Do you believe in love at first sight?



  • minnesota_deere
    minnesota_deere Posts: 232 Member
    yes, engaged to her in 60 days. married for 4 years 2 kids. i think the stars aligned for me.
  • infamousmk
    infamousmk Posts: 6,036 Member
    No. I believe in lust at first sight, and I believe in sparks at first meeting, but love... true love takes time to happen.
  • boldtsmith
    boldtsmith Posts: 120 Member
    No, but evidently it believes in me :blushing:
  • BullDozier
    BullDozier Posts: 237 Member
    I believe. I can still remember the moment I first laid eyes on my now wife. I was 18, she was 16. It was her first day of work in a store I had worked in for a year. She knew the manager, so she walked through the front door, saw the manager, and with a big smile gives her a hello. The smiled knocked me out...BUT she had a rival high school letter jacket on, so I had to tell myself I wouldn't like her. As soon as we talked I found out she was the sweetest, nicest, most caring person I knew AND she laughed at my jokes.

    Unfortunately, it took her about ten years to feel the same way, but it was worth the wait. We've been married over ten years and her smile still knocks me out.
  • BrownEyedSister
    BrownEyedSister Posts: 74 Member
    Love, no. Lust, yes. Sometimes that lust blends into love. Sometime that lust blends into a giant *kitten* that is gonna screw you over. It's all just a crapshoot.

  • Cliffslosinit
    Cliffslosinit Posts: 5,048 Member
    Not love just lust....I know cause she slapped me and said "my eyes are up here"!
  • I don't know if you'd count it as love at first site but my first though upon seeing my now husband in his plaid jacket when he picked me up for our first date was "daddy would approve" LOL I knew he was the one right from the start! :)
  • RunFatGuyRun
    RunFatGuyRun Posts: 64 Member
    Definitely believe it's possible.
  • riddellr
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  • saintspoon
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    Well When I met my late wife Zena, it was the end of the Night at a club in Norwich England, I knew by the end of those three dances I wanted her to be my wife, so I did something I never used to do and I asked her for her phone number, she then did something she never used to do and gave it to me. Not sure its first site but took about 20 mins. We were married 23 years 10 months and 9 days when god called her home.

    Awwwwwwww what a sad & yet nice story... happy you had the time you did together :flowerforyou:
  • Leesseebee
    Leesseebee Posts: 216
    also, no
  • MaraDiaz
    MaraDiaz Posts: 4,604 Member
    Love is a mix of social conditioning and imagination. If your conditioning and imagination allows you to be in love at first sight, then you are.

    Me, I believe in attraction at first sight. Had that plenty of times. No rhyme or reason or romantic nonsense to it, I've just had times in my life where I saw someone and instantly wanted him.
  • JonathonMars
    JonathonMars Posts: 358 Member
    Love is a mix of social conditioning and imagination

  • crisanderson27
    crisanderson27 Posts: 5,343 Member
    Before this week I would have said no

    Now....not so sure

  • Yes :) 6 years & counting from love at first site.
  • taunto
    taunto Posts: 6,420 Member
    Only person I ever loved I started loving her about an year after I met her and almost 9 years later am still in love with her even though I'm not with her so dunno. Can't say about love at first sight.
  • penrbrown
    penrbrown Posts: 2,685 Member
    I believe in infatuation at first sight.

    Love? Not so much.
  • peaceful2
    peaceful2 Posts: 2 Member
    YES! 15 years this June!
  • rudy7020
    rudy7020 Posts: 62
    Yes. It really was love at first sight and we've been happily married for 31 years! He's my best friend and I knew I loved him the first time I saw him and it's never changed!!!