What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • beth3126
    beth3126 Posts: 8 Member
    To lose 20lbs by May for my niece’s christening
  • Eelkov
    Eelkov Posts: 88 Member
    edited February 2018
    My next mini goal is to hit 10kg lost... I am about 1.5kg away from that (10kg is 22pounds, need to loose 3.3lbs more)
  • Naina149
    Naina149 Posts: 16 Member
    Getting to the 160's I'm a little over 7lbs away
  • I'm going to a wedding in April and bought a dress I would love to feel confident in. I bought a size smaller than I would usually get so between now and then I plan on hitting the gym and eating the right foods
  • gymprincess1234
    gymprincess1234 Posts: 493 Member
    Starting a new job in 2 months, want to be down 4kg by then, which should be very doable :)
  • kimothyschma
    kimothyschma Posts: 209 Member
    Sticking to my calorie deficit for just a few more days, until March 1 when I start my diet break!