What to put in my coffee.....

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I'm trying to find a good zero-calorie sweetener to use in my coffee instead of sugar. I tried to just cut out the coffee completely, but that's just not happening. So I tried stevia extract and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth and a filmy feeling. Anyone have any good suggestions to sweeten up my coffee without adding calories??


  • Ash_76
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    drink it with no sugar , it may take a few days but you will get use to the taste
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    chocolate protein powder...
  • coe28
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    I've never thought about protein powder. Does it add calories?

    And I don't think I could handle it straight...eeew... LOL I definitely don't drink coffee for the taste!
  • I like splenda, doesn't leave an after taste. Since I don't drink much coffee. maybe 4 ounces in the am but I count it as 6 anyway. I use regular sugar because I don't use much. Just enough to sweeten it and get my day started. I'm not a really big coffee drinker. I'm off and on with it! Right now, I'm on with it because for some reason, it suppresses my apetite!
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    If you don't drink coffee because you like the taste, have you consitered trying some type of caffinated tea?
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    I'm the same way, I can drink coffee and not be hungry before lunch. But with sugar I add about 3 tbsps to each cup, and have about 3 cups, so that adds up to a LOT of unneeded calories!
  • coe28
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    If you don't drink coffee because you like the taste, have you consitered trying some type of caffinated tea?

    I haven't, but that's a good consideration. I drink coffee out of necessity (just to wake up in the morning!) and convenience (office coffee pot is always full). Soda doesn't seem to have the same effect, caffeine-wise and I'm not too sure about those 5-hour energy things. There's a nother questions - what do you guys think about those?
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    Black no sugar. It takes a little while to get used to. I started using less sugar and less coffee creamer, until getting used to the change
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    drink it with no sugar , it may take a few days but you will get use to the taste

    This is what I did. It really only takes a few days to get use to it. I do put almond milk in mine still.
  • I slowly weaned myself from sweetened coffee. Now I like it with just fat fee half and half.
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    if you make it at home try a hazelnnut flavored coffe. I also found some coffe falvorin liquid form that has zero calories. Its called cafe al fresco. it comes in vanilla and hazelnut. It does have 24g of sodium.

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    Thanks all!! :)
  • How much sugar do you usually add? If only a spoonful you might invest in the flavored coffee mate cups. they add flavor and sweetness. One will do the trick, or Equal. My friend swears by it. She says it does not taste artificial. I have also heard there is a new sweetener made from sugar, but no calories??? It looks like sugar on the commercials, but sorry I don't remember the name of it. Any way... I only put creamer in my coffee... I'm sweet enough! LOL I don't even include it in my chart. I drink one to 3 cups a day and I have lost 23 pounds so far. I eat normal foods, but have been a stickler in writing down EVERYTHING I eat. It's helping me be more concious about how much I eat. I watch what my caloric intake is supposed to be and post in the afternoon to see how much or what I can have for supper and snacks, then I post again while I watch the news. LOL That way it reminds me! But, whatever your goal and your method just be comfortable and try to keep it to something that you can LIVE with the rest of your life. Changing things dramatically to lose weight may make for a quick success, but once you've attained your goal and you go back to what and/or how you eat you will again LOOK the same way you did before. So try to keep a food plan revolving around things YOU like. I hope you win!
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    Try a little Aguave Necter, or pure honey
  • mmmmm black coffee..
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    Another vote for Splenda!
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    I use fat free, reduced sugar chocolate syrup (Hershey's brand is pretty good).
  • Xylitol is the only low calorie sweetner thats natural and doesn't have a chemical aftertaste.
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    Maybe your calories are set too low if you have to worry about 50 calories worth of nonfat milk and a little sugar.
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    Sugar free flavorings - I use peppermint or vanilla and add a little half and half - YUM