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  • ncahill77ncahill77 Member Posts: 501 Member Member Posts: 501 Member
    Sometimes violence is the answer.
  • bexkeebexkee Member Posts: 20 Member Posts: 20
    Fascinating behaviour! I suspect he enjoys trying to bring people down. For what reason I do not know.
    I don't really have a personal story but a friend of mine lost a lot of weight. She resorted to stomach surgery after years of yoyo dieting and feeling pretty cruddy about herself. She's kept the weight off since the operation and it has allowed her to get into cycling, tennis, running and doing hard out insane 'army style' workouts. (I don't judge anyone for getting surgery if they feel they need to) Anyway, she had the $20'000 easily as she's rich...

    But I digress...There's been a guy who is a coworker of her husband. Real estate agents who sell big country estates etc. they socialise quite a bit due to client schmoozing. My friend is usually required to attend to chat to wives and help charm the clients.

    When she was overweight this guy would constantly say disparaging 'jokes' about her body- very loudly. Then often lean over to her and whisper revolting sexual things about how she was too fat to do 'it' and who'd want to have sex with her etc...
    She kept up a professional and polite facade in front of everyone at the dinners but at home would be outraged, her husband who never liked to rock the boat would play it all down and say she was being too sensitive.

    After she lost the weight she and her husband went on a trip to Europe and the business partner arranged for them to meet up for a week long cruise. He saw her in her togs and started saying she looked so sexy and amazing and he was so pleased she'd seen sense and decided to sort her weight out as he'd been so worried about her health. THEN he made physical passes at her the whole week. Always brushing past her and putting his hand on her leg or arm. Every time her husband was not within earshot he'd make suggestions they start a affair.
    She told him he was an ugly short bandy legged git who was the joke of the office and she wouldn't touch him with a barge pole.
  • Jers43Jers43 Member Posts: 100 Member Posts: 100
    Sounds like a total DELTA BRAVO don't worry about him you are doing all the right things. Some people will always be able to get you going! I got people like that I figure they all got enough wrong with them to fill a book. I don't know how close you guys were I don't think he should have grabbed you and I am surprised no one called him out on that. Forget him and stay away from rotten people if you can.
  • marie_2454marie_2454 Member Posts: 881 Member Member Posts: 881 Member
    Wow! All I can say is that you're a lot nicer than I would have been because the second he grabbed my stomach like that, I'd have broke his nose...What a total jerk!
  • MsPinVaMsPinVa Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
    That guy is lucky it was you and not me he grabbed. I grew up with an older brother who used to beat the crap out of me. So now I'm very sensitive to people grabbing me and my automatic reaction is to hit them back HARD>

    Heh Heh, I've had something like this happen A LOT but by my family. My 90 year old Grandpa said "She's put on a little weight and is chubby now!" I was mortified. I had, but never thought he'd point it out. I chalked it up to him being old.

    My Mother is another story all together. I finally had to have a "talk" with her telling her I didn't want to hear anything negative from her. If she didn't like my hair cut/hair color/hair length/clothes/weight/etc. she should keep it to herself. When she visits she likes to tell me what to do in my own home (my husband too). I tried everything to get her to stop. The one thing that does is when I look at her and say "you can tell me what to do this month if you pay my $2200 mortgage!" That shuts her up and I don't hear anything else the rest of the visit! I'd take that kind of stance with people like this and say "gee did I just pay you $75 for a personal training session" or "when did you go to Medical School? Congratulations." But that's me, I'm a sarcastic BEATCH!!!!!

    Sarcasm. Sometimes above their heads, but the end results are always so lovely! mmmwaahahahhaaaa
  • jwolfdhjwolfdh Member Posts: 45 Member Member Posts: 45 Member
    thanks you guys for all your support. i ran into the guy two days ago, and called him out for being a you know what. he apologized and says that he was drunk and doesn't remember any of it. i had to actually tell him what he said and did to me. lame excuse (alcohol), but at least i got an apology!
  • Pete1471Pete1471 Member Posts: 126 Member Member Posts: 126 Member
    I would have looked him straight in the eye and told him he had 3 seconds to get his hand off me and walk away before i scream rape. What a knobhead!
  • jenner30jenner30 Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    What a freakin knob ..... That sums it up
  • snookybearsnookybear Member Posts: 18 Member Posts: 18
    Mother in law once greeted me with "haven't you got fat?"
    after driving 5 hours with 3 kids.
    She is 5 foot tall and five foot round. how dare she?
    I bit my lip and did not respond!
    Some people are just horses arses!
    Karma will bite them on the butt one day!
  • BelleEnsBelleEns Member Posts: 36 Member Posts: 36
    Ugh, what an *kitten*. If people get that out of control when they're drunk, well then they shouldn't drink.

    I had my 6-year-old niece asking in front of all my inlaws when I was having a baby. She didn't mean anything by it- She's lovely- But it made me cry all night because it was an honest reaction to the way I looked.
  • CallmeSboCallmeSbo Member Posts: 614 Member Member Posts: 614 Member
    what the frekkedel? What a loser
  • xxrainxxxxrainxx Member Posts: 44 Member Member Posts: 44 Member
    i would of been so tempted to kick him in the b***s :explode:
  • 4thehardman4thehardman Member Posts: 759 Member Member Posts: 759 Member
    I would have grabbed him by the balls and said '' well I guess getting smaller is easier than getting bigger after all, seems you still have a way to go too'' and then walked off.

    Sorry you had to be around someone like that. At least you can avoid him from now on.
  • Noki1024Noki1024 Member Posts: 302 Member Posts: 302
    Omg that's ridiculous. He should have left with a hand print on his face or a soaked shirt!
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