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I really want a damn cupcake



  • Charlottejogs
    Charlottejogs Posts: 351 Member
    I was feeling the same I just made some da*n cupcakes! And it was amazing:) I did do the diet soda cake thing and it turned out alright- at least I only had the calories of the cake mix. Moderation they say- we all should get a treat now and again!
  • mukamom
    mukamom Posts: 207 Member
    Funfetti 7 up cupcakes...about 75 cals a cupcake

    One box funfetti cake mix
    One can diet cherry 7 up

    Mix 'em up, pour into cupcake tin. Bake @ 350 for 25 min or so.

    Half container of Cool Whip
    I pkg of sugar free vanilla pudding
    mix until creamy

    These are really good!
  • Bumdrahp
    Bumdrahp Posts: 1,314 Member
    i had 3 1/2 today :3 jealous?

    yes.. no no im not!
  • amylynn96
    amylynn96 Posts: 114 Member
    Pineapple angelfood cupcakes.......

    box of angelfood cake mix
    1 lrg can of crushed pineapple

    bake em regular size cupcakes for 69 calories per cupcake.

    I take 2 and split them in half place them in a bowl, cut up some strawberries and a dollop of light cool whip, like a mock strawberry shortcake without the guilt.......aaaaaaaamazing :)
  • Patty_Petz
    Patty_Petz Posts: 91
    I have a red velvet cupcake sitting on my desk...would you like? :flowerforyou: (pretend the flower is a cupcake)
  • shelbynicole32
    shelbynicole32 Posts: 179 Member
    Its okay we had March of Dimes BANK DAY today, and they are sitting right next to my desk..
    They brought cookies....

    I had 5.
  • MystiqueASAP
    MystiqueASAP Posts: 747
    Have your cupcake and work it off later. Consider it a cheat treat.
  • Gutter19
    Gutter19 Posts: 141
    Eat a cupcake...enjoy your life. Run a couple extra blocks.
  • sunnie326
    sunnie326 Posts: 721 Member
    I LOVE chocolate cake with white icing! It is so hard to resist such temptation...... I feel your pain. :(
  • coopersmom2006
    I feel your pain! I want something sweet and terrible for me right now too!
  • KarenJean91
    KarenJean91 Posts: 283 Member
    There are these cupcake mints you can get online... i'm about to order them.. lol
  • _Elemenopee_
    _Elemenopee_ Posts: 2,665 Member
    Now I want a damned cupcake too!
  • kittymeeowmeeow
    kittymeeowmeeow Posts: 22 Member
    Bump for the recipes :D
  • becoming_a_new_me
    becoming_a_new_me Posts: 1,860 Member
    3-2-1 cake.

    Take 1 box of your favorite flavor cake
    Take 1 box of Angel Food Cake


    Spray a mug with cooking spray

    Take 3 Tbsp Mix
    Add 2 Tbsp Water
    Microwave 1 minute

    Makes a nice little cake for you at around 100ish calories
  • Vi0l33t
    Vi0l33t Posts: 117 Member
    there are also recipes out there for vegetarian cake, lower calories. Not my thing, but you might like one of them.
  • jcohio85
    jcohio85 Posts: 43
    I just ate half of a cookie from panera and I almost feel horrible for it, but work paid for it and I only did eat half.
  • LuckyAng
    LuckyAng Posts: 1,173 Member
    Eat the damn cupcake.
  • sherri85
    sherri85 Posts: 148 Member
    on skinny taste and spark recipes there are some really good recipes for cupcakes and you can eat one without the guilt.. I love cupcakes also!! I think it was on spark recipes the coconut one that was on there for easter was the bomb!! It has sour cream icing and it was awesome. I think it was jenny's coconut cupcakes..
  • Serenstar75
    Serenstar75 Posts: 258 Member
    Reminds me of last week sitting next to my sweet friend. She had a muffin that was chocolate, huge, and over 760 calories. Tons of fat. I wrote her a note on a post it: "I will not eat the huge chocolate muffin, I will not eat the GIGANTIC chocolate muffin," and similar statements over and over again and at the bottom I added, "But I will sit here and look at it longingly." She drew me a picture of a giant chocolate muffin on a sticky note and "shared" it with me that way. :P I instead enjoyed my water and felt good that I wasn't giving in. I can have small treats on other days, like the weekend, and feel like I'm not deprived.

    I couldn't imagine 700+ calories into one muffin or cupcake. I also didn't eat donuts and muffins when work provided them. I don't tend to deprive myself if I'm craving. I'll have a bite, and I'm done and that helps. I found I really didn't -want- the muffin, but we had fun with the moment.
  • princeza9
    princeza9 Posts: 337 Member
    I know the feeling. I had it Monday after an interview (that took 90 minutes to get to) didn't go so well. And the cupcake shop nearby was closed.

    So I made a carrot cake cupcake and all was well.

    This is where I found my recipe, and she has many other single-serving cupcake recipes as well.