Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 262



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    @Skyleen75 What a fabulous stop-sign garden! What a labor of love for your community. ❤️
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    Round 262

    Previous Rounds:-
    SW RND 254 – 59.7kg
    EW RND 254 – 59.1kg
    EW RND 255 – 58.4kg
    EW RND 256 – 57.8kg
    EW RND 257 – 57.3kg
    EW RND 258 – 56.6kg
    EW RND 259 – 56.3kg
    EW RND 260 – 55.7kg
    EW RND 261 – 55.0kg

    Female, wrong side of 65. Height wrong side of average.

    UGW – 54.0kg
    EW RND 261 – 55.0kg
    GW this RND – 54.6kg

    6/5 – 55.0kg
    6/6 – 54.8kg
    6/7 – 54.8kg
    6/8 – 54.6kg
    6/9 –
    6/10 –
    6/11 –
    6/12 –
    6/13 –
    6/14 –

    Was a late weigh-in today - think my scales have a mind of their own as I definitely overate my calories yesterday.

    @judefit1 - I followed a recipe in a book for my starter. Said it would take two weeks to become active from just flour and water. Turns out my starter hated our hard water and prefers bottled water, and too a good 6 weeks before it was ready to use!. Now I feed it most days, even when i'm not baking as it sulks if it doesn't get fed. I keep a spare pot in the fridge too. Making sourdough is definitely something I have to work around my daily schedule. Although it doesn't take much time if you add up just the minutes you spend mixing and strengthening the dough, there are gaps of time in between as it develops, so a few hours are needed. But as I have the time, I definitely think it's worth it.
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    @Skyleen75 - well done on that garden, it's a credit to you - you sound just like me doing it without wanting anyone to know it's you that does it!!! You are a star xx
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    judefit1 wrote: »
    We go out to eat and drink. It would be safe to say that its somewhat gluttonous… I have had wonderful discipline over the past 11 months. I’m starting to dislike these gatherings… They make me uncomfortable, witnessing and being around such disregard for one’s health -especially at our age…. I am curious to suggest something new & different for these two different groups… I certainly don’t want to change the current visiting schedule, but I would like to enjoy their company (as a group)in a different environment doing something interesting and fun together - that does not involve food and drink. Or at least, food and drink not taking the centerpiece.

    OK, Carolyn, NOW I get it! Yes- that's a real conundrum because you're like the "sober" person at the party. Not sure how you move the needle when it's long established group... maybe start with a single special "event" that sounds fun? Are they receptive to change?

    I know it's really difficult- I get this in my large extended family where some of us are health conscious but many are not; as we get older the discrepancy in habits - and health- becomes ever more apparent. Gatherings are very food heavy- with heavy food! Actually, it was our family Christmas party this past Dec that was the last straw for me this time- I looked at all the food and said, what the hell am I doing???
    That's when I joined this group!

    Yes! At some point you just look around the room and say to yourself, “what am I doing”? And you are so right that health choices/habits discrepancies do become more evident as we get older and of course wiser!😉. And I do agree that it has to be something of a new occasion vs disrupting the current get-togethers…. (What is already in place). I will give it a try and let you all know what happens. And, thank you so much for your thoughtful reply! I’m so glad you joined this group in December! When you KNOW you KNOW!🙂

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    @Skyleen75 How wonderful of you to keep that garden beautiful and thriving. On behalf of that dear elderly brother I say "Thank You". You are clearly a lovely person!