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What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    Something I noticed last night..
    I cant sleep on my side because my knee bones hurt when they touch each other

    I am also having that issue. If you sleep on your side does your shoulder hurt in the morning too? Or am I just old?

    Put a pillow between your knees. It helps.

    For the shoulder, it can also help to have a nice fluffy pillow that you cuddle, as it helps keep you from collapsing into your shoulder.

    This!! I always have to cuddle a pillow now that I’m 60 lbs down. My boyfriend calls the pillow the 3rd wheel 😂

    We each have one. You signal that you are interested by removing the huggable. You signal that you are not interested by hanging on when the other one tries to remove your pillow.

    Pillow fights are just one reason I say that we are five year olds with credit cards

    Haha I love this!
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