What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



    PAPYRUS3 Posts: 12,998 Member
    liz_ann13 wrote: »
    I am getting back into it and forming good habits again.
    • Track my food every day this week
    • Weigh myself every morning this week
    • start taking measurements once a week

    This might seem small but I've half started this several times in the last several weeks. One step at a time...

    You should read 'Atomic Habits'...James Clear is wonderful and his approach is just SO simple yet incredibly powerful imo.
  • codefun64
    codefun64 Posts: 2 Member
    Mini-goal? Finish the 12 week Buff Dudes workout plan. I'm on week 4 right now (technically week 5 because I added an extra week of the first phase of the program, to improve my form and because I was still making strength gains because I haven't lifted in something like 7 years, so I've got noob gains all over again).

    Medium-term goal is to have decent, visible muscle on arms and legs by August. I think that's achievable based on how I look in the mirror atm, if I keep up the nutrition (150+ grams of protein and carbs each per day, 2200 net calories, 5-6 workout days a week).

    Long term, I want to have visible abs and be a strong, buff, confident dude. I'm more confident already but I know I'm still overweight and not anywhere close to buff yet so that's still kinda far away :)
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