Mind Vs. Body = 85 lbs down (pics!)



  • Kaesize6
    Kaesize6 Posts: 68
    MY LOVE, LET ME TELL YOU.. U look friggin AMAZING!!!!!! What a HUGE accomplishment! I agree 100% with you about being a battle of mind vs. body! If you set your mind to accomplish something, there is NOTHING that your body cannot do! I plan to be where you are one day! U loook amazing!! Congrats!!
  • fervc60
    fervc60 Posts: 70
    That's amazing.
  • nomayo
    nomayo Posts: 228
  • Molly_Pitcher
    Molly_Pitcher Posts: 84 Member
    Thanks everybody for the cheers and support!
    This has been more than a weight loss journey its about reinventing myself...
    If anyone is interested, I've started blogging about recreating my life from scratch in a more fearless and awesomesauce way.
    if your interested, though I will warn you it's wildly inappropriate and unapologetic. Kind of like me :-)

  • eprybs
    eprybs Posts: 36 Member
    * HIGH FIVE* You are amazing!
  • jayray1980
    jayray1980 Posts: 31
    You look AMAZING! Great job and you are a great inspiration.
  • noirnatural
    noirnatural Posts: 310 Member
    Great Job!
  • laneydawn
    laneydawn Posts: 64
    Good for you! Its so nice and inspiring to see REAL people accompish such great goals. Especially when its done the proper way. You look fantastic!
  • tugers2
    tugers2 Posts: 139
    she's sexy and she knows it :)
  • Adureeuh
    Adureeuh Posts: 24 Member
    Wow! You look great! :)
  • jessige
    jessige Posts: 1
    OMG. Thank you thank you thank you for posting! I'm starting at exactly the same weight you did, and I'm going for the same goal. Totally needed to see this today. Congratulations!
  • Temple_Fit
    Temple_Fit Posts: 299 Member
  • runningindigo
    runningindigo Posts: 63 Member
    You've really been working hard and it's paid off!! Congrats!!!
  • LurayneMarie
    LurayneMarie Posts: 342 Member
    You look fantastic and you were lucky enough to keep your boobs too! Lucky you!!! Guys will be all over you now :drinker:
  • designsbybriana
    designsbybriana Posts: 43 Member
    You look amazing and love the 'guns'! WTG!
  • DestroyTheOpposition
    DestroyTheOpposition Posts: 444 Member
    congrats! Looking great!
  • bjfmade
    bjfmade Posts: 543 Member
    You look fantastic!
  • neverlost
    neverlost Posts: 121 Member
    you look great, way to go!!
  • DataBased
    DataBased Posts: 513 Member
    You are absolutely amazing - and you're telling a story I hope to repeat in the future. Thanks for your example of taking direct responsibility for your own choices. It's a struggle every day, and I'm trying to do the same thing, too. You must know how very much it helps to have such a motivating example that this CAN be done!

  • gcanter
    gcanter Posts: 194 Member
    Fantastic Job!
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