What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    Hi MFPers, very first post on the forums. I'm a 41 y/o male from Paris' suburbs. Lost 33 lbs so far, 44 lbs left.
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    I actually look forward to most medical tests. I love to see the improved results. At least I do not mind needles, and am too young (for a few years) for a colonoscopy.

    I can't wait for blood tests, I almost begged my doc for a blood test prescription last time I saw him. I love to see improvements as well, I'm almost in the normal range for most of the tests now. Like most of us here, I completely changed my lifestyle recently, I went from being heavy drinker/junk food fed/smoker/sleep on the couch to eating clean, be sober, drastically reduced tobacco and started training almost everyday. Born again :smile:

    Have a nice day everyone.

    Welcome. 40 and 41 very important numbers. Welcome to born again. Aint the new you thrilling?
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