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before and after FACE edition



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    Are you all getting this , I’m new in community , just looking to get advice in eating , loseing weight , exercising , all you all whom are in weight loss journey That’s Great and inspiring , it’s great to see the changes from the inner to the outer , how wonderful you all are feeling and how you was able to make it thru , I was 208 at one time , I’m at 187 currently , as a woman still in monthly times , we gain the extra pounds and when it’s over it’s like another challenge to get it back down under what you was before that upcoming monthly time , it’s very challenging to me , anyways Great job all God bless you all , my hub has made the choice to lose his weight and has and I’m so happy that my hub even changed his ways in eating and getting healthier , praise God , I look at food as good or harm and learning a lot about nutrition and health , at almost 50 years old , I’m not going to stop the journey I’m on , thirty something more pounds , with God , my hub , and support of you all I’m going to be able to do this , 30 pounds lighter here I come ,
  • elaine4jesus2017elaine4jesus2017 Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    My before at 208 starting back then to now at 187 lbs
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    Wow everyone looks soooo much younger in the after pics! Amazing!
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    Hair is a mess. Need to take a shower. Posting anyways. It's weird knowing that these pictures were both from 2019. Even though I get down on myself so hard all of the time, I know that in the end, I have come so very far. This is only the beginning... still a long road ahead.

    . You look so much younger and quite handsome for your age.

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    VeraJMali wrote: »

    2014 to 2019

    You look amazing!!!! I loveeeee your Harry Potter earrings!!!! 😍😍😍💖💕
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