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    Hi all, I took forever to catch up after a week. I read everyone’s posts and I can’t reply to them all. But some things:
    * I am a non-stress person and I feel for those that are stressed by COVID. It is such a sad situation.
    * It is really sad how the hoarding has made necessary items unavailable to those who didn’t have enough.
    * I, too, love the extra time in the morning since my 30 minute commute this week was eradicated.
    We did the one day to and fro totaling 920 miles in one day. But no hotel and Mishka is home with us. I wouldn’t wan to do it again. Road trips are only bearable by eating my way across America. So it was a cheat day that turned into a cheat week and I’m back on track today. The scale is terrifying but I will step on it eventually. Our schools are closed through April 28th. I work at a school district. This week I’m working at home and next week I have to back because my level one support (database manager is my job) is starting on Monday and I have to train her. But eventually I will be only part time and working totally from home. This week was my testing of how it will go apparently. And it went really well. I didn’t snack nearly as much as I do at work so that is cool.
    DH finished making dinner so I am off. Stay healthy all!
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    @teresaw1020 I file myself under that category of need to stop eating. I'm fine with all but lunch time. That seems to go haywire. But by then the damage is done for the day. So tomorrow begins a new week, I will try again. I went grocery shopping today. Usually if someone is standing there for 5 minutes trying to decide whether they should buy an item I just say excuse me, reach over them and go about my day. Not now. I waited patiently for them while standing back 6 feet. I mean what else do I have to do all day. lol I saw some pictures out of Venice that showed clear water in the canals and dolphins had returned. It said Nature has hit the reset button on us.

    @trooworld Day before yesterday was the first day I had heard about What a great service for the elderly. Oh, just read the horror stuff. Good thing I'm not in charge of distributing punishments. Ok, how about 1 minute on the bike. One and Done. Then if you feel like doing two. Do two. But for that one minute you got your blood pumping through your body and helped your immunity just a tiny bit. We need all the immunity we can right now. (makes note to myself on this advice)

    @cbabie I'm so glad that you got to spend some time on the treadmill. Remember the song Angels watching over me my Lord. That's for your family.

    @retiredandlovingit So what do you need support with the most at this time? Food, exercise? I'm loving hearing the stories of kindness throughout the communities. It had got so bad there for awhile. I'm like your hubby, I will hold my breath as I walk by. Of course that doesn't mean the virus won't go into my eye, but it makes me feel like I'm doing something. I did wear gloves to the store too. lol I've been enjoying the memes and all the creativity that people are doing right now. I saw on Twitter someone had wrote Corona Rhapsody in a nod to Queen. It was so funny. We all need some laughs. Ha on your hubby being 69.

    @mswatson0777 I'm sorry you are having your anxiety issues again. It's really hard to turn off the mind. So focus on the moment at hand. Isolate everything else like it's the virus. You will deal with it later in little boxes. Prioritize. Breathe. Stop and go do some stretching, yoga. Wasn't that on your list? I think we are all dealing with a new normal. I need to make my own list so lunch time doesn't destroy my day. Usually I have a very light lunch or no lunch. It's almost a non-factor. I think by lunch time I'm fed up and Whooooooooo I'm having a food party. Then dinner seems to be pretty healthy. lol

    @its_cleo My immediate goal right now is not to gain weight through this. Although my current behavior needs work in order for that to happen. I need to think of lunchtime as the virus. Stay away Danger. I really hope I don't end up with any neuroses after all this. I have enough in my life to work on. So we just take it meal by meal. You have been doing well with your calories. What kind of things at home can you do to keep up some kind of movement? That's nice about your father. I think this slow down has cause everyone to stop and think about what's important.

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    @huskymarie I have that same problem with roadtrips. It's like stop at the gas station to fill up the car and then I run in and fill up my stash. Glad I don't take many roadtrips. That's good that you seem to snack more at work than at home. Probably cause so much more available. We will all get through this. I keep thinking the world is still here after Spanish Flu and the Depression. Life changed but life goes on. I'm not good with change. Oh that's a negative thought. Ok, how about I used to be terrible with change, but now I am working on adapting and processing the changes. I can do this.

    Red Day- Went over 297-100 Yeah, you read that right. :| But I'm still tracking and being accountable to myself and to you all. Exercise- Nada

    March goals-Drink 3 glasses of water o:) Decluttering :(

    So let's start a list of things we deserve credit for each day while we are traveling through this storm.

    I deserve credit for.....

    tracking my food
    eating a healthy breakfast that included fruit
    eating a healthy dinner that included 2 vegetables
    met my water goal
    said no to popcorn
    checked in on my MFP group

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    @theslightedgeforever - You sound like you're making the must of this time of social distancing. Decluttering should more to the top of my to do list.

    @TeresaW1020 - Telemed is an important option for people. My church has stopped all masses in my area, the offices are still open if anyone needs something, it's so surreal. We're mother-in-laws caregivers because we don't want too many people going in and out of the home.

    @trooworld - It is weird to be home, it will take awhile for me to figure out a new schedule, I went for my walk at lunch, and one after dinner.

    @cbabie - I used to walk on the treadmill everyday, it's hard to get back to it. I still try to walk almost everyday, but I know I need to push myself more in the exercise department.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt - I feel the same when I walk. It's good to be vigilant, it's not about being paranoid, it's what we need right now, it's about being responsible for ourselves and others.

    @it_cleo - I've struggled with my goals too, I'm slowly trying to get back on track. The last couple weeks have been rough for some reason, I'm constantly hungry, I'm tired of fighting it all the time, but I'm sure eventually it will pass.

    I'm struggling with food right now, but it's a new day. I went for two walks yesterday around my neighborhood. It's kinda rainy out today, I might need my umbrella later. It's funny for many years I complained that our dining room and living room where a waste of space, and I wanted to redesign the house and tear down the walls so we'd have a bigger kitchen area. All of a sudden the dinning room and living room have become prime real estate in my house. I would really hate an open floor plan right now, turns out there was a reason houses were build with more walls.

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    Morning everyone! I'm starting to realize that I'm more of a people person than I realized. I've been very lonely and felt very isolated these past two days of working from home. I don't know how I will survive! lol Yesterday I did very well as far as eating goes, I didn't eat any snacks so that's good. The day before, I did get into some chocolate graham crackers.

    @cbabie That's fantastic! Go, cbabie!!! That's a good point.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt That's very nice of your neighbor. I don't have any 65+ neighbors or I'd offer that up to them. Unfortunately, my work didn't have enough computers to spare (everyone was required to work from home and there are a LOT of people in my company) and my husband said he can't cut checks from home (he works in accounts payable). Besides, I think he thinks we would drive each other crazy lol. But I do wish he would stay home. That's too bad Dd is still worried about the sales. I definitely think it's something to worry about...I'm right there with you!

    @mswatson0777 Yeah and I actually fell asleep yesterday afternoon while I was supposed to be "working" ;) lol. Not for long, but still...I felt guilty! I'm sorry your anxiety is spiking. You aren't watching the news, are you? If so, stop. I was watching the news and my anxiety was spiking...I stopped for a few days and my anxiety came back down.

    @its_cleo Thanks for letting us know about the free stuff on Mindspace. I'll check it out. Yeah, it is an adjustment, I hope I adjust soon! I'm over on my points, I'm -13 for the week, but I'm not going to beat myself up right now. I'm just going to keep tracking.

    @huskymarie That's great you are a non-stress person. I wish I was that way! I agree about the hoarding. I'm so glad Mishka is home!!! <3

    @theslightedgeforever Yes, great service for the elderly. I wish you were in charge of punishments (except if I did something wrong haha). Okay to 1 minute. On the immunity note: I've read that elderberry supplements can boost your immunity to colds, allergies and the flu so I've started taking them. So you are having trouble at lunchtime. Do you do what I do and make enough at dinner to have leftovers at lunch? That's good you are still tracking.

    @nighthazel01 Yes, weird for me too. I thought I would like it, that I would love it, but I hate it. I think I need to take walks every day. I'm glad you found a use for your dining room and living room. Like your "wasted space", I am glad that I have a wall full of spices...I used to question the need for all of those spices but now I'm glad I do have all of those because when push comes to shove, if I don't have much to make stuff out of, I'm going to need those spices to doctor things up! :)

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @theslightedgeforever I saw that Corona Rhapsody on twitter, I thought it was pretty good lol. People are so creative. ,,,,your comment about nature- there may be some positive things come out of this when it's all over. WFH is better for the environment for one thing. --HEY you met your water goal! Woot!

    I was thinking all day yesterday after I posted. I'm over calories this week but will try to get it down and not just use it as an excuse to give up. Today I will go for a jog and then just try to do some bodyweight lunges/etc. I keep saying that and not doing it.

    @trooworld I hear you about being a social person and feeling isolated. It's tough for me, tough for everyone. So I'm trying to post here once a day. I have another forum I'm very active on. And I'm texting a friend every couple of days.

    The gym was where I got most of my social interaction and I miss it a lot.

    @nighthazel01 I go through that with periods of high hunger. Hard to manage. Usually if I experience that I just try to eat healthy....I feel like those times are different than just binging on junk food or something. So if it's genuine hunger I try to eat, but healthy.

    @huskiemarie yeah the hoarding was ridic. I have to get some groceries today but it is just a normal amt for me. Partly bc I don't have a car, so it's just whatever I can carry!
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    @its_cleo I hope you give yourself some grace during this transition period, we'll all settle into our new routines soon. I will definitely check out that mindspace app, what a good idea!

    @trooworld If you want a work from home buddy, just shoot me a message/let me know. We've all got to keep each other centered during this crazy time. I haven't been watching the news but because I'm a state employee and a part of my union's executive team I get A LOT of email updates I have to keep tabs on for our members, so there's no signing off for me.

    @nighthazel01 I've also appreciated the walls/room separation during this time. It gives me more options/change of scenery.

    @theslightedgeforever I love the idea of a daily list to give ourselves credit. It is a challenge to rework everything now that all our lives are in chaos so I love the idea of looking at the good.

    @huskymarie I'm glad your road trip went well and that you're not a stress person. It sounds like you're handling this all really well!

    @RetiredAndLovingIt That is too funny! I love that your husband is "living it up" at 69!

    I'm officially on day 3 of working from home. Yesterday I was able to connect with my Mom which really helped center me. Tonight I'm face-timing my friend and we're going to do a facebook live workout video together. I really miss seeing my jiu jitsu classmates during this time so I appreciate that my friend is willing to connect long distance.

    In more fun news, my dogs are LOVING this change. They now get two daily walks instead of one, and I'm home all day so they're getting way more attention and love. I always joked I wanted to be a stay at home puppy mom, so I guess this is my chance! This weekend I think we're going to bake homemade dog treats to stay busy!

    For my daily list, my positives were:
    1) Getting over two hours of activity
    2) Doing the best I can at work, even when technology fails me
    3) Eating a vegetable with every meal
    4) Only having one treat
    5) Sticking with my low carb goals
    6) Connecting with my Mom for a long chat
    7) Making my dogs intensely happy
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    @its_cleo Not giving neither. I got on the bike today for the first time in months! :D That's great you are reaching out to people. I need to do that more. My job just had a WebEx meeting for about 30 minutes. It was good to hear everyone's voices. We are going to do that twice a week.

    @mswatson0777 Aw, no! I'm sorry. :/ Yes, I would love that! I'll shoot you a message! My dog is loving me being at home, too. I love your list of positives!

    Here's a picture of my bike's screen as proof I really did get on my bike today lol... I'm looking at you, @theslightedgeforever ;)


    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @mswatson0777 I love “making my dogs intensely happy”. Best motto ever. My 4 doggies are loving the extra mommy time. I’ve been dragging a dog bed into my quilt room that has now officially become my home office just so they can visit while I work. Mishka was a daddy’s girl because he is retired and at home so he was her go to person the first week. Now she’s becoming a mommy’s girl. I really like that.
    @its_cleo I just YouTube searched the Corona Rhapsody and it is so cool. If we can’t laugh, this would be so much harder.
    @theslightedgeforever how cool that the dolphins returned to Venice. Mother Nature will always be victorious.
    @trooworld just some thoughts on company that isn’t really there. I currently have a concert video on the TV and stereo. I’m seeing lots of people so it isn’t lonely. If you can work and not need 100% concentration, you can call a friend or sister and just idle chat while you work. And dogs are the very best company in the entire world.
    @nighthazel01 You made me laugh at wanting to tear down the walls. We did that but if I had a houseful, I’d be regretting it.
    I scan news headlines and it isn’t nearly as stressful as full reports. I stay semi informed but can’t get over excited about it.
    So I’ve been on MFP for 4 weeks and off WW for about 2 weeks. It is such a different mindset. I’m so used to munching on free fruits and veges that it is weird to have to count them. But I am really trying to incorporate the healthy eating on WW into counting calories. I would have much preferred 100 cals of M&Ms to the banana this morning but I did learn mindfulness with WW.
    Be safe all!
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    Hi all, not much happening in our house. Rainy yesterday & today, so not walking outside. I really should go down to the treadmill. About a week ago, I hurt soft tissue (I think) on my foot from tying shoes too tight, so haven't been wearing shoes inside. Trying it today with just normal walking, so if goes well, will start again on treadmill. I think the fact that I took off my Fitbit is affecting my ambition.

    I really like having left overs for lunch. Made a homemade pizza last night & thought there would be leftovers, but dh ate his serving & some of the left overs, so I finished it.(only one piece more that I had planned on) So that meant I had to figure something else for lunch. I don't mind cooking, but I hate having to come up with ideas for it all the time.

    @theslightedgeforever that is great about Venice. I hadn't seen that. Dd has gone to Greece a few times & was so sad for all the flooding they were having about the same time as Venice.

    @mswatson0777 bet your doggies are loving it. We are dog sitting with our gdog for a couple of days. She is entertaining.

    @trooworld yeah for the treadmill!!

    @huskymarie yeah for the banana. I bought bag of M&Ms in case of stress eating, but so far not opened. Better that way, once opened they will be gone. This way I just know they are there.

    Speaking of stress eating, my sis that does the WFPB was wondering if any of the stores would deliver 2 bags of chocolate chips for stress eating. Not sure if she was serious or not.

    Going to have to start a list of positives. far I have...not too much to add to the list
    One good thing we did because dd still stressed about the gs cookies is to buy 10 boxes & tell her to donate them wherever she is already donating some. (I think they go to troops) It gave gd some credit & hopefully will help dd, too.

    Well, gotta go. Our church has started doing more video things (mass & the rosary), so going to go do that. I think that helps calm me.

    Hope all well & stay that way...keep washing hands :D (mine are getting a little dry!)
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    @huskymarie Thanks for the ideas. I had a musical on in the background today, "Kinky Boots", which I enjoyed immensely. I also texted a couple of friends. You are right: doggies are the very best company! I have a pug and he's a snuggler. :)

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Sorry you hurt your foot, I hope it heals quickly. I always have leftovers for lunch, it makes it easy! :) Oh, it was the spin bike I was on, but thanks! :D lol about the 2 bags of chocolate chips. My hands are getting dry, too, even though I'm moisturizing the heck out of them!

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    Quick check in. Briefly skimmed thru posts Kind of nice everything cancelled. No running around. Still battling a cold. In my chest. Not real bad but enough to keep me off the treadmill. Did a Fitbod workout this evening burning 173 cals. Hope to possibly get a walk in outside tomorrow. Slowly warming up here. Still -15C here right now. One positive is I am finally getting caught up on my book work. Weight jumped up from the weekend. Still trying to get it back down. Hope everyone is doing well. My goal is to check back in tomorrow.
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    @trooworld That;s the Cyndi Lauper musical, I've never heard or seen it, though I like Cyndi Lauper. lol at the bike picture. Looks good!

    @RetiredAndLovingIt coming up with the ideas for what to cook is the worst part. I just feel tapped out on it.

    @huskymarie yeah counting the fruits and veg. Sometimes I don't weigh them. Like if I have a salad, there's a standard entry I use regardless. As long as I do the same thing every time I feel like it's ok. But watch out. I didn't weigh grapes for a long time and then I did and it was like 200 freaking calories. I had only been recording like 50.

    I just feel fed up with this today.

    Last night the internet and cable got wonky, and an article this morning said there is a huge increase in usage bc everyone is home. It scared me, it would be hard to do this with no Internet or TV.

    I'm also incredibly thankful that I bought a part for my computer in Feb and it seems to be working better.

    Quiet day, lots of walking.
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    Hello everyone! The governor of CA ordered everyone to stay at home effective today so now my husband is home from work for at least today. I don't know how I feel about that lol. I still have to work, he's going to be very distracting! I started feeling yucky after lunch (like I had too much sugar, although I didn't eat any sugar at all). I still feel that way so I'm going to take it easy and get my work done early today. I did NOT do well with food last night: we ordered delivery Thai. :( My weight is surely going to reflect it.

    @its_cleo Oh I didn't realize that! I love her! That makes me like it even more now lol. I heard that Netflix is going to kind of throttle usage in Europe because so many people are home using it, hopefully that helps. Maybe they will do something like that where you live?

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @trooworld I'm similarly worried once my partner has to start working from home. I think we're going to drive each other crazy!!! I'm jealous of your takeout Thai. Our nearest Thai restaurant is 45 minutes away so I almost never get to eat it. Pad See Ewe with tofu is my favorite!

    @its_cleo My IT department has been scrambling to increase everyone's VPN access since everyone was flooding the system so I feel your pain. I downloaded 5 books from the library so I have something to do in case everything goes down.

    @renaegry We've also got cold weather, but I've been bundling up to go outside so I don't go completely stir crazy! I hope your cold clears up soon.

    @RetiredandLovingIt I'm glad your church is doing video services to connect. Anything that keeps our stress levels lower is a good thing.

    @huskymarie Great job still incorporating mindfulness in your choices! I'm trying to look for any brightsides to this situation and that's the one I'm clinging to lol.

    Happy Friday all! Although working from home with no social plans on the weekend means it doesn't have the same kick that it normally does. Luckily the sun is shining so I'm planning on a long dog walk after work. My friend and I worked out together last night over facetime, it felt good to connect. My work days are starting to have more structure, which feels good but now I've got to extend that to the weekends. I'll start brainstorming ideas today so I'm not just drifting aimlessly this weekend.

    In other news, my weight was up 1/2lb today, but since it was down 4lbs last week I'm not surprised. I'm just going to stick with it and see how next week goes. I bet it'll be down since I feel lighter after this week.
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    @mswatson0777, that is great that your friends used facetime to workout! Going virtual is the big thing these days. ;)

    @trooworld, I hope you start feeling better soon! <3 Tell your DH to take care of you!! Yayyy for riding your bike!

    @its_cleo, yikes I hear you about needing our internet and cable! Hopefully, the powers that be will keep it all running smoothly. :#

    @renaegry, take care of yourself!! <3

    @RetiredAndLovingIt, glad that your church is taking care of you through online. Ours is doing that too and we hope it will at least help our people stay connected to their faith and each other. I hear you about having to come up with ideas for dinners. And right now I’m worried that what I do come up with the stores won’t have what I need in stock. :/

    @theslightedgeforever, yeah I saw that about Venice too. Maybe when the people return, they can work at keeping things cleaner. Today is also a reset for me too on my diet. I was planning to do well yesterday but pastor insisted on buying the staff pizza for lunch. And of course, pizza looked and smelled much better than the hard-boiled eggs and Greek yogurt that I was going to eat. :D

    Good morning everyone! Yesterday I was at church for most of the day working with the staff on how best to respond to what is going on. We are going to use our FB page much more than ever to post videos, music, prayers, Bible verses, and even some fun post that will keep us talking and hopefully connected. Our town is now requiring residents to shelter-in-place 24/7 aside from essential activities for the rest of the month. I'm going to go to the grocery store in a while just to make sure that I stay stocked up. Stay safe! :)

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    @mswatson0777 So far, he's stayed out of my way. He's on a walk with the dog right now! ;) Oh dear, I wouldn't be able to take not having a Thai restaurant near me. There are tons around me! I love Pad See Ewe with tofu. Yum! That's a good idea to workout with a friend over Facetime.

    @TeresaW1020 Thanks! Yeah, I feel like I need some homemade chicken noodle soup or something. If it weren't so hard to get groceries, I'd go get some! I doubt I could even get the supplies to make it. :/ That's good that your church is still finding ways to reach the community. I think that's important. Stay safe, too!

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    Hi all..a little concerned today. Talked to dd in OK today. Long story, she was around someone last Fri who might be having symptoms now. Yuck!! Dd is only 43 but has asthma. So her ex is keeping the kids for another week to try to keep them safe, just in case. Bad thing the ex is 50 & has type 1 diabetes (& not very controlled. :/ )

    I told dd if she starts having symptoms, talk to someone right away. I know here they are saying they will pretty much just test the ones with more severe symptoms. They say if mild, just stay home & rest. But, since I have asthma also, I will be calling them even if not severe. (but then I am old, too, lol)

    Hope everyone keeping well.
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    @nighthazel01 I think alot of people are struggling with food right now. I seem to go over a little bit each day. But over is over. I can get through this without gaining 10 more lbs.

    @trooworld Have online gatherings via Messenger's Video Group Call or whatever other app you choose. We're having our bookclub this way on Thursday. Since we are usually at a restaurant for it, everyone is to prepare their own food and we'll just do it that way. lol You all know I'm a social butterfly. I have alot of What's App groups, so I'm talking to them that way each day. But I want to see their faces. Hooray for you for not getting into any snacks. Leftovers: It depends on how much is left. There are 5 of us in the house. So usually not much left. lol Dh has been the one to lead me astray. I used to be able to say no thank you. But he's come home early twice from work and had fast food with him. Woohoo you got on the bike. OK, I will commit to you that I'll get on the treadmill in the next 2 days. (That's my version of your bike-I used to love the treadmill don't know what happened)

    @its_cleo How about just doing one bodyweight lunge? Remember when you told me to lower my water goal? Back at ya, sistah. :D In my book today it was talking about resistance. If you are feeling resistance then your expectations are too high. If the internet goes wonky there are always books. Lots of free books out there on Kindle.

    @mswatson0777 I love your list of things you did right. Facebook live is a really good idea.

    @huskymarie I wonder if I'm the only non-dog owner on this group. Hopefully soon you will be able to blend your good habits you picked up from WW with the calorie counting. Since I count carbs, I haven't been as good on staying within my boundaries for the calories either. I keep a watch on both. But mentally I've succeeded if I've stayed within boundaries for my carbs. This week I've just not succeeded. Here's to tomorrow.

    @retiredandlovingit I wish like a 3D printer that we could look at a picture of food on our computers and then Voila! you could open a door and it's made for you. Can't somebody come up with that? If I lived by myself I would probably never cook. Tomorrow I'm going to try and make some cinnamon raisin bread. my bag of MnMs opened and gone. I do have a carton of Whoppers in there that I'm holding out til May 1 to open. For a chocolate fix, I put 2T of Hershey's Sugar Free choc syrup in a mug of milk. That seemed to do the trick. Sorry about dd. I know I worry about my dd cause she has severe asthma. She rides to work everyday on a bus with all the other hospital employees. How many of them are treating covid and passing along to her? She says don't worry. I tell her I earned that right when I became a mother.

    @renaegry It's been interesting to watch how differently everyone handles the slow down. That's what I've started calling it versus shut down or lock down. Seems more positive to me and I'm one of those "you can't tell me what to do" type of people. Slow down seems more mentally healthy I think. Goes along with stopping to smell the roses thinking. I know I'm BSing right now but whatever helps me get through this without hurting myself and others in the process. :D Brrrr that sounds cold

    @teresaw1020 So now that you are sheltering in place, will you and your church staff just have virtual group meetings? We told my mil about covid last night. With her dementia she really has no idea. When her other daughter calls my mil will always say I never go anywhere. I just sit here in this room watching TV. Never go outside. I laughed when my sister in law responded the whole world is like that right now.

    So in my book today it gave a good idea. Pick a mini habit relating to food and fitness. Then roll the dice and whatever comes up, that's the one that you do. There are virtual dice if you don't have any at home and want to play along. Here's my list. If I roll a 3 and 4, I have to go drink a mug of water and run in place for 30 seconds

    Food Mini Habits

    1.go eat a fruit.
    2.go eat a vegetable
    3.go drink a mug of water
    4.add a slice of lemon to my water
    5.go find a new healthy recipe choice plus 1 mini candy

    Fitness Mini Habits

    1.One push-up
    2.One sit-up
    3.10 jumping jacks
    4.Run in place for 30 seconds
    5.Walk around the outside of the house one time
    6.Jump on trampoline for one song

    Yellow Day- Went over 170/164 Exercise- 35 min

    March goals- Drink 3 glasses of water o:) Decluttering :| (That's cause I did 1/2)

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    Hey gang I'm so tired of this. For me it's been week 1 of pretty much being inside. Blah. Mornings are always the worst time for me though, so I'm sure as the day goes on I will start feeling better.

    @trooworld yeah I read that about internet throttling too. I don't think they've done it yet but I do think the system was overloaded. It has been better since. One thing is our pop here is much smaller. Like I've learned some things through this- I think Italy's population is 65 million, Canada's around 35 million. I had no idea we were so small people-wise! Lol. Because it does not seem like that when I used to ride the subway. But now I understand why everyone thinks we're the cute country :smiley:

    @mswatson0777 yeah the weekends just seem meaningless. I had two vacation days booked next week. Originally was going to baseball opening day. Now I dont know whether to cancel the vacation days or not. It doesn't seem to matter either way. That's cool to do a web workout.

    @TeresaW1020 that's great tou could do some online stuff for your church. You never know too, with online stuff maybe people will check things out when they wouldn't in person.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt sorry to hear that, I hope she is ok.

    @theslightedgeforever lol about the lunge. You are right. I did manage to get 2 sets of 10 yesterday. It's not as fun alone in my apt as at the gym. But I got some done. I really like the idea of a slow down. I read yesterday it was helping the environment and that was one positive. Pollution clearing in areas like China, stuff like that. Give the earth a break for a while.

    I like that roll the dice idea!

    Today I will go out and do the stairs and try to avoid people. Make lunch, do some chores, not sure what else. Experimenting with cardio videos online.

    Take care all.