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    @mswatson0777 Yeah, that's enough protein, so probably not that. I'm glad you are feeling better today. It sounds like the wedding is just coming together, yay!

    @cbabie Sorry you had a headache yesterday but glad it's better today. I had a headache the other day from the weather change. Good for you for getting on the treadmill, woo hoo!

    @theslightedgeforever I'll pull the rowboat along and you jump on when you can. I know you'll join me soon. :) How about you make the next food decision a good one? Just the next one. I started reading Atomic Habits but stopped because I was listening to it and it didn't hold my attention like fiction, but one thing that did stick was this: if you can do just 1% better each day, it adds up. Can you do 1% better today?

    @TeresaW1020 I'll get there one of these days! I'll make sure to try that diet lemonade, that sounds yummy! I hope you figure out the banner and then have a good day off. Are you doing anything to relax?

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @TeresaW1020 I hope your Easter planning goes well! Sorry to hear you're in the stall, but you're probably right on the points. I had a heck of a time fitting my food into those. The low-carb is going okay. My body and brain still feel off so I don't think this is sustainable, but it's a nice jumpstart.

    @theslightedgeforever Sorry you're struggling with your March goals. Do you do any flavorings in your water to make it more fun to drink?

    @trooworld I hope your week is going well. How are your March goals going?

    @cbabie Sorry to hear about the headache! I'm so glad it was temporary and that you're feeling better

    So yesterday my chest started tightening up and I felt tingling in my I left work midday and rushed to the Urgent Care. Fun fact, those are symptoms of a massive anxiety attack!

    Apparently I'm not handling things as well as I thought I was. I went home and slept for 12 hours and now I'm back at work today. I cancelled all plans this weekend and next weekend. My body is clearly telling me I need to slow down and I need to listen to it!
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    @mswatson0777 I’m so sorry you got a panic attack. Have you had them before? I think you joined the post after I said, but I have complex PTSD, which includes an array of disorders. Anxiety is one of them. It can be really frightening and awful. What advice did Urgent Care give? Are you able to get some support extra support?

    @TeresaW1020 good luck with your easter plans. Are you helping with the eggs again this year? I can’t believe it’s been a yr I’ve been on MFP with you all.

    @theslightedgeforever maybe you should change your water goal? I just wonder bc sometimes I will readjust if I set a goal that’s too tough.

    @cbabie- *high five* 20 mins on treadmill is great! Glad your head is better.

    @trooworld glad things are going well.

    Hey gang,

    I’m doing well calorie wise and exercise wise. It’s the strangest thing with the calories, I don’t know how I’ve been able to manage it. I think I’ve just stopped some of the extra indulgences- sneaking in chocolates and sweets and fast food etc. I still do, just less because I make sure I have space in my plan for it. So that is going well. I almost feel a little paranoid about eating, but it’s ok I’m still eating healthy foods.

    Exercise is going well, work is going well. Everything is good.

    Well I was planning my vacay to Iceland but now I’m pausing on booking it. I’m not worried about getting sick from the virus, but I just want to book things that are going to be cancelled if flights aren’t running etc.

    Also I am DEVASTATED about the cancellation of sports. I don’t talk about it much here but I LOVE the Raptors. The Raptors NBA team is made up of a bunch of guys that weren’t drafted- which means the league all thought they were worthless- and they won a championship last year and were doing well this year- even though again the entire NBA thought they would be trash this year. These guys are scrappy underdog players that don’t care what anyone says and just. keep. winning. One of the players was homeless when he was younger. One escaped war in the Congo. They've also had chronic injuries all year and yet they were the no. 2 seed with a good chance to make the finals again because they just keep fighting no matter what anyone says. I LOVE these guys, they are such scrappy underdog players and were on track to be in finals at least again this yr. It breaks my heart.

    And baseball is my first passion and it just kills me it’s postponed. I had bought opening day tix. Not sure what will happen now. It’s also a meaningful time for me to connect with my father and my uncle, by going to games, and I don’t have a lot of family so it means something to me.

    My health journey has really been entwined with a growing love of certain sports and just learning about guys facing adversity of all different kinds and working so hard to overcome it, and it is work day in and day out and for some of them just not giving up, and then finally finding success. It moves me and inspires me so much, because then a lot of them also work for positive change in the world.

    Anyway- all I can say is I want sports back now pleeeeaaaase, pleasssse! I just want everything back to normal.

    I did a good workout today and that helped me. Squat- 70lbs. Personal best
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    @theslightedgeforever - Thank you for these tips, I have to get better of watching what I eat when I have to guess at the calories. I also need to watch my portion size, it takes so much disciple to change a habit. Gradually I've made improvements, but there is still more I need to do.

    @mswatson0777 - My DH has gotten better about leaving out some of the things he uses so I can scan them into the app, and he lets me know. It wouldn't be too bad if I stick to the right portion size. That's my new goal.

    @TeresaW1020- Keeping busy could help, or it can make sticking to goals more difficult. Sometimes I get too busy to snack, and sometimes I treat myself for my hard work, and overdue it.

    @Cbabie - Keep it up, the treadmill is great exercise. Even when we're busy it helps me to track my food.

    @mswatson0777 - I know what you mean by hunger levels, mine have been particularly strong this week, it feels like I'm constantly fighting the urge to put something in my mouth. I hope this passes soon. I think I'm just looking for comfort food, but I know it won't stop at a single meal. I'm trying hard to let it pass. It's great you're focusing on exercise instead. Having a class you signed up for ahead of time helps, also having a workout partner that keeps you on track is great.

    My kids universities all shut down this week because of the virus, so they're coming home, and they have to complete their classes online. I was not expecting this, we now have a really full house. It went from just me and my husband, and occasionally one or two kids stopping in, to five adult people in the house. I'm glad to see everyone, but this is a lot of togetherness. They packed up their stuff in a hurry, so it's even more disorganized and my basement has been overtaken with a giant mess of bags and a lose jumble of junk. Looking at all that clutter is very stressful.

    I kept to my walks all week. I'm back to tracking all my meals, which has helped.
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    Hello all! So I've been trying not to panic about COVID-19. I haven't been one of those people that have hoarded all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer lol. BUT...I'm a fairly anxious person and I'm getting scared. I went to the grocery store yesterday because I thought, "Well, maybe I should pick up 2 weeks worth of canned goods." The lines were so long and the shelves in the pasta and dried beans aisles were bare so I gave up and ordered some things from Amazon Fresh (which was also low on stock). :( Then my husband said, "At what point do the grocery store workers stop coming to work because it's too dangerous to come to work?" Geez, that helps me! Lol But...I'm not eating over it. It's business as usual in the food department.

    @mswatson0777 Thank you, you are so sweet! My week is going very well and I hope yours is, too! <3 My March goals are going very good. I've been on point! Oh, I just read you had an anxiety attack, dear me! I'm so very sorry. I've had one of those. It's very very scary! I agree, listen to your body and take it easy!!!

    @its_cleo I'm sorry about your loss of sports. I agree, I want everything back to normal NOW!

    @nighthazel01 That must be an adjustment to have all your kids back!

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @trooworld I totally understand the panic about COVID-19. I'm less concerned about the virus itself and more panicked about everything shutting down because of it. I did have my partner grab some dried beans/lentils/etc over lunch the other day for emergency back up food just in case. And thank you for your kind words about my panic attack. I'm amazed at how many people have experienced them and I love that we are all able to be more open about mental health because it makes me feel less alone.

    @nighthazel01 Sounds like you've got a full house! I hope the transition isn't too stressful on you and that you're still able to focus on self-care

    @its_cleo Urgent care wasn't very helpful (I think they're more worried about the upcoming pandemic so they wanted to get me out of there quick). I did meet with my psychologist so we worked on relaxation techniques and I'm meeting with my primary care doctor to see about an as needed anxiety med. Sorry to hear you're missing out on the basketball season! This is truly a historical event that hasn't occurred in most of our lifetimes!

    My work has been entirely centered on COVID-19 lately since we're moving all classes and advising appointments online. I think we're taking the safest course of action and I'm glad we're working to protect our university community, but it is definitely a lot of work!

    The pressure in my chest is lessening from the anxiety attack, but it is still definitely there. Work, grad school, pandemic, social life, wedding planning, etc. all just got to be too much and I physically broke.

    In better news, I stepped on the scale today and I lost 4 pounds in less than a week!!!! I know it's mostly water weight with the low carb thing, but holy buckets that's a lot! I'm almost to a healthy BMI now!
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    Hi all...back from OK. Dd's surgery went well & Dr said what he did should help the situation & the pain. Hope so. Now she has to wear a splint for 6 weeks, then physical therapy.

    I would like to comment on all of your postings, but way too many. Just know I am thinking of all of you & hope we can all push forward with our goals.

    I have been following the Covid-19 thing on here. Maybe I shouldn't..I can be quite a worrier, but there is someone from Italy posting almost daily. My dh thinks they should quit talking so much about it on the news, but to read her posts, it does sound scary especially for someone my age. We are going to a friend's house tonight (only 6 of us but it still makes me uneasy). There are about 18 cases in our state. 17 from an Egytptian cruise & they are all in the eastern part of state & the other one in western part, had traveled to California. With everything cancelling, really makes you wonder how much you need to stay at home. Not sure if we will be going back to OK for gd's birthday the end of the month, depends how things are going by then. & I got called for jury duty for April! Never had it, don't want it...I think I have been stress eating.

    Anyway, hope everyone stays safe.
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    Afternoon everyone.

    Wow I wasn't gone that long..Lots of post!! I started to walk this morning, but my DGGD got up as I was putting on my shoes. So another one bites the dust. It has been crazy rain and hail here this past week, streets are flooded, then you add the Grocery store panic. I went afterwork today and it was crazy. I actually had to wait for someone to unload their cart to have a cart.. Oh well all done and put away.

    I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend

    @mswatson0777 My daughters have had anxiety attacks, I am so sorry you had to go through that. I am sorry too that the hospital seemed more worried about the virus.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt I am really trying to not think about the virus night and day. I have to think about things I can control and thats all I can do. (doesn't mean that once in a while I get that what if)

    @trooworld I love your march goals..doable

    @nighthazel01 Sounds like you will be taking lots of walks..LOL

    @its_cleo LOL I too want things to go back to normal, but Sports is not my thing. I am really impressed with the "guys" on the team. Sounds like a great bunch of guys. Hopefully things will be normal soon.

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    Quick check in: I've done better over the past two days regarding food. I stayed within my boundaries. Today I got in some exercise. And onto tomorrow.

    Yellow Day- 156/164 carbs Exercise-at least 25 min of walking. My fitbit won't sync right now.

    March goals- Drink 3 glasses of water :( Decluttering :(
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    @mswatson0777, girl you have got to try to slow down and take care of yourself! I know that you have a lot on your plate right now and it’s super hard not to get overly stressed out. But let this be a wake-up call that you need to find ways to handle your stress. Take care of the things that are in your control and let the rest go. And yayyy for the 4 lb. loss!!! B)

    @its_cleo, ohhhh yeah, I will be helping with the eggs this year! This Wednesday we are actually having an egg pairing party at the church to put together all the plastic eggs and then bag them up in big gallon size bags to give out to our people to fill with candy. A year already!! B) I’m glad that your exercise, calorie counting, and work are going well. I hear you about waiting to book your trip. This virus has everything going bonkers. Hang in there and your sports will be back! <3

    @nighthazel01, ohhhh dear I am hoping you can find some peace in the midst of the chaos that is now your home. Make them clean up their mess! ;)

    @trooworld, yayyyy for not overeating and letting this virus thing mess up your plan!! I sent my DH to the store yesterday too just because I worried that they might shut down. He said they were packed but that everyone was well behaved. I have enough food to last until the end of next week and after that, we are just all going to have to start doing extended fasting. :D

    @RetiredAndLovingIt, glad that your DD surgery went well and that you are back home safe and sound. Don’t watch the news if it stresses you out! Things will settle down soon. I hate jury duty! I have been called twice only to be dismissed after being stuck at the courthouse for several hours both times. :/

    Good morning everyone! I am happy to have a Saturday where I don’t have much to do today except clean my bedroom/bathroom and do some laundry. And of course, get my workout in. This virus thing is super annoying!! I honestly feel that there is wayyyyy too much panic going on and the constant news coverage doesn’t help. Of course, I’m a huge news junkie so that doesn’t help me much! :D I did send DH to a couple of stores yesterday. We now have a ton of TP and peanut butter! :p He asked if he should buy bottled water because he saw people with their carts full of it. I said, NO! This isn’t a storm where we will lose power and water. Sheesh! Anyway, have a good day and stay calm! :)
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    Hi all, sorry about my sports/Raptors rant lol. I was so upset. I’ve somewhat accepted it now lol.

    Anyway- I don’t worry about the virus here, it’s pretty well under control.

    @TeresaW1020 well TP and peanut butter will always get used! The egg prep sounds like a fun distraction.

    @cbabie sounds like you’ve had a lot of bad weather! One good thing is spring/summer is coming.

    @RetiredandLovingIt glad the surgery went ok. As for the virus, I think just basic hygiene will help.

    @mswatson0777 hope your chest continues to get better. And you have a psychologist to help.

    @trooworld it’s hard not to get anxious when you see everyone else panic. I read an article this week that talked about how some of the mad shopping is just people reacting to seeing what other people are doing and then it grows.

    @nighthazel01 I meant to say- that is great you keep up with the walks, even when the weather was cold. 30 mins a day is great, they say that does a lot of good.

    Well for me- still on track with calories this week but it has been a struggle the last few days. I think my weight is up but I don’t know if it’s water or what but I’m trying to just stay the course. Yesterday I almost broke down and ate some ice cream but I skipped it.

    My exercise has been light this week but today I’m doing the stairs and then the gym this aft for some core work. Other than that a light weekend, just some housework.

    Take care all.
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    Good morning everyone! I went to my psychiatrist yesterday for a med check for my anxiety/depression meds yesterday and we talked about my anxiety around COVID-19 aka the Corona virus. She said I should take a break from the news for a while and I agreed with her. It's hard though because everywhere you go there is stuff about it. And related to that, I went to Walmart at 6:00 a.m. this morning to try to get groceries and it was packed! The meat section was cleared but we were able to get some things thankfully. The canned sections and frozen sections were also cleared. I don't know what it is like in your area, but that is what it is like in SoCal. I then went to a neighborhood produce/meat store and found a lot of stuff I wasn't able to get at Walmart, including chicken breast, pasta, beans, eggs etc. so if you can't find stuff at a big store, try a neighborhood store. Oh, and I lost 3 lbs on my home scale but when I weighed in at WW today, I lost 2 lbs (that's because I had to pee and didn't do it before I weighed in the way, I didn't stay for the meeting and nobody was there for it either).

    @mswatson0777 Exactly! Me too. I'm worried about that exactly. Please don't feel alone. There are many, many of us that have anxiety issues hugs to you! Congrats on the 4 lb loss, woo hoo!!!

    @RetiredAndLovingIt I'm glad DD's surgery went well. Yes, don't listen to the news. As my doctor said, "what good comes from listening to that?" I don't know...nothing. Myself, I'm going to try not to go places as much as possible although I am supposed to go for coffee with a friend today. :/

    @cbabie Thank you, I hope so!

    @theslightedgeforever Great job!

    @TeresaW1020 Oh dear, extended fasting! Tell me it isn't so! LOL Yeah, everyone was nice this morning at the stores, thankfully. There is too much panic, the news isn't helping things at ALL.

    @its_cleo Do not apologize for your sports/Raptors conversation! You can talk about anything here! :) I totally believe the mad shopping is reactionary. Gah! I want things to go back to normal, please???

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    Hi all..lazy day here, I should get busy...I want to join slightedge & start decluttering. Have way too much stuff (junk?)

    @theslightedgeforever Glad you are doing better staying in your boundaries. You have done so well, you will get it back.

    @cbabie That sounds like some crazy rain! Reminds me of when dd in OK gets it..floods everywhere. Her yard gets like a marsh for awhile. I think it doesn't soak in..too much clay ground.

    @TeresaW1020 I hope my jury duty is "easy" like yours was, lol. I have always said I am too wishy washy, my sil teased it will be a hung jury waiting for me to decide how to vote.

    @its_cleo Yeah for staying on track. It will happen if you keep it up. Could just be a different food or something that made your weight go up. That is why I weigh every day, but take what the average for the week is to see if I am really gaining or not. Mine goes up & down all the time, but over time the average usually goes down, unless we have been to dd's..then it stays up for awhile. Guess I overdo there.

    I feel a little calmer today, partly because we have made the decision to kinda stay in. Will have to go out this week to get some meds & my allergy shots, but otherwise, not much need to go anywhere. We always get 1/4 beef in the fall, so plenty in the freezer, altho it might get boring, lol. Our dd & family that live close left yesterday for a spring break vacation, so they aren't around. Easy to stay put when retired. Maybe I will get some of that decluttering done!

    Hi to everyone else. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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    @RetiredAndLovingIt I'm glad you're feeling less stressed about the COVID-19 situation. I don't think it's anything that we should stress about, but it's a good idea to take precautions just to make sure we keep as many people healthy as possible and don't overload the healthcare system. And I think your idea of social distancing is a great idea both to keep yourself and others healthy.

    @trooworld Congrats on the loss! Our stores are also running out of a lot of things, but not quite to that extent. I was able to go to Aldi at 9:30am this morning and they were stocked with everything (including toilet paper!). I have a feeling they ran out of a lot of things later in the day, since I know there were a lot more crowds this afternoon!

    @its_cleo I hope you have a good relaxing weekend. Way to go on resisting the ice cream, that is always a challenge!

    So far my weekend has been extremely productive. I grocery shopped, went to judo, walked the dogs, gave both dogs baths and nail trims, cooked for the week, paid bills, did our census, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned out our mail cubbies, and did three loads of laundry. Tomorrow I'll catch up on coursework, but it felt good to just have a day to catch up on some housework.

    The pressure in my chest is lessening, but all this COVID-19 stuff isn't helping. I recognize I'm not in a high risk-age bracket, but I still worry for my loved ones who are. I'm also worried about all the people this financially impacts, like my friend who won't get paid for the rest of the school year if the schools shut down. Or the families who can't afford a $500 emergency. Or the restaurant workers who rely on tips to pay rent, but are getting less customers because of social distancing. It just makes my heart hurt (quite literally). This situation is so unprecedented, not knowing what to expect is making me so anxious!
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    @trooworld I find that water and decluttering go by the wayside when I'm busy. So I have to come up with a solution to change that. You finished the 5K, had fun, and moved your body. Win-win all over the place. Yes consistency is your friend. (telling myself that too)

    @teresaw1020 Yes tracking is the easy part, staying within bounds is a bit harder. I used to do so well. Today was not one of those days. Need to go back and revisit the moment I lost control of the steering wheel. I knew we took pressure off our knees but didn't know the exact number. So thanks for that info. I learned something new from you. I'm glad your throat is feeling better. Feeling sad for your friends. Sometimes it's hard to understand the whys of it all. Hooray for your pretracking

    @mswatson0777 Any little change we do towards a healthier life is a good one. It never has to be all or nothing. Crazy thing that my oldest son used to do better in summer classes. Sometimes he would have to retake the same class and big difference in his grade. I think for him it was a shorter amount of time to retain all the material in his brain. lol Although I work better under pressure too. So there's that. Maybe it's inherited. ;) Feeling ravenous the next day....could some be physcological versus physiological? I know that when I have a red day at 100 carbs I wake up feeling like I could eat my house out but I know its all in my head. But that's where most of our problems with weight loss live. If we could just fix and change our thinking, the body will follow. (my theory)

    @huskymarie I used to be a salty/cruncy person but as I age it's more about the sweets. On the fitbit and the steps/calorie thing. I have figured out (well that's what I tell myself) that it's the intensity of the steps that is the reason for the discrepancy. Oh just finished reading your post about the 12 calories. Houston, we have a problem. Love your little doggy.

    @gemwolf110 How's it going with the food these days? Spring is here we are going to work towards a summer body.

    I had a friend over for breakfast. We usually meet every other week at a restaurant somewhere. We decided maybe it would be safer not to be around as many people right now. I just got over that bad case of bronchitis and I definitely don't want to be a statistic. I was fine with the food until early evening. At some point I just said, I'm done fighting for the day. Tomorrow is another day. Bad thinking on my part. My "tomorrows" have turned into decades. So back at it tomorrow. I did track everything. That's a win for me.

    Yellow Day- Went Over 285/164 Exercise- Did not exercise

    March goals-Drink 3 glasses of water a day :( Decluttering :(

    It’s going along. I’ve had a hectic week. Gotta get my house all nice and pretty. Going through refinancing the house for a lower rate but need to make sure it appraises at its best.
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    @its_cleo, hey I get you being upset about not having your Raptors playing. I don’t like things being canceled either! Yayyy for not giving into the ice cream! :)

    @trooworld, I hear you about how hard it is to stay away from the news. I finally had enough in the late afternoon and started a new jigsaw puzzle and watched the Great British Baking Show. Other than craving cake it was the perfect distraction. ;) Yayyyyy for losing 2 lbs. and now you have that extra weight from not peeing saved for next week. :D I read on FB that WW is closing their meetings and going virtual for the next two or three weeks and doing virtual meetings. How do you feel about that?

    @RetiredAndLovingIt, glad that you are feeling calmer and yes do your decluttering. It will distract you and make you feel like you accomplished something good for your home. I plan to get into my closet today and straighten it up. :)

    @mswatson0777, glad that you had a good day. I also worry about everyone that this virus is affecting. It truly is unprecedented but we just have to trust and hope that it will all die down soon and that the government will make provisions to help those who have been hurt by all this. :/

    Good morning! Well, the staff made the decision yesterday to not have church today or Wednesday. We will see where the virus is at next Thursday and decide for next week. It’s crazy! We had a brand new four-week series that we have been heavily promoting that was supposed to start today. Now the timing is all messed up and I’m worried about what will happen with all our Easter plans that are less than a month away. I also saw that we now have two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our town! :o My biggest concern is that I have two 77-year-olds in my house (DH and my mom) and I really don’t want them sick and needing any kind of medical attention. We still need to get my mom signed up for Medicaid and was planning to go to their office this week and now I’m not sure what to do. They might even be closed down. Ugghhhhh!! :s On a lighter note, I did a high incline walk on my treadmill yesterday and this morning my calves hurt so bad I can hardly move. :# Take care, everyone!
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    Hi all! I am doing a bit better since I am detoxing from the news. I've also decided that if my work tells us to work from home, it would kind of be a good thing because then I can start a walking routine! :D It's called making lemonade out of lemons, people! ;)

    @RetiredAndLovingIt That's good you are staying in, probably a good idea. And a good time to work on that decluttering! lol! Have a great Sunday.

    @mswatson0777 Thank you! That's great you are able to get everything you need. I'm glad you aren't in that kind of situation. I hope it gets better for us all soon! It does sound like you had a productive weekend, wow! I know what you mean about being worried about the financial impact and the loved ones. I have a loved one in that bracket and also a friend and it scares me. I'm hoping things die down pretty quickly. Trying to stay positive.

    @TeresaW1020 Good job distracting yourself! Myself, I have been doing a lot of reading and cleaning. Thank you re: the loss. I think it's a good idea to close the workshops. Nobody signs up for WW to catch a life-threatening illness lol! I'll attend the virtual workshops and weigh in. I'll miss my workshop, but I'll make the best of it. How about you? Oh dear about the two cases in your town. That must be worrisome. I don't know how big your town is? There are like 10 cases in my town but I live in a big town.

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    Morning all. Haven’t been on in awhile. This stupid cold has come back so haven’t done much. Eating somewhat okay. Weight was down a bit. Literally haven’t done anything this weekend. Plan to do a weight workout tomorrow.

    Will try to stay more current in posts. I know I say that every time. Lol.
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    Hi all..well, the news last night was that we now have a "community spread" (meaning they don't know where they got it) in our county. (still only 18 confirmed cases in the state, tho) I felt better when it was miles away. I, too, feel bad for all the people who will be hurt financially & healthwise. My niece works in a Trader Joes & even if everything else has to shut down, most countries are keeping groceries & drug stores open. Talked to dd, she has the option to work from home if she can get the computer, monitor, etc home. Only problem, still hard to do with the splint on arm & not allowed to lift much. Also kinda hard to "keep washing your hands" with the splint, lol. Oh well, guess she will get it figured out, lots of hand sanitizer. She was more bummed because she is a Girl Scout leader & they have banned cookie booths for the near future!

    I have been trying to get my walking in..a few days last week it was so nice, we went outside. Supposed to be good this week, so will probably do it again. I am waiting for my foot feeling better..I don't like my shoes loose when I walk, but think I tied one a little too tight & damaged the soft tissue. Wearing my crocs & waiting for it to feel better. Hopefully this week so I can get back to it.

    @trooworld Good Job with the 5k. The one we did at Thanksgiving was our first & yes, we came in last also, but I would like to do more of them. Walking, of course!

    @renaegry hope your cold gets better.

    @TeresaW1020 Our church was cancelled today also. (Never heard of Catholic ones stopping Mass!) We had already decided not to go because it is a big church.

    Just got a message from my sil whose daughter lives in Switzerland. They are being ordered to stay in their houses. Can only leave for a walk in the woods. & only 1 person from family can go to the grocery store. I think "containment efforts" like that are going to be needed to slow it down. Although not fun for anyone.

    On a better note, I think my jury duty has been cancelled until the middle of April. That cuts my time down a lot, maybe I won't need to go.

    & on a funnier note--I track my weight on Trendweight & this morning it said at the rate I am going, I will make my goal (-10#) by Aug 2055!! Yay!! I'll be 106, but at my goal!

    Take care, stay safe & keep washing hands!! :D
  • RetiredAndLovingIt
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    Been thinking about this today. I feel really bad for my comment about my cough, quarantine & Covid-19 about a month ago when we were flying to AZ. I guess it was easy to joke when it was half a world away & we didn't know that much about it. It is very different when it is in your country, state, and county. Definitely not a joke.