SWaT-January Walk with Leslie Sansone workouts



  • panda742002
    panda742002 Posts: 68 Member

    I will join again too. Had a busy fall. I am jumping on the band wagon again.

    I will try for 30 miles this month.

    Thanks for keeping this going!
  • panda742002
    panda742002 Posts: 68 Member

    I will join again too. Had a busy fall. I am jumping on the band wagon again.

    I will try for 30 miles this month.

    Thanks for keeping this going!
  • mytime60
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    Just found this post, but I'm in!!! I started using the LS Walking DVD's late this fall, and absolutely love the program. I have been slacking since Thanksgiving, but it's time to get going again; so I'm in for 60 miles in January!
  • ildi59
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    Just found this this post also, thanks to my friend above "mytime60". I saw her reply and had to check it out, sounds great, love Leslie. I'm in for 60 miles in January!
  • TeresaSavage
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    Another freezing day here in florida, I might run short on my goal.... I am NOT doing my walk today.... And Its cold inside as well.
    Just going to do some ironing. I pray it warms up tomorrow

    You Go Girls!!!! Keep up the Great work
  • michelleellis
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    I would like to join this group. I am a wife, mother and work fulltime. I purchased Leslie Sansone walk away the pounds DVDs about 6 months ago and have not done them yet. I am in my mid 30s. I had a baby girl a year ago and have gained some weight. My baby is a year old. She takes up all my time but I am going to try. I will be trying to do the tapes 3x a week. Hopefully my baby will think we are playing a game and let me finish the DVDs. I will check in weekly.
  • pmjsmom
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    Day 3 of the Walk Club calendar (2 miles) done. Need to do 3 miles today--I want to combine a workout with a walk outside but will have to see what the weather will be like (it seldom matches the forecast!).
  • smurfette75
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    Just found this post, but would love to join! I just found out about Leslie Sansone workouts. I bought one for my mom as a gift. But with the cold weather and limited access to a treadmill, this will do the trick! Goal for January will be 60 miles. (sounds like a good number to me ;-)
  • jlgregory13
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    I bought Leslie's 4 Big miles dvd last week. my mom and i are trying to do it several times a week together.
    My goal for Jan. will be 60 miles and I will start counting from today!
    I weigh in on Mondays so I will count my miles from Monday to sunday. (except this week)
    What i love about it is that it has those mile tickers so you don't have to do the whole dvd if you don't want, but i tell myself that and then once i start i do the whole video LOL.
    Good luck everyone!!
  • Hello everyone! I just joined here, but have been using Leslie's DVDs for almost 2 years now.

    I am going to commit to a minimum of 60 miles this month and hopefully will exceed that. I really want to try to get in more 5 mile workouts.

    I did the 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk w/ 1# wts. yesterday and the 3 Mile Walk Away Your Waistline w/ band this morning. I am being careful with hand weights as I am getting over a shoulder flare up.
  • Bonita_Lynne_58
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    Welcome Doris! Glad you're joining me on this thread!

    I went to tickerfactory.com and made an exercise ticker but then couldn't find how to copy it on here. There use to be a signature button where you could cut and paste one in and it would show up on your posts. Does anyone know how to do it now?


    MFP no longer allows that. All of our tickers (except the mfp ones) simply disappeared.
  • 2jayjaysmom
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    I forgot to post this last night. I got in another mile on the Wii Fit Free Step after my kiddos went to bed, so that's 7/45 miles for January.

    I just got a Wii for Christmas .... I use Walk it Out! ..... quite fun. Anyway what is "Free Step" ... do you need a balance board?

    Goal: 5 / 40
    Yes, you need a balance board. It's on Wii Fit Plus. I highly recommend the whole Wii Fit Plus system...it's a lot of fun, and it's a decent workout for days when you want to mix it up or take it a little easier if you're on a strenuous workout schedule. My kids even play it!
  • MindyJoann
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    I have been on MFP for a week and just happened to see this thread. I have a collection of these DVD's so I will join in too! I will set my goal at 60 miles for January as well! I may use some of my treadmill time towards this goal of walking 60 miles. Best of luck! :)
  • 2jayjaysmom
    2jayjaysmom Posts: 248 Member
    Is the Wii Fit Free Step like the step aerobics? I have a Wii Fit and the active workouts--I love doing the step aerobics
  • Hi there! I would love to be apart of this forum. My goal for January is 50 miles.
    I am a huge fan of Leslie Sansone's walk DVD's as well as her passion for helping people work out slowly and with low impact. It has helped me immensely since I began 2 months ago and I incorporate resistance bands as well as ankle and wrist weights into my work out. I am taking her challenge starting Jan 9th, I am looking forward to this challenge.
  • I love Leslie's DVDs also! I fell off the wagon for quite a while but now determined more then ever to get this weight off with the help of these DVDs. I did the 4 mile one last night and it almost killed me but I kept going! I'am so motivated that I ordered her 5 mile one online and it's ready for pickup already at my local Wal-Mart! I'am with you all 60 miles this month! :)
  • walked my five really big miles again today for 85 mins
  • Nonie3
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    Count me in as well. I haven't officially started doing any exercise since I started this Jan 3/12 but Leslie Sansone Videos is what I do. Perhaps this will keep me more motivated.:flowerforyou:
  • smurfette75
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    Thought I was going to be able to stream from netflix, but not available....so off to the library I go. Any suggestions?
  • Hi my name is Loretta, I have just gotten three of her walking tapes and I'd like to join the group. I've had 2 back surgeries and have heel spurs periodically throughout my life. I will try for 40 miles in the month of January. We have just started her walking video at my T.O.P.S. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) meeting. So far it looks to be very doable for those of us that need to modify our exercise routines.