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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • aerochic42
    aerochic42 Posts: 783 Member
    That it's harder to find clothes that fit when I'm a healthy weight than when I'm overweight.

    My shoulders are broad, and my wingspan is huge for a woman, so when my boobs and belly go down to a sensible size I find it impossible to buy feminine long sleeve tops, or most tops in woven fabric.

    When I'm fatter, I still struggle, but with persistence, I can often find something, because the sleeve length and shoulder breadth goes up with larger dress sizes.

    Yep me too. I think I am of similar build, but additionally with the larger boobs. It is soooo frustrating.
  • 3474449k
    3474449k Posts: 46 Member
    _SKIM_ wrote: »
    @3474449k ...CF? Cystic Fibrosis? You've done well to be 69 with it, it's heartening to see (my son is a carrier).

    Sorry, no. I have Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Not life threatening just difficult to deal with at times.