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What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    ceiswyn wrote: »
    ...the amount of money you will spend on new clothes.

    I calculate I bought about six whole new wardrobes during the course of my weight loss. Even with charity shops, that got expensive.

    But what I didn't anticipate is how much I'm still spending on clothes now I'm at my final size.

    First there was the 'this is my final size, I can buy good clothes that will last' splurge. Then there was the 'hey, I don't have to hide my tummy anymore, I can buy styles I never even looked at before' splurge. Then there was the 'holy *kitten* what is this "cold" malarkey, now I understand why people have a separate winter wardrobe' splurge. Then there was the 'wait, I can wear designer clothes now' splurge.

    Help, help, I think I've become a fashion victim... :s

    This. Plus, I enjoy shopping for clothes. Which is something I never thought I'd enjoy doing!

    Trouble is I have absolutely no idea what to buy. Used to be quite stylish when I was slim in my 20s and early 30s but now I am 63 and not needing 'business clothes' I am at a total loss! I have 2 dresses in my wardrobe which I purchased because I was so delighted that I could actually buy a dress (used to have big boobs, small bottom syndrome) but don't wear them because I don't know if a) I look ridiculous or b) when/where would it be appropriate to wear them - I live in the country - jeans and jumpers are the norm. And I thought losing weight would simplify by wardrobe dilemmas!! :smiley:

    Like everyone else has said, wear them babies out! Myself, I'm trying to gather up the courage to wear dresses. I feel like a strange imposter or something. I don't know. There's this dress I want (it's expensive) and I've told myself I'll get it for my trip this June (first time to Europe!) if I keep my eye on the prize and hit some health goals (weight loss, but primarily some going to the gym/getting ready and in shape for my trip -- I have issues with stairs and inclines, so I'm trying to push myself to get better physically for that).

    Here's to hoping I meet my goals AND that I get the dress without crossing it off as "well, I'm not made for dresses!" Which is ridiculous, but my brain feels aren't coming to the party on my logic feels.


    I find that a pair of nice shoes really takes a dress from looking weird to being really put together. Doesn't have to be heels, but a nice pair of flats or strappy sandals or dressy boots. Although, I love a good pair of sky-high black wedges with black tights to make my legs look long. I always look a little frumpy when I try on dresses in bare feet or socks. Although, I know a dress is a true winner when I look good in it without shoes on. Those are the keepers.

    Also the skirt length makes a difference! I make mine hit just above the knee, as I have wide calves and chopping them in half makes them look even bigger, as you don't see the natural curve into the knee. I also like to do high-waisted dresses, as I have a long torso and starting the waistline higher also makes my legs look longer.

    It really varies depending on your body shape, it's just about dressing for a shape and knowing that not all dresses are going to be flattering, no matter the weight.

    I think this is the most informative information about how to wear a dress I've ever heard/read. Thank you. Seriously, thank you. I will try some of your tricks and see how they work. I have a short torso as most of my height is legs. I never thought about the length mattering really, though it makes sense. In May when I go shopping for my trip, I'll try on a few different styles (hopefully, I'll get up the courage to battle the anxiety to go into stores) and see how they work. You give me hope!

    Yay! I watch a ton of youtube videos on how to dress yourself. The key is to use those tips as guidelines on places to start, not rules. I try on clothes that follow the rules and then decide what I like and don't like about it, and find things that I do like. I kind of have it down to the point where I like most of the things I try on because I know what works for me, but I always try "out-there" dresses just to make sure I'm not pigeonholing myself into a mediocre dress.

    I used to be a pants-only kind of person, but now I really only wear dresses and yoga pants. I just like how put together I feel with dresses. I've actually been working on finding a good pair of jeans and looking at youtube videos on different styles of jeans and how different cuts of jeans fit has given me some confidence to go looking again. EDUCATION is key. Helps it from becoming overwhelming because there are so many jeans, and their guide may not work for me, but it gives me a place to start.

    It can be super overwhelming at first (me and makeup have had a long, arduous learning curve), but for me, learning about it beforehand helps a ton. I don't think I could have survived without the internet.
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