Females building muscle



  • ali_cali
    ali_cali Posts: 3 Member
    Please add me too! I'm going to try the Reverse Diet strategy!
  • Kimo159
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    If you fart in public, just yell 'turbo boost' and walk faster... ;-)

    Haha this made my morning
  • kimberlyy_s
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    Also trying to build muscle and get into better shape! Anyone feel free to add me as I am new! :):)
  • katiscronce479
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    edited March 2016
    I'm new too! I'm changing up training and tracking macros for the first time. I'm having a hard time balancing them (macros) all out and would love to be added and see how everyone else has been successful at it!
  • ivett7gutierrez
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    Feel free to add me too