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    @trooworld I'm trying the lasagna tomorrow. I like cumin so I'm going to see what happens when I add it. I love your start over with the next bite attitude. I have both ds and dh working from home. I had just made up my new schedule to reflect cooking breakfast and lunch and then ds walked in the door and said Honey I'm home. So I guess I'm making a new schedule. lol

    @teresaw1020 Let's make today a blue dot day. I had to head slap my son. He thought the virus would be polite and not jump between anyone he knows. I said it's like an STD you don't know where they've been. You sleep with that person and all of the other partners. Crude analogy I know. New chicken feet recipe. lol I feel the same way about most seafood while probably all of you eat it. We all have our own preferences. I'm so terrible. I just thought if we're all going to die, I'm going out with cream in my coffee. (I don't even drink coffee) It smells good though.

    @renaegry I'm having a hard time syncing my fitbit. I don't know what's wrong. I keep working at it. But I applaud you for getting out there walking in the cold.

    @retiredandlovingit What did you succeed at today? Who knew that being stuck indoors all day would help you check in to us daily. You have to have someone to talk to. lol Yeah I've had some talks with people that think money over Grandma's life is okay. We got through the depression and world wars, we'll get through this too. But then I read about all the younger people dying and it could be any of us. So STAY AT HOME people. This concludes today public service announcement. By the way, Grinnell finally got a positive covid patient. :(

    @its_cleo Yaay for uplifted spirits. I hear fish heads are good in soup. Blech! That's good that you are continuing with your trainer trying for some sort of normal. I'm trying hard for some sort of normal here. Today wasn't it. My I did make up a plan. I'm fine if people would just leave me alone. lol Then I had to do a mind reversal and am thankful that I still have my family around me. Today was the death anniversary for my dad. So I needed to be reminded of that.

    @mswatson0777 My positives: Hmmm.....
    walked outside 15 min with dh when I had not planned on walking at all. He was outside walking around the perimeter of the house. So I joined him.
    Did not eat popcorn
    Made a new schedule to help keep me on track
    Ate some vegetables
    tracked my food

    Dh was having VPN issues too. Oh great idea for a virtual cocktail party. I need to do one of those. I haven't been talking to anyone live but the family.

    @cbabie So how was your eating today? I need to get ahold of this. I won't die from corona but from obesity issues if I'm not careful. Mom would have had sequins and pearls all over those masks. LOL Rhinestones..... Oh my family always sees the wicked version of me. They would say there's a nice version out there somewhere? Ds saw it tonight when he decided to "help" me in the kitchen with my butter chicken. He kept stirring and stirring and stirring. I said I think you are supposed to just let it sit there and simmer. (his friend used to run a restaurant so now he thinks he's a chef) I said it's only supposed to be 10 minutes you've been stirring for 20 and now it's reduced more and it's going to be too hot. no mom. So we are eating and he says this is too hot. (Yes, because you stirred it for too long) Day 1. No dh has never been a checklist person. except at work. So weird.

    I didn't even do a color day today. Back to looking at my spreadsheet. Back to looking at colors and preplanning my meals in the morning. I can do this. I can do this.

    March goals-drinking 3 glasses of water o:) Decluttering :(

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    Good morning everyone! We ordered take-out Greek last night for dinner from a local restaurant to support the restaurant, as every restaurant is closed except for take-out service. It must be really hard on the workers. It was high in points but worth it. Today, my husband and I are going to take our dog for a nice long walk. It will feel good to get out for a bit.

    @TeresaW1020 You guys could do what my staff is doing: we are having a conference call meeting. Better safe than sorry! Well, hubby has decided he can do a lot of work in a little time (LOL) so I can have the computer most of the time. I hope you can find some chicken (besides feet but maybe like the black coffee, you'll learn to love them ;P ). I put Premier Protein shakes in my coffee. I tried black coffee but could never take it. Stay safe, too!

    @RetiredAndLovingIt That's great you are doing that. Yeah the cinnamon bread was super yummy! TP on the black market would definitely be a hit! People at the beach here, I can't believe it. Finally, the mayor closed down the beach parking lots and put his foot down and is going to start handing out tickets for people being there. What's it going to take???

    @its_cleo I'm glad you are feeling better. I'm sure that run helped, eh? Or were you feeling better before the run? Yes, I'm using my personal computer for work. Unfortunately, it was a rush to get us all working from home (over 800 of us) and not enough laptops to go around. Yeah, I think you are right about companies learning lessons from this. They also didn't have enough remote desktop licenses so I'm limping along without that either. I used to think the doomsday preppers were nuts but now I don't think they were so crazy!!! Your fish story: I once ordered delivery from a Mexican restaurant. A fish dish. It came and it was a whole fish. I couldn't eat it lol. I'm weird about stuff like that. That lunch you had with the steak sounds yummy.

    @mswatson0777 He says he's going to be able to do a lot of work in a short amount of time and just get it all done in that period, so I can have the computer the rest of the time lol. I can check my email all day on the Chromebook we have (we do have a Chromebook laptop, I just can't use it for other things). Oh the bread flour...yep out of bread flour, tp, paper towels, meat, canned goods, pasta, almost everything. You have to go early in the day to get ANYTHING and if you see tp or paper towels, it's like seeing a unicorn. I haven't seen tp or paper towels in weeks! Literally. I'm glad you aren't having these kinds of troubles. Computer problems...that sounds really, really frustrating! Did you go to the virtual happy hour?

    @cbabie The poor little baby. She must be in pain! :( I hope it comes in fast. So far, we haven't killed each other lol!

    @theslightedgeforever Oh good, let me know how you like it and it will be interesting to see how the cumin is in it. How's it going to be with DH and DS in the house all the time? Is it going to be hard on your weight loss efforts? I know your DH can bring home stuff sometimes.

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @cbabie I hope you got more rest last night, not sleeping is ROUGH!

    @trooworld Wow that sounds intense! I did end up going to virtual happy hour and I'm glad I went. I need to keep connecting with people face to face even when I don't feel like it. I'm glad you enjoyed the Greek food, we've got a takeout date set for Friday to similarly support our local business favorites

    @theslightedgeforever Those sound like fabulous positives. I highly recommend friend happy hours, it makes everything SO MUCH BETTER and gives a sense of normalcy.

    Today is going much better than yesterday. Everything is set up and working which made my morning WAY less stressful.

    I got hit with the sads last night when I was watching my gym's facebook live. I really miss my jiu jitsu class and seeing everyone and I hate that I can't train my favorite sport outside of a few basic solo drills. To knock myself out of it I took a long hot shower and curled up in bed with a good book. It really helped and I was able to get some good, deep sleep.

    I got up this morning and did a 30 minute circuit training video and 40 minutes of yoga/stretching so I started the day off right. I just need to keep being active and keep fueling my body with healthy foods. Over lunch I'm planning on a nice long puppy walk (and I may even do a second one after work!). Hope you all have a great Tuesday!
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    Morning gals, here is my morning walk on my treadmill. It was a little nippy when I started, but was warm when I finished. LOL

    I have to keep my body moving..I was chasing a VERY active almost toddler around my kitchen island last night before bed time... think 4 full sized cabinets back to back with a bar stool top on it. All you can see is her ponytail on top bobbing up and down as she runs..LOL.

    Yesterday my job was very stressful. Even being at home didn't stop the stress with the calls I got yesterday. So here is to a less stressful day on the phone...start by walking..a great destresser.

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    @trooworld It makes you wonder why people don't think before acting. I feel they think it won't get know the teen mindset. LOL. I am glad you and DH worked out a schedule.

    @mswatson0777 Well no she didn't sleep well last night either..but today is another day. LOL. I will just have to take a nap when she does. Shower and good book is my kind of night.

    @theslightedgeforever I laughed when you said DS thinks he is a chef now..I can totally see it. Keep taking those walks with DH..its good for the marriage and the body.

    Okay I hear baby girl up...gotta run

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    @cbabie yes I hope your day was a little better. That’s something- I bet running after a toddler is burning all kinds of calories. I hope her tooth comes in ok. I read in the old days they would give them a cloth soaked in whiskey to suck on. Not that I’m recommending it lol!

    @mswatson0777 sounds like you got a good workout in. It’s definitely hard. It’s weird I was so upset when they closed my gym. It’s been 8 or 9 days and I think I’ve gotten used to it. Not that I’m always coping so great but it all seems weirdly normal now.

    @trooworld yes I ordered pizza on the weekend and gave the delivery guy a much bigger tip than I normally would have. But I wanted to support them Also on a Sat night the pizza came really fast, so I assumed they didn’t have very many orders. …well the run helped, going outside always helps me feel better, that’s one thing that’s hard about this. I do have a balcony so that helps although I don’t use it much.

    @theslightedgeforever you got the water goal! Glad you got out got a bit of walking.
    I don’t know what to say I feel like I’ve gotten boring. Yes later today I will meet up with my trainer so it will be nice just to see/talk to someone. I’ve been going up and down the stairs in my building for some exercise- I live on the 10th floor so I think it’s about 150 steps. Not a lot but the few times I go out I come up the stairs to avoid people on the elevator.

    I watch tv cook, do a bit of work. I tried to order groceries but everywhere is swamped. So I will have to make a grocery run tomorrow or Thursday.

    I've pretty much switched to maintenance. My weight is around 156ish. If I can keep it there I will be happy.
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    @its_cleo, I think switching weight loss to maintenance is a good idea. I’m doing my best to eat on plan and get in my normal workout but I’m still sitting around wayyy more than normal and therefore just not burning many calories. We do what we can. ;)

    @cbabie, good job on getting on your treadmill! I hope your workload was less stressful today. I have not seen the animated Pilgrims Progress. Where did you see it at?

    @mswatson0777, glad that you had a better morning and I agree that working out is a great way to start our days. Are you still doing the low-carb eating? Sorry if I missed you posting about it.

    @trooworld, I did find chicken yesterday at Aldis so that made me happy! I used to Premier Protein all the time in my coffee. It wouldn’t work now since I do IF and it would break my fast. We found the new Starbucks Bright Sky to be really mild and I am getting used to it.

    @theslightedgeforever, that is a good way to think about the virus! Not pleasant but accurate in many ways. I am having a much better today with my eating and staying out of the kitchen when it’s not lunch or dinner time. I drink at least two cups of coffee with cream in the afternoons so if I die I hope it’s after I break my fast. :D

    Hello everyone! Another day of quarantine and rainy weather. I was OK when it was warm and sunny, and I could out in the yard with the dog. I did have a good workout this morning and got some laundry done. My 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle is close to being done and I’m already thinking about which one that I’ve already done in the past will be next to help me kill the time. I did speak to my staff today and they really want to meet in person at the church on Thursday. To compromise we will meet in one of the large rooms and spread out. I will have my hand sanitizer and not touch anything other than my own stuff. I do think it’s probably as safe or safer than when I go to the grocery stores. They are being optimistic that we will be open for business for Easter. I don’t know about that, but I will continue to pray for it. :/
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    Hope everyone is staying healthy. I’m trying too, I’ve got asthma so I’m a bit concerned about getting COVID-19. My main job isn’t going to close as it’s considered essential and haven’t received the okay to work from home. Second job is closed, gyms closed. My four furkids are enjoying the extra time with momma. And the appraiser came today as part of the refi process for my house. Will find out in a few days to find out how much my house is worth. Have a good day and be safe!
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    @trooworld I was reading people are making their own bread flour. I didn't even know there was bread flour. I just use my all purpose for everything if I'm making yeast doughs. It will be hard with having everyone in the house cause I will have the tendency to stress eat. They seem to get bored quickly. Dh is not going out anywhere so he can't bring things home. lol I started to make it today and then didn't realize how long everything would take so I had to stop and make something else because ds was expecting lunch at 12. So I have everything done and ready made except for the lasagna slices. So I will do that tomorrow. The sauce tasted good though with the cumin in it.

    @mswatson0777 Tomorrow morning I'm having a virtual gathering with my friends via Zoom. Let's hope this works. Although they will be jealous of watching what I drink. When we get together I always bring a thermos of hot tea with milk and spices in it (cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, saffron) It's so good in the colder weather. We're all going to bundle up and try and sit outside for some fresh air in our yards or porch. Is there any way to have a pretend opponent and do jiu jitsu.

    @cbabie Good for you for getting on the treadmill. Stress seems to be everywhere right now. Stress kills. My son the chef informed me that I've been putting salt in wrong for 30 years. I'm supposed to sprinkle it around the pan not just dump it from the teaspoon. :/

    @its_cleo Keep climbing those stairs. I bet your backside looks awesome. I'm all for the old time remedies. In my day, we used to give phenobarbitol to colicky babies and my nurse recommended given my kids Dimetapp before long flights because it helps them sleep. But then I was also riding around on a bike without a helmet when I was young and my seatbelt was my mom's arm if I was sitting in the front. lol I think maintenance is a good call right now until we can figure this out. I'm trying to put on the brakes. I just need to get used to having people in the house all the time and have my hubby quit asking me what am I doing everytime I get up and leave the room. Retirement will a be a breeze after this.

    @teresaw1020 Good for you for keeping to your IF and sticking with your workouts. LOL on afternoon coffee. Be safe. The life you save may not be your own. That's my new motto.

    @gemwolf110 I hear you on the asthma. I have a similar condition. Reactive airway disease. My dd has asthma and I'm worried about her cause she works in a hospital and has to travel to work everyday on a bus that has other hospital workers on it. I hope you get a good appraisal.

    Yellow Day. Stayed OP. 141/164 exercise- didn’t exercise.

    March goals. Drink 3 glasses of water 😇 Decluttering 😇
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    Good morning everyone! My husband and I did get out with the dog and we were almost home when I realized that I didn't even have my FitBit on! :( Grrrrrr! We went out again later, just the two of us, and walked about 2 miles. This time I made sure and wore my FitBit. ;) The weather was nice yesterday so my hubby and I sat out on the walkway outside of our door with a beverage and just enjoyed the weather. It was nice.

    Ladies, I made a really good minestrone soup last night for dinner. It had bulgur in it. I'd never had bulgur before but had always wanted to try it. This says to make it in the Instant Pot but it also has slow cooker instructions:

    @mswatson0777 Yes! It is. I can't wait until things calm down. It's like the Hunger Games over here lol! I'm glad you enjoyed the virtual happy hour. I think I mentioned I'm going to something similar on Thursday, it's a crafting get together (virtually). I'll be doing digital scrapbooking while the other ladies are doing their crafting. I only know the host, so I'll probably be a bit awkward but oh well! I hope you enjoy your takeout food. It will be even better since you are waiting until Friday to have it! I'm glad things are set up for you. Sleep always helps, doesn't it? Have a great day and enjoy those walks!

    @cbabie Great job on the treadmill! Woot woot!!! Yes, you have to be able to keep up with that toddler lol! I hope today is less stressful for you. <3 I'm glad we worked out a schedule, too!

    @its_cleo Yeah, when we picked up that food, I gave them a big tip too. It helped me to get outside yesterday too. That's nice that you have a balcony. Why don't you use it much? I hope your grocery run goes well.

    @TeresaW1020 That's great that you found chicken! Oh yeah, I guess that would break your fast. :/ I'm glad you found a coffee you like.

    @gemwolf110 Take care and be safe! I hope the refi goes well.

    @theslightedgeforever I can't even get all-purpose flour right now or I'd use that in a pinch lol. Yeah, that lasagna takes a while. Sorry, I should have warned you!!!

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @cbabie Great job on the morning workout! Did you get your nap in?

    @trooworld That sounds like a fabulous day with your spouse. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy the outdoors, although I'm sorry that your steps didn't get tracked! I hope you have a fabulous time on your crafting happy hour! I found that they start a little awkward but they get better with time when people get comfortable.

    @theslightedgeforever I've been trying to talk my fiance into being my training partner but so far no luck! I've used a pillow for drills but so far it isn't the same. I LOVE hot tea with milk and spices, yum! I hope you enjoy your time with friends.

    @gemwolf110 I wish you the best in the appraisal. I hope you stay safe and healthy during this crazy time!

    @TeresaW1020 So far I've been sticking with low carb. It's removed my urge to binge so I'll probably do it for as long as I'm trapped in the house cause otherwise I'd be worried about going off the rails. I'm sorry your staff is still meeting in person, I hope you stay safe!

    @its_cleo Sorry to hear you aren't able to do grocery pickup, I hope you stay safe out there! I still don't think I've entirely got used to my home routine but its getting better.

    Today it's supposed to rain all day, so I snuck in a run and some puppy walks this morning before work. Today my calendar is filled with Zoom meetings so it'll be a lot busier than it was yesterday! Last night I kind of gave up on everything and just cuddled on the couch and watched Schitt's Creek until bedtime. Can't be productive everyday, right? I also menu planned for next week since I'm going to try to hit the grocery store on Friday when its hopefully less busy than the weekend, wish me luck!

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    Morning all! I got on the treadmill again today. Wow that's a record for me at this time in my life...Used to before baby days and my treadmill broke it would be a record if I didn't get on it. I walked every morning for 30-45 min 7 days a week. I hope to get back to that routine. My eating is gross. I have put on more weight and it has to stop. I am still less than when I broke my wrist in last June, but getting close. So I will just keep trying for not stress eating.

    @mswatson0777 LOL no I didn't get my nap, I had to go fight the grocery store..and when I got home she was up, FUSSY. Can't wait for the tooth to come in. Another 3 hours of sleep last night. No you can't be productive every day...LOL.

    @trooworld My day was stressful, I work for a call center, I work in retention for the company I work for..People are out of work, how do you ask for past due...I hate the stories I hear. I know some don't tell the truth..but you know the ones who cry are...UGH

    @theslightedgeforever LOL well tell him you're a better cook than your mother. I love the idea of a zoom get together..I have one this afternoon, but it's not really a social one. LOL

    @gemwolf110 Please take care of yourself. Thanks for checking in.

    @TeresaW1020 I got an email. I can't remember how I made contact with these people, I know I have a ap on one of my Ipads or used to. LOL. Mostly because I love the book and I have always wanted to find ways to "teach" children the truth. Send me a PM with your email address. Yes it's true the Grocery store is probably worse, but still limit your activities...(this is the mom in me). LOL

    @its_cleo LOL MY oldest years ago called me at work as one of her kids was having a terrible time teething, I asked a coworker and whiskey it was. She did, swears by it...but I couldn't (no alcohol in my house) LOL. I have been using my EO's clove helps her, it's just when it wakes her up, she starts talking....and talking...and talking.. then when I try to make her go back to sleep she starts her crying...I am ready to give the drugs again.. NOT :smile:

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    @cbabie your approach with the teething is probably the healthiest one. I'm sorry about your job, that sounds difficult. I used to work calling people to ask if they would donate used clothing. It was hard, but not as hard as your job. Great job on the treadmill!

    @mswatson0777 some days it's good to just relax. You;ve been busy and stressed for a long while, I think an occasional quiet night is ok. I used to watch Schitt's Creek but somewhere around season 5 I didn't like it as much. Although Catherine O'Hara is a gem.

    @trooworld 2 miles plus- that's a pretty good walk! I try to go for walks but I never go far unless I'm with my hiking club which is not running right now. Bulgur- I've had it, years ago when I was trying to be vegetarian I tried bulgur. I like it. I think if you google there are some recipes for bulgur salad- kind of like quinoa salads but with bulgur.

    @gemwolf110 take care, I hope everything continues to be ok!

    @theslightedgeforever so how many in your household now? Your h and son, anyone else? I recall you have a daughter but she is away? Lol about the salt. I usually skip salt in recipes. I suppose that is a cooking no no?

    @TeresaW1020 yes it's hard to avoid sitting more. It sounds like you're doing what you can re workouts and nutrition. Hope your staff meeting goes ok.

    Well yesterday and this morning were tough days for me. This morning I woke up just miserable and depressed. But I thought- just stick to your list and go through it. So gradually I felt much much better. I woke up early so I went to get some groceries, walked there and back.

    Made some chicken for lunch. Finished cleaning my kitchen- I've slowly been working at cleaning the stove, fridge, walls, cupboards etc. So it was almost done and today I finished it. I even went through my spices and got rid of a couple that were really old. I always find it hard to use up certain spices.

    I did a bit of a strength training workout-

    -body weight squats- normal and one legged

    -deadlifts with a kitty litter filled up with water. It was only 15 lbs so I usually am on like 100lbs. I need to find a way to bulk up something heavy for me to lift

    -some bodyweight stuff for my back because it hurts. I still can't do a lot of arm exercises bc my bicep is not 100%

    Leslie Sansone for 10 minutes.

    Later I will go up and down the stairs to my apartment once or twice- I tried to count but lost track. I think it's like 140 steps.

    The weather is nice outside here and that is one thing that sucks about this, the weather is finally getting nice.

    Tomorrow I will go for a run and not sure what else. If I can motivate myself I will do some core.
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    Hi ladies. I found your thread a couple days ago and y’all seem to write a lot. It’s a tad intimidating, I’m not sure I have time to do all the reading Amanda responding you all do.

    If it’s okay, I’d like to join you. How many people are here?

    I’m a 49yr mom of 2 (22 and 20 not living with hubby and I). Hubby of 26 yrs. I’m a small lady, want to have more accountability- something I can’t find on Facebook groups. Overall goal, get back to my weight of 5yrs Sho, slowly I’ve gained 5# (I blame my kids and hormone changes) .

    I don’t wanna write a book. Just saying hello. And asking for permission to join.
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    @trooworld Did you stay within your points for today? I hate when I leave my fitbit laying on my nightstand. But your body knows you did something. Thank you for the soup recipe. Crafting gathering sounds fun. Anything sounds fun at this point. lol I had my virtual picnic gathering. A group of us meets outside at parks when weather is nice and then we take turns at our houses when weather is not nice. We used zoom through most of it but then decided to try snapchat. We had fun just using all the filters. lol Tomorrow night will be our first virtual bookclub. I'm still reading. I have 15% left. If I read too far ahead I forget. At first your gathering might be awkward but then what a great way to meet people.

    @teresaw1020 Just thinking here. Why can't you let your staff meet in person if they want to and then you sit at home with a computer and join in. Win-win for all.

    @mswatson0777 Good for you for sticking with lo-carb right now. Plus for getting in your exercise before the rain started. We all have to do whatever we can to get through this. I wonder what lessons we will learn from this experience. There are always lessons. OK, so tell me about Schitt's creek. I saw about the first 3 episodes and then I'm undecided whether or not to continue. I kept thinking I can't believe this show has so many seasons. lol I love corny stupid shows and films but I don't know about this one. Is it like a book where you just have to keep reading and then it picks up and you can't put it down.

    @cbabie Woohoo on your new record. You are starting to put a good exercise routine back in your life. Ds went grocery shopping for me today because he's worried about me getting corona because of my respiratory problems he says I'd be the first to go. Such a sweet son. He came home with 30 bananas. I kid you not. I see a lot of bananas in my future. I told him 10 in one bag and 7 in another. I give some to my caregiver. we were on snapchat during this wonderful trip and he said I can't find a bunch with exactly 10. :D So you tear off the remaining and leave them there and put the 10 in the bag. I think he thinks the banana police will come and arrest him for assaulting the bananas. So he just picked up two huge bunches. But I tell myself I am training him for one day when he becomes a husband. His wife may be sick and will need someone to go and bring back the right stuff.

    @its_cleo You were awesome today. Your day could have went very differently but you kept your head and made good choices with food and exercise. There are 5 in my household currently. My mil lives with us and a caregiver. I have a son and daughter who doesn't live with us. I remember the empty nest when I had just me and dh and then people just kept moving in. lol Salt makes the world go round.

    @shexio Welcome to the group! We all write alot cause we're stuck inside. lol Feel free to just come in and post what you did right for the day and what you need help on. If you have more time then choose someone to post personals to. Never feel that you have to answer all of us. We are in this group to lose weight and get healthy, but along the way we are making friends. But accountability first.

    QOTD: Which spices do you not use that often?

    Red Day- Went over 186/100 Exercise - none

    March goals- Drink 3 glasses of water :( Decluttering :(
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    @TeresaW1020 I've done a simple intermittent fast and it did help me. Basically I try to eat an early dinner and start eating after 10:00 in the morning. Maybe I'll go back to that for awhile, I need to do something to break the snacking habit I've gotten into while I've been home.

    @renaegry I go for a small walk during my lunch break, and another longer walk after I'm done working. Other than than I'm sitting in front of my computer for work.

    @retiredandlovingit It's great that you can make masks, sewing is something I wish I had learned to do. Hope your niece stays healthy, she's doing important and courageous work.

    @mswatson0777 Work has been incredibly frustrating. I'm at home, but I don't have the easiest work from home jobs, I have to calibrate with other people and it's been difficult.

    @cbabie - Teething stinks, hopefully she gets some relief soon.

    My washing machine died, probably because we've been doing so much laundry with everyone home. We decided to buy a new one, instead of replacing the motor. It's not easy when we are trying to isolate ourselves, the virus is bad where I am, Southeast Michigan, so I've taken the whole shelter at home thing very seriously. Anyway we got a new washer.

    Work at home is going okay, but I'm feeling claustrophobic already with everyone home. The weather was beautiful yesterday, I've been going on two walks everyday.
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    @Theslightedgeforever Thanks for the advice about hiding away in my room sometimes, it really does work. I need that time to myself.
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    Yesterday I was within points/calories for my target 🎯. I’m when I preplan my daily meals I do SO MUCH better.

    Exercise : Yesterday: Cardio. Done ✅

    I workout in the morning, around 6am rn since I’m working from home. And I attempt 60mins activity. Now that it’s nice out, I’ve added a walk at 7:10am ans then log into work at 7:30am

    Today’s goals: 1) plan my food (still a to do) 😳 & only eat what I plan.
    2) get in 10k steps

    Stay away from social media while working.
  • trooworld
    trooworld Posts: 3,906 Member
    Good morning everyone! Once more yesterday we took the pooch for a long walk. It was nice but a bit chilly. I hope it warms up today but I think it might rain today.

    @mswatson0777 It was! Yeah, since I don't know anyone but the host, I think that's how it's going to be but it should still be fun! A run and puppy walks sounds like a great way to start the day. <3 Good luck with grocery shopping!

    @cbabie Congrats on getting on the treadmill! That's fantastic. I used to work in a similar call center, in bill collection, and it was a tough job. I'm a softy and had a very hard time doing that job. My bosses wanted me to be tougher on people than I was willing to be. Yeah, some of those stories are b.s. but some will break your heart.

    @its_cleo Thanks! I'll have to look for a bulgur salad as I have leftover in the bag, thanks! That's good you stuck to your list, that probably helped things.

    @Shexio Hello and welcome! Don't worry about keeping up with us, just jump in when you can and respond when/if you can! We are a chatty bunch and it can get to be too much sometimes lol! I'm glad you are here. I'm in my low 50s with no kids but I do have a dog and a hubby. :) I do much better when I preplan my meals too/pretrack my meals. Congrats on a great day!

    @theslightedgeforever NOPE! But I'm not in the red for the week...YET. Yes, do try that soup, it's easy and delicious! If you can't find bulgur, substitute something else. I wish my bookclub was organized enough to figure that out but noooo. It wasn't and my bookclub is deceased as of right now at least until this is over! :( If I read too far ahead, I forget too. I hope you enjoy your bookclub meeting.

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
  • mswatson0777
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    @cbabie Weight loss has got to be tough with sleep deprivation, great job getting that walk in!

    @its_cleo It's hard not to feel depressed with all that's going on. I'm glad you were able to get moving and break out of it.

    Welcome @Shexio , glad to have you in the group!

    @theslightedgeforever I had the same thought when I started the show, but apparently it keeps getting better in the later seasons. I haven't fallen in love yet, but I find it a fun and silly background show

    @nighthazel01 I'm glad you were able to get a new washer. Sorry to hear the claustrophobia is setting in. I'm so grateful that summer is on it's way so we can escape the house.

    @trooworld I dread the rain now, since outside time feels so good for my mental health. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the walk!

    So I have some exciting news: my partner and I eloped last night!!!! We realized with everything up in the air with COVID we wanted to make sure that we protect each other during this time. And thanks to our state laws, we were able to get a marriage license and get married same day so it's processed before everything in our state shuts down after Friday. We're still going to do our small wedding in August to celebrate with everyone, but we're happy that we made the decision now so that we are more secure as a couple in these tumultuous times.

    I did have a slice of wedding cake and lots of wine with dinner, but I'm back on track today (and I was NOT missing out on cake on my wedding day)!