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    Bumping a few threads that seem like they might be beneficial for New Year's resolutioners
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    Definitely hitting 240. And having to use a walker periodically because I'd developed fibromyalgia. That was my "this is it" moment like I'd better get serious with this or my entire life will be *kitten*. I refused to spend another single moment so sick in my 20's (granted I've really not been healthy for a long while now but I'm taking it back damn it!)
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    Lol did *kitten* get bleeped out? That's the only thing I can think of as to why it says kitten.
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    These are GREAT stories!!!!
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    My Ah-HAAAA! moment came when I bent over to do my shoes up and my *kitten* went through the back of my trousers. Fortunately I had packed a spare pair.
    Also, I like cycling up mountains and it's just easier the lighter you are.
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    My AHA moment came as I said in a detailed thread in Success Stories when I went on a cruise and I realized the heavy restaurant manager ( correctly) saw us as the same size.

    As some said a “ switch” went on. I tried WW and loved the tracking on their app ( I had done WW after I had my youngest but found the then paper tracking cumbersome). But I didn’t like how they made you “ pay more” ( in points ) for eating “ bad” food. I felt like that made it a game. Also I am never not hungry. Never except in the morning. And my WW leader was insistent that you had to eat breakfast which set me up badly for the whole day. Also “ free” bananas on the current program was not good for me. “ you wouldn’t eat 10 bananas anyway would you” seemed to be the thinking. Oh yes, oh yes I could.”

    So I looked for a better for me way to track calories and found MFP. I also used 16/8 IF. And a smidge of WW by not tracking plain green veggies.

    I knew this was going to stick when I went away for my birthday and took a holiday from tracking and ate quite a bit. I enjoyed it but found myself also looking forward to getting back to MFP. I came home, did a week of 5/2 IF (500 calories 2 days that week) which helped me reset.

    I lost 73 pounds in 10 months. I track 1200 calories a day with another approximately 100-200 most days in plain veggies. IN maintenance for the past 9 months I allow an extra 500 calories on Saturday nights. I have gone on a few vacations where I don’t track but as soon as I’m home do what I did after my birthday. This is a way of life.
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