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24 Hours of Exercise per Month Challenge - JANUARY 2018

JDMac82JDMac82 Posts: 1,077Member Member Posts: 1,077Member Member
Here's the 24 hour challenge thread for JANUARY. Let's do it again!! And welcome to any newcomers!

The goal is to accomplish at least 24 hours of exercise during the month.(MORE IS GREAT) Any type of activity that you would log in your exercise diary counts (both cardio and strength training) ~ walking, running, paddling, biking, swimming, gardening, weight training, dancing, HIIT, aerobics, elliptical, rowing, circuit training, stretching, etc. You get the idea.

For you BEASTS out there (you know who you are), if you want to do more, just post your personal goal that is over the baseline challenge goal.

And for anyone who wants to join part of the way through, just post a comparable goal to finish out the month (for example, joining half way through, post a goal of 12 hours).

There is no group for this and no private messages needed. No fancy spreadsheets either, just report your running totals here in the thread.

Happy Exercising!!

Last month's thread is here for examples on how to log your info:


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