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    Good evening team. Lisa, what an amazing woman you are. Thank you so much! Here are my names:

    Bill Johnson (my dad - currently managing prostate cancer quite well.)
    Carl Johnson (his father, my grandfather and a really great guy. Died of prostate cancer.)
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    Good Morning Team...

    well I am off with my youngest to school!!! its going to be a long day of screaming kids!!!! I wont even be home until close to 4pm... I am not sure who the exercise will go today all I know is that I will be standing alll day!!! I hope I can make i the whole day standing cuz my knees have been hurting for a while now...

    Indiana - what you are doing is an supper supper thing to do.... My Uncle that had 4x hodgkin lymphoma is doing a walk like this on Saturday... not sure where he starts but he is walk all day on Saturday...He one of my insperations cuz for someone that have gone through cancer 4x and is now in remision for several years is going strong..

    anyway take care everyone..Have a great Thursday eveyone talk to you all when I get back...

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    Indiangranny.. I have a few too...

    My grandparents, Lawrence Collins, Hazel Collins, Leigh Madden - My uncle Corky Douglass and my husbands Dad Bill Nelson..

    Thats too many people : (

    Thank you for honoring our family members too...

    :love: :love: anita
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    I live in an area that has wild horses.. Our heard had dwindled to 2 over the last year (hit by cars) however we've noticed the last few days the heard has grown to 9 horses.. Where the heck did they come from?? Only 4 are babies and so cute.. BLM put a watering tank in for behind our neighbors house, keep in mind we are on 5 acre lots.. all of ours is fenced except the driveway which we are trying to save for a gate that opens.. We have put so much time and money into our yards and when I got up at 4:30 this morning there they were in our yard.. 11 piles of horse crap in our drive way.. They didn't eat anything, my husband thinks it's because of the deer off that we spray on all the plants to keep the rabbits away.. However they eat the neighbors grass and come crap in our driveway.. I just spent 40 mins picking up, shoveling and raking that stuff.. Holy cow it was fresh and nasty.. My arms are sore, it was so heavy.. As I am shoveling and walking it over to the field my husband drives up in his truck to kiss me goodbye and says guess you can skip walking today.. He got the double flip as he drove off... MEN I tell ya....

    Oh well, I put up rope to keep them out.. Hopefully it works. But they really are so pretty... If I see them again this weekend I will take a picture...
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    Good morning...

    I'll be very brief. I sold the table I'd had my computer on, and now waiting for the replacement, later today.
    So...My keyboard is perched on my wobbly knees.

    Very uncomfortable.
    Talk to everyone later.

    Have a good, and powerful, day.
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    Sheila- vey cool on the American Idol. On the exercise front; sometimes we have to set aside 'exercise' for activities of daily living. Yesterday I planned a run at night. Ended up shoveling compost. Still movement right. I'm sure you'll get lots of walking in today.

    Healthymom-routing for you to hit our goal tomorrow!

    Anita-can I just have a horse vent too?:). We live in a rural area. We have a dog poo ordinance but not horse poo. Why do I have to step around horse poo on the bike trail but scoop my dogs poo. Ok that is my rant; stepping off soap box now.

    Cyndee- may your day be powerful and effective.

    Ok here is what I realize: when I have two days of not eating my exercise calories on the third day I am starving. I ate over my alotment yesterday. This morning at first I thought oh tomorrow is weigh in I should just do the liquid game today. Then I recalled in the weekly scheme of things it all balances out. Plus I don't need to obsess. My goal is half a pound a week. I'm sure I'll hit that. Mind back in proper working order again. Funny how quickly it wants to revert to old thought patterns. Btw: it was all good food choices.
  • Hey Everybody,
    Thank you for the response to my walk. I have written each and every name down with the name that submitted them and what you put about them. I am pretty sure the walk is June 20th - find out Sunday for sure. No amount of names are too many ever. For the ones who haven't posted still have plenty of time to add yours to the list. And for anyone that has posted and thinks of someone else please just post that name too and I will add it to the list. I will read throught he list daily - so I can remember them that night but I also will carry the list in my pocket. Once again this is an honor and a privilege to do this for people who have helped me so much.

    I did some more thinking last night at work and realized my supper was bigger than I thought cause I subconsciously stress ate cause of work. It was healthy but still got to get this in control. I vowed last night to log every morsel I eat today and so far so good.
    Well I have to work 5 hours tonight and have to be there at 7. So I have had some oatmeal and pineapple, cheese and crackers. Going to go to bed and maybe get up early to exercise. Not going to stress if I don't - more concerned on the food right now. Like someone said we sometimes have to put aside exercise for daily actities. Plus I normally don't work tonight so what walking I do then will help. Read everybodies post but kind of tired and got a headache to talk anymore. I will probably check in before I go to work tonight. Have a good day everyone
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    Good morning, everyone! I'm pretty proud of myself, 2 days of no gym and only going over cals by 100. That still leaves me a 650 deficit so I'm happy! It's been so stinkin awful hot here, we don't have a/c, so we're dying. Humid, which makes it worse. I can't fall asleep until after midnight when the house cools off some, kids get up at six, so I'm tired. Not planning on the gym today (still dealing with my "problem") but will do water aerobics tonight if I can. I cannot believe that 3 days of eating 35 grams of fiber, fish oil pills, 2 days of 2 doses of Miralax daily have not done the job! Good gosh! If things dont' resolve today I am asking for a referral to a specialist, this cannot be right... but it does keep me from eating too much, as I don't want to put anything else in my body, LOL.

    Going to plant tomato plants today, hubby's been saying he'll do it for over a week, poor things are blooming in their tiny little pots... so I'm going to do it later. He can't complain if I do it "wrong" since he didn't get off his lazy butt and do it! LOL (He says he reserves the right to complain, it's his constitutional right!)

    Haven't seen losingit in days, want to go see those kittens again... Too cute. Oh yeah and she has a/c... Hey losingit I'll be there in 20 mins, can ya have my breakfast ready?? LOL
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    Morning team, how is everyone. I don't really have any news this morning. Life is good, I found some pants I had forgotten about that actually fit, so I have got some things I can wear. Again, thanks so much Kelli for the shirts! Lifesavers, and I have gotten compliments on everyone I have worn! Four to work, including our favorite!

    Well, I gotta get exercising, so take care everyone.
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    Good afternoon everyone, looks like we've all been chatty since I was on here last!
    LI4G-when I can find the name of that chair workout I've been doing, I'll let you know...It's great! Finally feel like I'm doing something again, even if I can't walk.

    Lauri!!! Welcome back...I missed you! :flowerforyou:

    So I go to the doctor tomorrow to have my stitches removed, and hopefully can upgrade to either a cane or crutches. I'm pretty excited about that, because this walker's just too big and bulky, and I need to be able to get back to work. I haven't left my house in 2 weeks, and I'm getting stir crazy!!

    Welcome to all the new members, you'll love this group!
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    Hi Team! This week has been crazy! I still haven't had the chance to get caught up on the posts. The past 2 days I have not planned my meals which has lead to me eating very sporadic or not that healthy. I'm disappointed in myself. Today was an improvement from yesterday...at least I logged. I ate wendys for lunch. :noway:
    I had to run errands over lunch and the subway line was to the door so thats what I got. ugh. now my belly isn't feeling the greatest. We are leaving tonight to drive out to dayton so I hopefully will be able to log on while we are there and say hello. We are taking our laptop just have to make it connect to dial up when its used to wireless...thats the bfs department.
    I hope everyone is having a great week! I am sorry for being so MIA. This is the last weekend of traveling for...Thankfully!
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    Good afternoon everyone, looks like we've all been chatty since I was on here last!
    LI4G-when I can find the name of that chair workout I've been doing, I'll let you know...It's great! Finally feel like I'm doing something again, even if I can't walk.

    Lauri!!! Welcome back...I missed you! :flowerforyou:

    So I go to the doctor tomorrow to have my stitches removed, and hopefully can upgrade to either a cane or crutches. I'm pretty excited about that, because this walker's just too big and bulky, and I need to be able to get back to work. I haven't left my house in 2 weeks, and I'm getting stir crazy!!

    Welcome to all the new members, you'll love this group!
    Dwray - hope all goes well tomorrow! We will all be thinking of you! :flowerforyou:
  • Tomorrow is weigh in day. How do we post that? What is the format? I am hoping my scale moved a little this week. I worked super hard today and I am beat. I have a Dr appointment tomorrow to check on the awning over my knee, to see what it is. I am hoping it is just excess fat and will go away. Well I hope everyone is doing ok. Take care.
  • Good Afternoon

    Jamie - busy girl you are. It is hard too cause work is overloaded here. Have a relaxing and safe trip.

    DWray44 - as Jamie said - good - luck tomorrow at the doctors. Hope you get tons of good news.

    April - to post it goes something like this yourname - sw (starting weight - when you started mfp)/ gw - (goal weight)/cw (current weight) for example then your loss or gain
    indianagranny - sw216.2/gw160/cw187.2 -1 loss

    if you want you can lst your bmi the same way for example
    indianagranny - sbmi34/gbmibelow30/cbmi30.4-3.6 loss

    then we keep a running list and carry it from post to post. if you don't understand just ask or LI4G or Adopt4 will be along to explain better here. You will see tomorrow

    Anita - horse poo is heavy - that was work.. hope that don't happen again

    Sheila - hope your day with your daughter went fantastic.

    Running out of time here. Day went ok for me. My friend stopped by - I have a battle on my hands - he is in a mood that is not good. He goes the 16th to a specialist and we go from there. I know what cancer and even this kind can do. I know the attitude can't always be good but I have to try to get him to accept it and deal with it from day to day - minute to minute right now. Does this sound wrong?
    No exercise for me today but I logged everything I ate or will have eaten by midnight. If you look it is logged kind of funny cause I just went in and grabbed i tfrom the places I knew it was already logged. I slept good - going to work is not even bothering me today but it is that time and I got to go.

    Have a good night - gotta roll
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    Wow, ya'll have been busy little posters in the last 24 hours.. :laugh:

    Indiana- Thank you so much for honoring our teams families in the walk, you are truely a wonderful, sweet person! I would like to add 3 names to your list. Virginia Merrill (my mother) who is a breast cancer survivor of 16 years. My great Aunt Nina Cates, who passed away at the ripe old age of 90 after fighting off breast cancer twice. And, my very dear friend Naomi Rhodes, who has been in remission for 6 months after an ugly battle with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

    Sheila- I'll be starting a new thread for tomorrows weigh in and will post a link here to the new thread. Its pretty easy to see the format of how we post our results, but it typically goes like this:

    Name- SW (Starting Weight)/ GW (Goal Weight)/ CW (Current Weight)/ Total Lost or gained for the week
    BMI: SBMI (starting bmi)/ GBMI (Goal BMI)/ CBMI (current BMI)/ Total BMI points lost

    Dwray- Best of luck tomorrow getting off the walker!! Im glad the chair workouts are making you feel good again too!! Keep it up girl!

    Swignal- Best of luck to your daughter with the American Idol auditions! That would be so much fun to watch!! Me and the kids are big fans, so I hope we get to see her!! That would be awesome!

    AS FOR ME- I am in the process of baking cake again. This time for Morgolis's birthday BBQ on Saturday. Ive had to completely get creative with this one because its gonna be harder than the other ones Ive done, but definitely awesome! Again, its a surprise for him so I cant say "what" it is gonna be yet but its taken me alot of brainstorming the past week to make sure it comes out looking the way I want it to.

    The babies are hilarious. They run around on the floor now and love to climb all over us and play. Mama kitty has even consented to them being outside thier box now, but they can only get out if one of us lets them out. For now anyways. Its hard to believe they are 3 weeks old already. :sad: I thought we had 3 boys, but now that Im looking again, its pretty hard to tell. I know for sure that Opa is a boy, but the other 2 are hard to tell, so I may have to look it up on the web. Never thought I would have trouble telling boys from girls, but they look so much alike at this age.. LOL!

    Gonna go to water aerobics tonight again, cept this time Im not doing the laps. My arms just dont wanna go there and since I have the cake to do tomorrow, Im gonna take it easy. Will be going to the gym in the AM also to get in my hour on the elliptical.
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    Well, I'm really excited to check in tomorrow. I feel like I've been doing well, physically---not to much mentally. I'm sure that will come in time. I must remember, This too shall pass....

    Be well....

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    Sometime I'm technologically challenged! .....Have a good night!
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    Welp, so much for going to the gym for water aerobics. :angry:

    Hubby called from his parents to warn me that there was a huge storm coming our way. I went out and move everything off the deck up next to the house to get it out of the wind and within 10 minutes we had high winds up to 50mph, thunder and lightning.

    I had to take my oldest to babysit about 2 miles away and saw 2 trees fall in front of me (one was just a bit too close for comfort!) within a block. It started hailing on my way back, blowing crap out of the trees (my allergies are gonna LOVE this!) and it took me 20 minutes to go 2 miles back home in my van. Ugly!! Ugly weather!

    As of now we still have power, but my satallite for the TV is out, so no exercise channels either.....that leaves me with option #3.... my Walk away the pounds dvd!! :wink: Guess I'll torture the kids and turn off thier movie so I can git er done!
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    Indiana - What a generous and thoughtful offer to carry the names of our loved ones who've had cancer. Thank you for your caring heart:heart: My names are:

    Beverly W. - my cousin, died at age 36, leukemia
    Sherri C.- my cousin, died at age 38, lung cancer
    Belinda O. - my cousin, died at age 63, breast cancer
    Catherine A.- my aunt, died at 55, brain cancer
    Donald A. - my uncle, died at 67, brain cancer
    Ed A.- my dad, lung cancer (but died at 65 of heart disease)
    Mozell B. - my grandmother, breast cancer (died in car accident)
    Cindy J., my aunt, breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer (in treatment)
    Bennie R. - my step-dad, prostate cancer, bladder cancer (in remission)

    :cry: too many. I hate cancer.

    If anyone is interested, the link below is a really great way to support cancer research and learn more about current advances:


    Thanks again Indianagranny. Your friend stays in my prayers, as do you ~ Looks like we're all in this together for more than just weight loss, huh?:heart: