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    Today is: A great day to say HI to my siblings!!

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    Good morning ladies!

    Rebecca when my sister came to visit mom, she reorganized and decluttered cabinets as a way to get rid of nervous energy. It was very helpful. But she went through my Mom's stuff, not mine. I'm glad you had a chat with your sister.

    Margaret Yay for better health! Your diet is really working for you!

    I'm rather disgusted with myself over evening snacking. I put all my goals in jeopardy over some extra food. Even after all the book work. It's only three hundred calories or so at a time, but I do it often enough to sabotage my plan. Oh well, water under the bridge. Might as well forgive and move on.

    I have a busy day today. We see the lawyer which is a point of stress. I was promised I would inherit the house, but I don't see that in the will. It just says tangible personal property which doesn't include real estate. What a mess it would be to inherit the contents and not the house!

    Have a fantastic day today ladies! May you be happy, healthy, safe and free!

    Annie in Delaware

    That was nice of your sister, and I am sure your Mom appreciated it. I think what my sister and I deal with is the difference of me with less stuff in general, and her thinking I don't out of not caring about myself. So she buys me stuff to treat me. She nearly had a fit when in casual conversation I had stated that I had 45 items. From shoes, socks, coats and clothes, and undies. This was when I was visiting her, and she took me shopping right then and there! It was a bit embarrassing, but I gave in. It was to an outdoor/sporting goods so I bought two shirts (I hardly wear). For me its pick and choose my battles. I didn't want to battle her that day.😂💖
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    Good morning!

    Lisa in AR
    : Can you put the fern in it’s pot in the planter? Then you could lift it out when the weather got cooler and bring it inside. My ex and son’s actually do this for their plumerias.

    Rebecca: Yes! I actually try to focus on the fridge because the food in there is more perishable, but I am noticing that my pantry is become more of a staples/ingredients place rather than a “food” place.

    Barbara: “Instead of sitting bathed in tire scent, took walk.” This made me laugh! Auto shops do have that distinctive tire smell, don’t they?

    Grandmallie: That’s a lot of eggs! Call the Midwife is such a good show!!

    Sue in WA: Document everything!!!

    Carol in GA: Have you tried Sleep Stories on Calm? The stories are so good and put me to sleep so quickly, I don’t know now they end. LOL

    Heather: Is it possible to rent a Rollator?

    Rusty: Welcome! I don’t enjoy night sweats either, especially with a few furballs near by. And cheese. Seriously? That is totally not fair. There have been many times, I’ve consider if I could just eat my calories for the day in brie.

    Machka: I make myself get down and up from the floor five times a day. Mostly because I want to be able to do it when the grandson’s are around. Sometimes with hands, sometimes with out.

    Watching my food, but purposefully exercising has been a bust this week as I try to pack and get ready for my trip.

    I’m giddy with glee! I gave up a digital SLR camera over 12 years ago. Lately, I’ve been missing it. I ordered one and it should be here today before I head to the airport! I feel like a kid at Christmas watching the FedEx updates. I may have to look into a photography class or something, it’s been awhile.
    Hope to keep up while I’m in MN!

    Make it a great day,

    Jacksonville, FL

    Glad I am not the only one that does that. I kind of get a thrill at looking in my cabinet with hardly anything staring back at me. Nice to meet you Linda!
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    Morning ladies
    Going to be warm today..
    Nothing new..

    "Out to conquer the world"! Love the flowers weath on the door!💖👍🏼
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    Stat for the day-

    Walk w/family- 2hrs 6min 33sec, 121elev, 2.88ap, 6.18mi= 659c
    Strava app = 757c
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    Barbara - So glad we heard from Katla. <3 Thank you for doing all that. Much appreciated. o:)

    Lisa - I feel you. I often have the same problem with representation. I think that was the problem Max was having. Sometimes it's better after a break, when you can see it in its own light. Think Impressionist! :p Mine always look a bit Dufyesque. That's my excuse anyway.

    Having trouble keeping the pain down this evening. Probably a bit overambitious on the hostessing.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    ginnytez wrote: »

    Heather-you may want to see what sort of walker the doctor would recommend after surgery. My doctor didn't want me using wheels in case they slid away from me so I used the four standards legs. I also got a tray to fit over so I could carry my coffee and food on it-helped my independence since I live alone. A. set up similar to this https://a.co/d/jcVjuSN except I have a pink tray.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio

    No wheels for me either after my knees.