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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • RelCanonicalRelCanonical Posts: 3,299Member Member Posts: 3,299Member Member
    LAT1963 wrote: »
    I have heart failure and to add another new to the mix I need to be 155 pounds so 5 more to go making my total loss 41 pounds since January and my doctors appointment is on Dec 18... so 8 days to lose five ponds 😩 then another ten to hit my GW
    SW 196
    CW 160
    Mini GW 155
    GW 145

    I am sure you will be rewarded for the 36 lbs not faulted for the 5 lbs. You will not lose 5 lbs of fat in 8 days, its just not possible to do in a healthy way. Since you have heart failure it's possible you may achieve your target *weight* if you are retaining water and are able to get rid of some of the excess. Pay close attention to your fluid balance and any diuretic meds you are taking if you have excess water on board.

    I agree, they'll be very happy to see a significant loss even if it isn't the total amount. They mainly want to see that you will put in the effort to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • rhwiblinrhwiblin Posts: 25Member Member Posts: 25Member Member
    I want to be under 205 by Christmas. I have been that low three or four times and keep self sabotaging myself. My next goal is ONEderland! Hopefully in January. Haven’t been there since before my twins were born—they are 9 now! 😬
  • lisa9620lisa9620 Posts: 52Member Member Posts: 52Member Member
    I started out in July last year at 89kg and my first goal was to reach 75kg which I did. I'm now 73kg and my mini goal is to get down to 69kg coz that'll put me at a 20kg loss overall (although ultimately I'd like to get down to 65kg)
  • bstanford510bstanford510 Posts: 46Member Member Posts: 46Member Member
    Wrong post 🤦🏼‍♀️
    edited December 2019
  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Posts: 653Member Member Posts: 653Member Member
    I recently discovered that I am pregnant.
    So, my new mini goal is to eat at maintenance for now, until my OB tells me I need to increase calories. I meet with her mid January and plan to ask her.
    Also, on the phone, she encouraged me to continue lifting and running as I have been. So another mini goal is to keep doing that. So far, I've been lucky and haven't been extremely tired or nauseous, but the bloating, UGH! :s

  • tammierlewistammierlewis Posts: 423Member Member Posts: 423Member Member
    10k on Jan 5.
    Just got the all clear (with caution) from the surgeon. Wrist broken 8 weeks ago and no running since that day. The half marathon isn't going to happen but I'm going for the 10k. Picked up at week 9 on the C210k training. Day 1 went really well.
  • PaigeGetsFit4GoodPaigeGetsFit4Good Posts: 13Member Member Posts: 13Member Member
    mini goal of 135. i have about 6 lbs to go!
  • kperk91kperk91 Posts: 101Member Member Posts: 101Member Member
    I'm 4.6 lbs shy of hitting my first goal weight of 145 lbs which would be a 15 lb loss so far. Hope to be there by mid January! (accounting for a little christmas treat gain)
  • RosaCruz91RosaCruz91 Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    My goal is to be 155 before the end of the year. Last time I checked I was at 156 #fingerscrossed
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