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What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    nooie19 wrote: »
    Food and drinks become sooooo much more pleasurable and so, ummmmm, something you fully enjoy, with ZERO stress/fuss/muss/pressure or rush. Eating and drinking now is no longer an obsession/compulsion that/where you think about food 24X7X365. Words will not fully describe the JOY of eating to live instead of living to eat--it's so WONDERFUL to live this way. Now when I eat and drink stuff, it's no longer a gobbling/cramming/swallowing whole food like it's no tomorrow, it's a relaxing, pleasant, enjoyable, taking my time JOY and DELIGHT.

    It will be that way one day for you as well, perhaps sooner or definitely later, it will happen to/for you too (if it isn't already like that for you now). o:)

    This is a great one! It’s funny that I used to think that losing weight would mean I wouldn’t be able to enjoy eating my favorite foods any more. Now I feel like it’s the opposite. I actually fully savor and enjoy eating, both the healthy foods and the indulgences much more than I ever did before. Mindless eating and stress eating are really quite unpleasant. THAT’S the great truth that you need to know when you’re a stress eater.

    I'm thrilled with your reply, thanks so much--what you've shared is so real and encouraging/inspirational too.
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