Ladies, do you prefer the bad boy, or the nice guy?



  • Elizabeth_C34
    Elizabeth_C34 Posts: 6,376 Member
    The trick is to be a good guy but not a pushover, and pick the right women who will appreciate it.
  • Nikkerz620
    Nikkerz620 Posts: 212 Member
    Good guy that has a touch of a bad boy.. can't be boring. :glasses:

    But the bad boy look is a def turn on.. :tongue: :love:
  • cessnaholly
    cessnaholly Posts: 780 Member
    nice guy with ability to be a bad boy when needed. my husband, nice guy, now has a tatoo, rides a motorcycle and yelled at a priest for me. but has a superdad sticker on the back of his helmet. LOL
  • MissFit0101
    MissFit0101 Posts: 2,382
    Nice guy!
  • LuckyAng
    LuckyAng Posts: 1,173 Member
    The nice one. I married him. There are too many pricks in the world.
  • xYumzx
    xYumzx Posts: 953 Member
    That alpha male thing can be hot but can get annoying after awhile(my ex ughhhhh)... so I wouldnt want that alone.. same as the sweet cuddler.. You start to think they have no manly-ness to them... Now if you mixed them both that would be the perfect match and that would be totally awesome... soooo can I just take you??? lol

  • Windy32
    Windy32 Posts: 54
    Nice guy. Never failed when I was dating the bad boy would do something stupid that would make me have to end relationship.
  • chocolateandpb
    chocolateandpb Posts: 453 Member
    I've always been attracted to the bad boy type--I swoon for guys with tattoos and piercings, but they gotta have pretty faces too. :love: I am single but I would love to find a perfect combo of the bad boy/nice guy, because I'm so over dating jerks or losers with no future, but I also don't want some boring accountant type with no style or personality. I think that I am the perfect bad girl/nice girl combo, so I just need to find the male version of myself! :heart:
  • chelseyjoan
    chelseyjoan Posts: 79 Member
    Bad boy :love: .. unfortunately :grumble:
  • blazingmissp
    blazingmissp Posts: 63 Member
    gentleman in the streets but a bad boy in the sheets. :) a nice mixture of both in one man is the best for me.
  • Mercenary1914
    Mercenary1914 Posts: 1,087 Member
    <---Bad boy who treats his girl nice!
  • Chari_Jan
    Chari_Jan Posts: 161 Member
    the nice guy that knows how to be bad would be my choice ;o)

    ^^This. So thankful my boyfriend is the perfect combo!!
  • DavidOfOz
    DavidOfOz Posts: 225
    In my experience,....woman always say they want the nice guy (until they have him). Then they dont know how to deal with him or how to cope with it.
  • HaloAndHorns
    I guess a bit of both but leaning more toward nice guy. An nice guy with rough edges
  • beccaboo0713
    In theory bad boys would be fun to hump and dump but I would only be attracted the nice guy as a prospective mate.
  • rbrannock
    rbrannock Posts: 169
    Bad boy...! :)
  • krgiglio
    krgiglio Posts: 4
    Definitely the nice guy who can be a bad boy when necessary! :wink:
  • Charloo1990
    Charloo1990 Posts: 619 Member
    Nice guy any day, i like to be treat like a princess (not in a high maintenance way lol) :happy:
  • rammsteinsoldier
    rammsteinsoldier Posts: 1,556 Member
    Nice guy in public and general daily life...bad boy in the bedroom...