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    Hi everyone! I weighed in this morning and maintained again. This is okay with me considering I had pizza for dinner last night. :/

    @Shexio I love your fluffy pup! I'm from CA, originally from the midwest. :)

    @RetiredAndLovingIt I need to up my water intake too. It is very stressful about his job and he's so stubborn! :( I messaged Joanna the other day and she's doing okay, just been busy I think. I'm sorry you have to miss GD's 11th birthday. That's great you were able to do a video call though!

    @cbabie I hope DGGD's fever goes away and she does NOT have to go to the doctor's! No, men do not think like us!

    @its_cleo Yes!

    @TeresaW1020 Thank you! <3 Your husband told you that you need to get rid of shoes? Man, he is crazy!!! ;) I want to join your group, but that link doesn't work. Can you help?

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    trooworld wrote: »
    I want to join your group, but that link doesn't work. Can you help?

    Ugghhh that is what I get for NOT checking the link before posting!! Sorry about that and yayyyyyy for wanting to join!

    Here is the link again for you and anyone else who would like to join Fat2Fit and be on the Mission Slimpossibles team with me and its_cleo! :)
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    @trooworld - I would be happy with maintaining right now, especially with pizza! You're doing something right

    @renaegry - The drinks sound good, I like trying different things, but nothing too sweet. I like my whisky from time to time.

    @theslightedgeforever I like the raw butternut idea.

    @Shexio Warm liquids help with the snacking. I heat water in a coffee cup to drink, I prefer most of the time to cold water, unless it's really hot outside

    @its_cleo I started watching Mad Men on Netflix, I'd never watched before, I have to admit I'm kinda hooked. It's a good way to pass the time. I admire your commitment to exercise, you always seem to find a way to make it work.

    @cbabie - Hopes she's feeling better soon.

    Rainy and dreary here. I've spent the day cleaning and watching a movie on Netflix. We got a new washing machine because ours complete died, so DH decided to remodel the laundry room because he never liked how the cabinets and shelving was originally done. I feel this could have waited, but he likes having projects to do. If it dries up later, I'm planning on going for a walk.

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    @TeresaW1020 No worries, thank you for the correct link! I might also add for anyone interested that you have to JOIN the board before you can post that you want to join the Mission Slimpossibles...that was a bit confusing at first lol! But I figured it out!

    @nighthazel01 Thank you, we'll see how next week goes! I hope you get your walk in.

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @teresaw1020 I'd love to join your team but I also belong to two other groups for accountability and just no time to post personals there too. I'll be there with you all in spirit though. You sound like you made a nice healthy dinner. We used messenger for our virtual bookgroup but then I've also used zoom for a potluck gathering and tomorrow I will use Snapchat for a friends gathering. Did you start the 20 seconds challenge again today? I need to put a sticky note on my computer to remind myself of that.

    @Shexio Good idea about the stepping in place during a conference call. I have a friend who walks everytime she gets a phone call. I don't get phone calls anymore. I could do that with voice messages though. I'm from IL but I had 3 kids go to college in Iowa. One still lives there in Des Moines area. Iowans are the nicest people I think.

    @mswatson0777 So who does the cooking in your new married life? Or do you share it? I was wondering if you had any good healthy recipes lately.

    @trooworld The lasagna was really good. I liked it. A bit time consuming so I wouldn't make it all the time but I think twice a quarter maybe? I think it would be good with a bechamel sauce too. I think I'll try that next time. Thanks for giving me the recipe. Just hose your dh down before he walks back in the door. We live in very scary times right now. I worry about both my kids cause they are in the medical field. But then I remind myself at least they still have a job.

    @retiredandlovingit That's good you are not feeling like snacks. That helps with the calories. Yaaaay on losing a few pounds. That's why we're here. That and to get healthy and learn new habits. I saw that girl scout cookies can be ordered online now. Does your dd have a site? I was thinking I could order some from her and send them to my kids.

    @cbabie I hope your dggd (for some reason I think of diggety-dog when I type that. lol) is feeling better. Have you returned to the treadmill yet? Remember it doesn't have to be in 30 min chunks of time for it to count. Get on there for 5 if that's all you have at the moment and then later you can find another 5. It all adds up.

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    @trooworld Maintaining is good. Losing is better though. I get it. I'm glad you checked in with Joanna. I wonder how they are faring with this virus over in the UK.

    @nighthazel01 Have you found a new routine yet with all the birdies back in the nest? I think I'm getting more of a handle on the eating now and will focus on the exercise soon. Having people home all the time and not being able to go out can really wreck a person's psyche. What movie did you watch? We've been having family movies lately. We just watched Hacksaw Ridge.

    OK all caught up.........

    April will be here soon. What are your goals going to be?

    In the book I'm reading right now, it talks about craving and says the shame and guilt felt from caving to a craving is worse than the calories in the food you just ate. I haven't decided how I feel about that statement. I figure one can always get over the shame/guilt. Calories are there forever.

    Anyway, he suggests that if you really want to eat something then do a couple of the following first and then go eat what you were craving. If you do more than two even better.

    When a craving hits

    1. Meditate for one minute
    2 Eat a healthy item
    3 Do one push up, one sit up, dance for a minute, etc.
    4 Drink a glass of water
    5 Delay for 10 min
    6 Go do a hobby
    7 Go watch a TV show or buy a new book or song
    8 Go take a walk

    Green Day- Stayed OP 237/238 Exercise- Nada

    March goals Drink 3 glasses of water o:) Decluttering o:)
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    @theslightedgeforever I watched Mud with Matthew McConaughey, it was a random choice on Amazon Prime. It was good. I watched Hacksaw Ridge awhile ago, also very good, and similar to the movie and book Unbroken. My family is starting to settle into a new routine, which helps, thanks for asking. My kids classes keep them busy, many of the professors haven't figured out how to run their online classes, so some of their classes have been difficult. My eating habits have improved, I'm not snacking as much, but I'm still overloading on carbs, pasta is an easy go to choice when I can't get to the store.

    I walked around my house yesterday, because the weather outside was so blah. Hopefully today I get out for a real walk. I might even tackle cleaning out my computer room, there are so many papers to go through and shred, it would make for a great quarantine project.
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    Hello everyone! I finally finished my book for my book club (even though we aren't going to meet...boooo!) and I didn't like the ending. :( It's been a while since I've been satisfied with a book. I'm due for a good one! On to weight-related things: Yesterday was a bad day. I ate leftover pizza for breakfast, skipped lunch altogether, but had what I had planned for dinner (homemade meatball sandwiches in pita with baked fries). This day will be better.

    @theslightedgeforever A bechamel sauce WOULD be good on that lasagna. lol...hose the DH down...that works for me! ;) Yeah, it's scary right now. Yes, maintaining is okay for now but the goal is to lose. I need to drink more water if I plan on doing that. Back to mini-goals for drinking water. I did well with that. My April goals...I have to give them some thought. I think the point of that list is to distract yourself. That's a good list.

    @nighthazel01 I hope you get out today.

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    Morning all

    Well last night is the first night in 2 days I got to sleep and in my bed. DGGD slept in my bed with me but we slept. First night with no fever!!! So I am hoping and believing today will be the start of something good!!
    I did not get on the treadmill yet today. I didn't know she would be sleeping so long..NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING!!! Lol. I got to get some of my morning routine in. I can see why people forget what day it is when they retire. lol.

    @trooworld Sorry that your book had a not so good ending. I read a book one time from an author that was good and I hated the ending and have never read another one of her books..LOL

    @theslightedgeforever No I did not get on the treadmill. Going to try today. With no sleep and I mean no sleep, my body ached and I was cranky..

    @nighthazel01 Well I hope to clean today. I feel like I need to disinfect everything after DGGD being sick. LOL

    Well I hope everyone has a great day.

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    Hi to all..bright sunny day here, but so windy!! Storms around yesterday. I saw a tornado hit somewhere in the south yesterday. How scary & especially with social distancing. Have been walking on the treadmill, but didn't get it done yesterday. Oh well, you are supposed to have a rest day, lol.

    @theslightedgeforever Thank you. That was so sweet of you to offer to buy GS cookies from her. But I think OK has shut off all sales, even online. Dd has been "cookie mom" (& leader of the troup) & cookie distributor for the council area (at times she has had about $90,000 cookies in her garage!!) I think she said she has been able to get rid of all the excess her troup had. Now if people would finish getting their money to her..I asked do they bring cash? :# Yup, guess so..told her to have someone else count it because of the splint on her hand, lol. Thanks for the compliment about Iowans, too, lol.

    @cbabie Yay!! Glad your ggd is feeling better & you got some sleep. When I worked nights, I would try to stay up the first day off & without some sleep, I would get almost physically sick. It was nice you could sleep in a little.

    @trooworld Pizza for breakfast sounds yummy.

    @Shexio I like your Tony Horton quote. Sounds like you have a great exercise plan. You asked where people are from..I am originally from Eastern Iowa, but now live in the Des Moines area. (moved to be close to one of our dds & gkids)

    @nighthazel01 Congrats on the new washing machine. I bet with everyone home it runs a lot. I know I've been washing more (especially towels & washcloths...trying to stretch my supply of paper towels)

    Dh opened my bag of "emergency" peanut m&ms yesterday. I was fine with looking at the bag on the counter, but with them opened...not good!

    Local dd was headed to Costco yesterday, so asked if we needed anything. She thought might not be busy since raining, but guess it was. (Isn't it always, lol) Anyway, probably could have used a few things, but didn't want her spending anymore time in there than was necessary, so told her no.

    Dd in OK went out to get a cake for gd's birthday. It was very pretty...feel bad for a kid having a birthday now, not normal being so solitary. I asked dd to let me know when they had the cake, & we would video call to sing Happy Birthday. Dd forgot, so we just video called later.

    Need to set April has to be to drink more water.

    Hope everyone has a great day. Stay safe.
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    Okay, sorta caught up on your posts. I should have logged and tracked yesterday as I took the day “ off “ from the more nutrient dense foods and focused on less nutrient dense choices. 😉

    Sounds better that way don’t it? And it’s actually true. So I ended my day with a more than satisfying caramel Sunday. Oh the delight. And I made chocolate chip
    Cookies, which I can have one a day if I do choose to.

    My biggest downfall is being bored and not having a to do list, so I made a to do list! 📝

    Anyone from the southern US? Or just me?

    Yesterday we walked about 18,000 steps. I still Over indulged. Steps and activity do nothing of your food ain’t in line. I made my meal plan for the week. I’ll try to take a pic of it. Next goal is to log it al into MFP today.
    — then, I literally have no excuse not to follow it.

    Okay, off to walking today again. Temps ate mid-60’s. Super Excited about that.
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    On the GS cookie 🍪 convo:
    @theslightedgeforever - I ask the scout what her favorite one is and then, I buy that one, pay for it and tell her it’s my gift to her & it’s hers. They always love that!
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    @trooworld pizza yummmmm!!!! my hubby and I have Pizza Sunday every week. We’ve made it our Sunday night thing, which makes it SO much easier for me to just have 2 slices and be done. Also, I know how much calories to allow for the other meals.
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    Just breezes through the post. There was a lot. Lol. Definitely need to check in more often.

    Been getting my 10,000 steps in everyday since Monday. Been going for 5km Walks daily. Hope to get one in this afternoon. -3C here today but a bit breezy.

    Slowly should be warming up here in April. Snow is starting to melt so it’s very sloppy around.

    Raspberry. Haven’t seen that flavour here. Only black cherry, lime, mango and pink grapefruit.

    Hope everyone is doing well.
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    @renaegry I always seem to post after you lol.

    @Shexio that is awesome- buying the cookies. I bet the girl scouts love that. ….I think Teresa is from Georgia but don’t quote me on that.

    @RetiredandLovingIt maybe they can do the GS cookies later in the year? Like the fall?

    @cbabie I’m so glad you got some sleep!

    @nighthazel01 I love shredding papers. I don’t know why. I bought a shredder from a neighbor last year and I have like way too many old papers, so I’ve slowly been shredding them. I just find it satisfying lol. …yeah Madmen. Yeah I’ve seen the whole thing. I like it, it’s a little bit slow but I mostly enjoyed it. The last couple of seasons dragged a little bit

    @theslightedgeforever yeah I like me some Timothy Olyphant lol. I don’t think he has done much else after Justified. I’m on season 5 I think. I haven’t seen the last season yet. ….I think the thing with guilt/shame- I mean if you have over indulged with something, then all that can be done is to try to learn and do better for next time. Getting bogged down in shame and guilt after the fact isn’t always helpful. Maybe that’s what the book means? …..I like the list of delay items. I do that a lot- try to delay things.

    @trooworld I found the group a little confusing at first too, but once you get the hang of it it’s good.
    Well I just finished week 2 of the big shut down. Week 1 was pretty bad in terms of exercise, food etc. Week 2 was a little better. Starting week 3 today and hoping to be better still.
    I went and did my stairs/hill routine today. It was pouring rain, but that meant there wasn’t a lot of people out. This afternoon I’m also going to try to do a strength workout although the stairs kind of kicked my butt.

    On track for calories today.

    I’m trying to think this will last until the end of April. I hope it’s better here after that.

    I hope everyone takes care.
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    Here is my crafty lil planner for the week. It’s a 13” picture frame, behind it on paper is the week days etc. I wrote in dry erase marker on the glass and that wipes off with tissue.

    😉❤️Tuesday will be “Nacho Normal Tuesday” and be Mexican dishes.
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    @its_cleo : great job with the steps! Good luck on the nutrition.

    CoronaV-a Quarantine (CV19Q) Week 3 Day 1 starts for me tomorrow also. Yeah, the hardest part (like any other thing) has been sticking to the nutrition lol
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    @Shexio, yup it’s my week three too and it looks like we have at least another four to go. So planning is so important, and your planner is awesome. It looks great and very functional. :)

    @RetiredAndLovingIt, I was thinking about tornado season and how awful it could be for so many people who are already suffering. Yeah, I totally couldn’t be around an open bag of Peanut M&Ms! :o

    @cbabie, I am glad that you DGGD is feeling better and that you both got some sleep! <3

    @trooworld, pizza for breakfast is the best! But not so much when you are counting those points, huh? You will have a better day! <3

    @theslightedgeforever, totally understand about not joining my group! There is NO way I could take on another group. Both my groups are VERY chatty! :D I did start the 20-second challenge but only remembered about half the time. I think putting a sticky where I can see it is a great idea! Hmm, that is an interesting quote and I think I agree with it. Yes, calories are there forever but the shame and guilt for me have often had a much longer effect on me. Learning to control my cravings has been a lifelong battle for me. Good tips on what to do when it strikes. :)

    Good morning! Ugghhhh my heart dropped when I heard yesterday that we will be stuck in the house for the next month. It is what it is, and I am certainly praying that this virus will run its course and we can get back to our lives. The good news is that pastor did a MUCH better job with his online message yesterday morning and last night we did a test run on Zoom for our Bible study class. We had about 25 people show up which was much more than I thought it would be, so that was great. It was super fun to sit and laugh and talk with our friends again. One of the ladies does a Zoom Bible study with her daughter’s church and invited me to join them. So, I ordered my book last night and am excited to get started on that. This morning I’m going to Aldis and Walmart to do some shopping for the week. My April plan is to lose some weight!! :)
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    Morning everyone! Yesterday was better as far as food goes, but I was in pain most of the day with arthritis issues in my lower back. :( I did get out and go for a walk in the morning though.

    @cbabie Oh that's great news about DGGD! re: the bad book...I would probably not read another book by that author either lol!

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Oh tornados are so scary! Stay safe. Pizza is yummy at any time of the day lol. Yes, Costcos are always busy but I bet especially busy now.

    @Shexio Yes, I like the way you put that! ;) Caramel...that's one of my favorite things in life. That's good that you always have pizza on Sunday: you can count it in on a certain day/arrange your calories around it. I love your planner for the week! It's so cute and functional.

    @renaegry Hello!

    @its_cleo I, too, am getting adjusted to this shutdown. I admire you, doing the stairs in the pouring rain!

    @TeresaW1020 Nope! When you are counting points, it adds up very, very quickly! ;) I'm glad your church is adjusting to online worship, that's great!

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    Hi all...bright & sunny here. I am going to get out for a walk today instead of the treadmill. Supposed to get in the 60's & I need some Vit D for immunity, lol.

    @trooworld Sorry your back was giving you trouble. That can be so sore..I get it sometimes & dh has had numerous back surgeries. Not fun! He got an inversion table that helps him, but I didn't like it.

    @Shexio I should take the planner idea from you. Keep thinking I need to get on more of a schedule with a lot of things..otherwise it's easy to say I'll do it tomorrow & then tomorrow never comes. When the kids were home, it was always pizza on Sat. night. In our small town, we only had 2 places to get it. I think they knew my voice & what I would order before I did it.

    @TeresaW1020 Glad your online church going well. Ours seems to have it set up pretty well, altho yesterday for some reason it kept moving. Not sure if someone was bumping it or what. They had this local guy who is a professional singer do a couple of hymns. What a voice! At Christmas when he sang with the mike, it was so powerful that it almost hurt your ears. Managed to stay away from the m&ms..yesterday it was the Doritos that got me, lol.

    @its_cleo Wow, impressed that you did the stairs in the rain. Used to like to walk in the rain, but not so much anymore.

    @renaegry Good job getting your steps in!

    Well, not much more for now. I did a little cleaning already today & later I think I will try to declutter the office. Not really too bad, just papers to put away & old magazines to get rid of & maybe shred some things.

    I started week 3 on Saturday. Kinda glad they are saying another 4 weeks. I thought Easter was pushing it, but the 4 weeks might be enough to see a difference. On that other thread, I think the lady from Italy says they are on a lockdown for another 2 weeks at least.

    Stay safe & have a great day.