What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • tammierlewis
    tammierlewis Posts: 563 Member
    I want to jog 15k. I know I can do it and have an event in two weeks to try it.

    Went one better today and made the full half marathon :smiley:


    I was training for a half marathon until I fell and broke my arm 3 weeks ago. Surgeon says no running for another 4 weeks. So my mini goal is to heal my arm, regain flexibility and movement. And of course get back to running.

    It will be great to know when you get there @tammierlewis - I ran for the Poppy appeal and I think the quote from one of the medals suits your outlook :smile:

    Thank you. I will do it.
  • kikiwyconx2018
    kikiwyconx2018 Posts: 7 Member
    Going to little Sturgis in July 2020.. that's my motivation to lose 50lbs.. woohoo!