring her over with one on.


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    MFP Weekly Check-in April 1, 2024

    Ava – weigh in 3.29.24 - This hasn’t been the stellar week for counting calories or getting my 80 oz water daily. But I have been consistently moving. 8000+ steps, Friday weight in 160.9. A loss of .8 lbs.

    Debbie in Napa Valley, CA - no walking the wetlands this week because I had Ezie(Spring break) plus the rain. Only did Zumba the two days and still not tracking and the scale shows it. The small bowl of Cheetos last night before bed sure didn't help-total salt snack. Up a pound this morning. Need to get back on track with walking/exercise and tracking my food.

    Kylia in Ohio - Happy Easter! Heading for Mexican tonight (Sunday) so thought I would send stats early (also I remembered to weigh in!) I lost a pound! Trying to watch net carbs seems to be working. Have a great week!

    Rita in Roswell NM- 2.2 pounds down from last week.

    Lanette in SW WA State – Celebrating weight staying in range, foot slowly getting better. Navigating ways to get better blood sugar control and increase resistance training.
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    Sue - I'm so sorry! It's been four years now since that diagnosis for me, and it really is just a horrible feeling. Hopefully it's the intermittent type, and they can get your heart rate converted correctly with a single shock. Mine's the permanent 24-7, and with the medications at the right dose, I honestly don't even notice it. That woman is a menace!

    Take care,
    Thinking about you,
    Lisa in AR
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    edited April 1
    Machka: Your sense of colour is wonderful.

    Heather: There is great power and lively movement in Edie’s art work for her age. I love the freedom of expression that is displayed in these pieces. The enjoyment of all of you shines through the work. I applaud your fortitude and determination to enjoy life despite your current pain.

    This morning I spent some time declutterring my standby wardrobe so that I could hang up my current jackets. Hots of items for goodwill. Had an active rest day today as I was feeling tired after clocks changing yesterday. I dozed off late afternoon and DH made dinner for us.

    I had quite a good March and am looking forward to more of the same in April, stayed in the middle of my maintenance range and worked on heart health by doing more strenuous workouts in short bursts. Managed 1299 Fitbit zone minutes for March, and lowered my average resting heart rate several points. April focus will be improving sleep schedule. Starting tonight I will be switching off my devices At 11:15 pm.

    Sue: It's terrible that your tenant is affecting your health (((hugs))) shape you can get her out soon.

    🤗🤗🤗 and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them..

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

    ☘️ Terri

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    Pip you are so dedicated! Such an inspiration!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Evening ladies
    Well I got 1/2 the dreaded stuff down and have to get up at 3:15 tomorrow to finish off the rest of the stuff..
    Binging on Call the midwife makes the time go by.