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    Morning all.

    Welcome @Shexio

    Man am I getting caught up on all my book work since I have no running around with the kids. Been hovering around 0 here so Monday and yesterday I got in 2 walks and Tuesday I got on the treadmill. I am hoping today to get in another outdoor walk and maybe some weights. I have to make a trip to get my husband some parts for his truck (will grab some more book work from a client while there) and will do a quick grocery stop. Having a slow start to my day with this no routines. Joys of being self employed. Can work when I want.

    Hubby comes home in the morning for 4 days. Which means eating will be on par but I can see quite a few drinks in our future. My favourite right now is WhiteClaw. It’s a vodka seltzer. Unlike the black cherry. 100 cals and 1 carb. Also like my mikolob beer 90 cals and 3 carbs. Also bought a Soda stream. My favourite it cranberry raspberry. It’s also very good in vodka. Lol.

    I have been mad that I haven’t been able to get my weight back down again after last weekend then realized it’s that time of the month coming. And sure enough it showed up today. So hopefully weight will drop back down in a few days. And hopefully stay there. Will spring on the horizon I hope to continue getting in those outdoor walks.

    Hope everyone is doing well.
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    Hi all..guess I shouldn't have been "bragging" about getting on here, lol. Yesterday dh wanted me to show him some of our budget book work that I do & how to log into stuff, etc. I jokingly told dd's that he must be worried about me making it thru this. Guess I will just have to now, lol. He has run to the grocery for me a couple of times, because I have reactive airways/asthma (not sure which...different doctors, different diagnosis). He went & got gas yesterday in case we would have to make the trip to OK. Also wanted to get it before they decide to shut things down & there is a mad run for gas. Don't think they would do that, but better to be prepared, lol. He has gloves out in his shop for woodworking (staining), so he wore a pair of them & took a bunch of clorox wipes. Said he wiped the gas nozzle & everything. Thinks the guy at next pump probably thought he was nuts, but oh well! Also washed his hands when he got home.

    @mswatson0777 Wow, congrats on your big news!! I'm sure it feels good for that security as a couple. And I definitely would have had the cake!!

    @trooworld Congrats on the walks. I hate it when we go for a walk & realize I forgot my Fitbit. But like slightedge said, your body still knows it.

    @nighthazel01 Thanks, I think my niece is trying to be as safe as she can. Please stay vigilant since you said a lot of cases near you. Our state keeps getting more every day, probably like most places.

    @its_cleo Yeah for staying with your list!! And for the kitchen cleaning! I should be doing more cleaning right now, when we are "released" I won't want to stay in doing it.

    @cbabie good job on the treadmill. Hope you ggd gets that tooth soon. I could not function on 3 hrs of sleep.

    @theslightedgeforever You asked what spices don't you use..guess my answer would be most of them, lol. The only one that I can think of that I use a lot is cinnamon. Other than salt type seasonings. I know I've said before, I cook pretty plainly, lol. Yeah, I saw Poweshiek county (where Grinnell is) has 1 or 2 cases. Most counties around here now have it. Dh says we should move to the south part of state..they aren't showing any yet. I am having a hard time remembering what day it is. Kind of funny, shouldn't seem that much different than being home being retired, but sure feels like it. Guess I don't stay home, in the house, that much normally.

    @TeresaW1020 I agree with you maybe teleconferencing with your group. I think the POTUS wants everything back by Easter, but I'm not sure I agree with that either. It would be really nice, but....

    @Shexio Welcome. This is a chatty bunch, and I try to get on every day & hopefully say something, but it doesn't seem to work out that way. Don't be intimidated, they are all super friendly!!

    Well, guess I will go outside. Dh said he was going to clear away some of the old flowers since we saw new ones trying to come through. Better go check & make sure there are still some there.

    Stay safe everyone.
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    @mswatson0777 Congrats! So nice to hear some positive news. All the best!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. I’ll post Thursday in the morning .
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    @renaegry You are doing an excellent job of working out. Keep it up. Just keep tracking your food and once TTOM goes away I'm sure your body will respond and the weight will go with it. When does it start to warm up there?

    @retiredandlovingit So how goes your eating plans this week? What are you most proud of? I snickered on having dh teach you how to do the stuff. But not really a laughing matter as who knows who wins the lottery on this thing. So home I sit. I haven't cracked yet. Your dh sounds like me when I used to go out. I was wiping down everything and didn't care who saw. They can Kiss My Grits as Flo used to say. Poweshiek county is up to 4. I was asking my dh how does "retirement" feel. He says this isn't like retirement because we're not leaving the house. lol USA has topped the list now. I don't think we should be going out by Easter.

    @its_cleo I must have missed mswatson's news. Glad you were on the ball. Did you do your stairs today? I have stairs in my house and I'm thinking I could do those.

    @shexio What food program are you following? I'm doing a carb cycling program and had great success for 6 months and then got real sick (I think I had corona before it was popular, lol) and then all this staying home has stalled my progress. So I'm trying to get my head in the game once again.

    Some spices that I almost never use is aniseed which I bought for some cookie recipe. garam masala for an indian recipe. I have loads of spices.

    I read in my book that every time you sit down to watch TV to do 20 seconds of running in place, jumping jacks, etc. Just get the body moving. Then for every 30 minutes you sit there, get up and do it again. When commercials come on just get up and walk around (no not to the kitchen for a snack) So I will be working on adding this into my life. I guess we could also use it for sitting in front of the computer. Or playing a game on the phone. etc.

    I realized today that I did drink all my water yesterday. It's really becoming a habit. The two areas I was working on was drinking water while cooking dinner and then water with dinner. I did both of those things and didn't even think about it. Yeah, I'm going on auto-pilot. In April, I will add another situation.

    I had bookclub tonight. 7 of us. A bit different doing it virtually but it worked. The book was The Hate You Give. They made a movie out of it. Nice discussion.

    I tried something new today. I was making the butternut lasagna noodles and had some left over so I ate one of them raw. I cut them into julienne strips and ate them like french fries. They were really good. so I'll be doing this in place of my popcorn.

    Green Day- Went Over 262/238 Exercise-Rest Day

    March Goals-Drink 3 glasses of water o:) Decluttering :(
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    @nighthazel01 Two walks everyday. lol Sometimes togetherness can be a dirty word. Try once again the IF and see if that helps for a bit stay away from the snacks. I'm still trying to figure out my plan with dh and ds at home. It seems I'm always in the kitchen. Stay safe where you are. Yaaay on a new washer. That's always fun.

    @shexio Preplanning is the key. I did so much better when I did that in the morning. So back to that. Thanks for reminding me. Sounds like you have some good exercise goals. Hooray on getting your cardio in.

    @trooworld Yaaaay for not being in the red. Every little bit helps. Are you tracking still. I assume so with WW but I just read your March goals. We only have one more bookclub meeting for the year and then we are done til September. So that's good. Although it was nice just talking with people other than my family. Only 3 of us turned our cameras on. Maybe they were all sitting naked at home. Who knows. lol

    @mswatson0777 Wow. Congratulations. What wonderful news. A very smart decision legally during these times. I'm so happy you got your piece of wedding cake.

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    Accountability : push ups and pull ups and some plank work

    Thursday: 👍🏻 Active over 10k steps +my workout. Food logged ✅ food under 1700 calories ✅

    What I can do better today: plan my food, track before I eat (if not following what I logged). Drink warm liquids instead of “snacks” when anxious at work.

    @shexio I do a lot of Beachbody workouts, lost 75# by tracking on MFP. And started doing a 40% carb/40%protein diet which seemed to work nice. But I just try to eat healthy, when I see my weight going up, I use MFP tracking more.
    🙃 I’ve tried a lot of things...never WW though. Portioning worked well for a couple years. I went vegan and that worked well also ...skinniest I Ever was...oh, and Keto...but, while I wasn’t hungry on keto, I Remeber I didn’t get many 🥺 joyful foods. Tracking is key.

    I'm did do a carb cycling program and also had great success (it helped me get into a physique competition). The issue with it is, I want more of a lifestyle change. So I’m really trying to figure out what is 1-2habits food wise I can implement. It’s the 90/10 rule. 90% of my results will come from 10% of my actions.

    I’m with ya on getting the head back in the game. The past 2 days it’s been more in the game ....

    In my workout video this morning Tony Horton said something like :
    so you didn’t reach your numbers. That’s okay. Write down what you did. You showed up. You gave it effort. You tried and that’s more than what the people on the couch did. Next time, you’ll improve. Keep pressing play and you’ll get to those numbers. .

    I think that fits well with nutrition. Just keep showing up for yourself and you’ll get there.
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    ❤️ This idea 💡
    1️⃣ every 20mins, do 20 seconds of running in place, jumping jacks, etc. Just get the body moving.
    2️⃣ Then for every 30 minutes you sit there, get up and do it again.
    3️⃣When commercials come on just get up and walk around.

    I guess we could also use it for sitting in front of the computer. Or playing a game on the phone. etc.
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    @Shexio welcome! I really like that idea. I do try to limit my sitting time to 30-45 mins bc it hurts my back. Then when I get up I try to do some stretching but that is an even better challenge. I may try it today bc I think my weight is edging up.

    @theslightedgeforever I agree with you about Easter….ah I see the above was your idea- I like it. I’ve lost track of time. I’ve done the stairs to my apartment a couple times. Yesterday I went for a run. It was nice to get out. Today I might go for a long walk. Congrats with the water- I know that was a goal for a long time.

    @RetiredandLovingIt I hope you can get some nice new flowers up. That is the thing, we can still enjoy spring I guess.

    @trooworld sorry about your book club. Everything I like has been cancelled too. I’ve accepted it but it all just seems *kitten*.

    @nighthazel01 good luck with the washer. Yes I have been reading about Michigan. Take care.
    I’ve lost track of who asked me what- Someone asked why I don’t use my balcony normally- well there’s no furniture there, nothing to sit on. I keep reading to buy like a patio chair and a little table but I never get to it. Because I live alone I’m not very good at decorating etc. Like I also don’t have any pictures on my walls, which I suppose is kind of terrible.

    With this shut down, I have been doing some of my exercises on my balcony to get some extra fresh air.
    So my weight is up a little bit, and I haven’t been tracking calories as much. I need to exercise more but I at least did better this week than last week.

    Today I will try some core, just very basic stuff:

    Birddog, plank, side plank, leg lift.
    Some work with a flex band for my arm and back

    And some cardio- stairs outside my apartment a couple times, maybe a workout on Youtube. Walkk for an hour.

    My goal is to get 2 hours of movement today.

    Other things- a bit of work, I have to do my taxes at some point. Some more housework. I feel like my life is so boring lol.

    TV- I’m rewatching MadMen. And I’ve been watching an old show called Justified that I never saw before. It’s very good.

    That's my full report! I hope everyone is well.
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    @mswatson0777, Congratulations!!! <3 I am so happy for you and I think you both made the right decision. I had a friend who eloped and then a few months later had a lovely ceremony for family and friends in their back yard. So totally OK and doable. Yes, to wedding cake and wine!! If there was ever time it’s when you become a new bride. :)

    @theslightedgeforever, that is a good idea to do 20 seconds of movement. When I was doing a tiny habit challenge, I was trying to do 20 seconds of running in place every time I went to the bathroom. I pee a lot, so the steps really added up. I think I will start that again today! Good job on drinking all your water! What did you use to do your virtual book club? The church is thinking about doing some kind of small group interaction using Zoom. :)

    @RetirdAndLovingIt, glad that your DH is taking care of you and being very careful when he goes out. This is not a time to care what others say. I have told my DH that he needs to show me his bookkeeping system again. I make him show me about once a year so hopefully if something ever happens to him I will be able to figure out how to pay the light bill. :D It would be very nice to be back in church on Easter but I’m very sure that won’t be happening where I live or many other places around the nation.

    @renaegry, the good thing about being stuck at home is getting projects done. Girl, you make me want to go get some adult beverages now! :D

    @nighthazel01, not good timing for a new washing machine but a definite must have. Getting out and walking is a great way to get some freedom and much needed exercise. I find IF really does help with the snacking. Now if I could just control it during my eating window!

    @its_cleo, how are you feeling today? <3 Did you get outside and exercise? Are there signs of spring yet where you live? It’s gorgeous here with all the new green leaves and flowering trees, but the pollen count is so incredibly high that we can’t really go out and walk without our allergies flaring up.

    @trooworld, glad you are getting out for a walk. This time of year the weather there must be amazing where you are. When it’s not raining, of course. ;)

    @cbabie, good job on getting on your treadmill and you will get back to where you used to be. That little girl will grow up and become more self-sufficient so grandma can do her thing. I will send you a PM. :)

    @Shexio, welcome to the group!! We can be very chatty but please don’t feel pressure to respond to us all every day. Do what you can…when you can. I do Beachbody on Demand workouts. Who is your favorite trainer? I just created my own hybrid calendar using 80 Day Obsession, 21-Day Fix, LIIFT 4 and my treadmill. My knees don’t like a lot of the leg workouts right now, so the treadmill walks are mostly for my legs. I didn’t know how much I would like using weights until I started BOD. Your little dog is soooo cute!! Tell me about your baby! :)

    @joannadavison, missing you and hoping all is well with you and your family! <3

    Good morning! Well, I stepped on the scale and I’m up 2.8 lbs. :s It wouldn’t have been that high but yesterday I made baked Ziti and garlic bread to take to that sweet couple who had lost their baby a couple of weeks ago and of course we had to eat too for our dinner. I am really mad at myself and my actions this past week where I have been snacking way too much, drinking too much coffee, not drinking enough water, and of course, doing lots of sitting. So, today I’m drawing a line in the sand and calling enough is enough!! This quarantine is now a part of my life and it’s time to make a new normal for the foreseeable future. On top of getting strict with my eating, water intake, and workouts, I am making a list of every part of my house and will spend one to two hours a day deep cleaning every square inch of it. I will also do reorganizing closets, cabinets, drawers, etc. I am vowing to you all right now that next Friday I will have a much better weight to report. B)

    I did go to my staff meeting yesterday and we stayed away from each other by sitting far apart. We are just going to take it week by week to see if we can continue to meet. Today, they are meeting at the pastor’s house to tape his message and have a cookout for lunch. They plan to stay outside and be careful. DH and I sadly won’t be going. This isolation from his church family is really getting to my poor DH and I hate it for us, but it is what it is. OK, I’m going to work out and get out some frustration. Stay safe, my friends! <3

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    I also wanted to say that if you are looking for more accountability my group Fat2Fit has opened up the April registrations. I'm the captain on team Mission Slimpossibles and would love for any of you to join my team. :)

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    @its_cleo : I’m going to try the extra movement today. Esp. During a 30 min conf call, I could “step” in place or something .

    @TeresaW1020 : My weights up from last week also. And I’m up 2# since Feb.1st. More veggies...less carbs is the current “plan”.
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    @renaegry I love whiteclaw too, raspberry is my favorite!

    @TeresaW1020 How does fat2fit work? Do you just record your weight weekly? Are there check ins?

    @its_cleo exercise on the balcony sounds like fun! It's hard to stay motivated for weight loss being trapped inside all day

    @shexio I love Tony Horton. He reminds me of Jim Carrey with his humor, and I need humor to get me through online workouts!

    @theslightedgeforever Butternut lasagna noodles sound delicious! What a great snack idea!

    @retiredandlovingit I also got weird looks when I was wiping everything down at the grocery store but I'm not taking any chances! I don't want to be a carrier!

    Happy Friday All! I'm jealous of everyone's time to tidy their house and organize since I feel like all of my time is spent on grad school and dissertation prep. It's good to have something to mentally focus on, but between that and work it's taking up a lot of time!

    My partner and I are still getting used to being married! We're both over the moon about it. We've been together for 7 1/2 years so this has been a long time coming and it feels good to have each other for support. And now we get to quarantine honeymoon together for the next month and a half!
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    Good morning! It rained/thundered and lightning last night and the power went out until about 8am this morning. Exciting stuff! My DH went to work yesterday and today and it is making me so upset. Yesterday, there were people there and he SAYS today there won't be but I have my doubts. He works in an office that manages anesthesiologists' businesses so the doctors are constantly coming in and out of the office to check their mail, give my husband their reimbursements etc. Who is most likely to be carrying COVID-19 germs??? My husband has to cut checks today so he has to be at work today for at least part of the day but he's just being stubborn. What he's not thinking about is that he's not only putting his own life at risk, I don't know if I could survive the virus I'm not the most healthy person. His brother definitely couldn't survive it. He's not thinking. :(

    @mswatson0777 CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is very exciting!!! :D That makes total sense. A quarantine honeymoon: it's the new thing!!! :D

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Better your DH is extra safe! Yes, my body definitely knew, I was tired at the end of the day lol.

    @theslightedgeforever I watched the movie The Hate That You Give. It made me bawl. It was really good. I'm sure that was a good discussion. I am tracking still, I made a commitment that even if I go in the red and don't like the look of things, I'll still track. How did you like the lasagna? Or did I ask that? Old timers. That's what my dad would say. ;) Hahaha to sitting nekked during the book club meeting.

    @Shexio Congrats on 75# down, that is awesome! I tried keto, too, but got so sick of cauliflower and just...ah, sick of it all. lol

    @its_cleo Yeah, I posted on the book club's website that it might be good to meet on Zoom but we'll see if anyone hears that message. So far...crickets. That's great that you are using your balcony!

    @TeresaW1020 Actually, it has been cold the past few days. One day it was warm though! :) Pasta will always make your weight temporarily go up. We are having pizza and pasta for dinner tonight and weigh-in is tomorrow, I dread what that is going to do. :(

    March goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @mswatson0777 and @trooworld
    And everyone. What states are we all from?

    I’m in Memphis TN. (Landed here Sept 10... grew up in NW Iowa
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    Hi all...almost lunch time, but dh taking a nap instead. Hard to believe..I think his stomach can tell time, lol. But he said he woke up last night & couldn't go back to sleep, so that is probably why. I have unintentionally been doing about 16:8 IF. I don't seem to eat breakfast until about 10 & don't usually eat after supper. Between that, or really trying to limit my dairy (I thought it might be making me cough more), I have lost a few pounds. I have still been logging, but not weighing food as much as before. I wonder if I have just gotten some inflammation out of my body for the loss. & I do think it is helping my breathing....I don't feel as "rattly" as before. Really important right now, lol. I have been on the treadmill for about 30 minutes the last few days. Still need to up my water intake, tho.

    @theslightedgeforever I think you asked my eating plan. I had gone back to setting my food to maintenance & using my exercise for my deficit about March 1 or so. Figured I should lose (even if slowly) as long as I keep some movement. Also have only had my Fitbit in my pocket, unless I am going for a walk or on the treadmill, so my steps aren't accurate either. I do wear it at night, because I want to track my sleep. For some reason, I really have not felt the need to snack that much right now either. (That's a new one for me!!)

    @Shexio Your dog is so cute! Just realized he looks a lot like our last dog.

    @trooworld I hope your dh stays well. That sounds like a stressful thing about his job.

    @mswatson0777 A month & half long honeymoon! Wow, I am jealous, we had a 12hr one, lol. Again congrats!!

    @TeresaW1020 I might check out the Fat to Fit. I think I looked at it quite awhile ago..before you started doing it, but never got into it. We had joined a church when we moved here, and attend regularly, but don't feel like we have really gotten to know anyone in it that well, so not really "family" yet for us. I can understand your Dh missing it, you sound very closeknit. I do really appreciate Father doing a live video mass every morning. I like the idea of "attacking" your house in 1-2 hr chunks. I should be doing that. All I've done of my decluttering is moving my cookbooks to a bookcase. I now have a clear space on part of my counter, lol. I remember how dd complained about all the green pollen down there when she lived in Alpharetta. Used to get her allergies stirred up pretty good.

    I just realized (when someone said it) that JoannaDavison has not been on here for awhile. Also the girl from Australia. I hope they are safe & well.

    I am in a little bit of a "poor me" mood today. Tomorrow is gd in OK 's 11th birthday, and any other time, we would already be there to help her celebrate. I have to remember that so far we are all healthy & that is what is important. We can always do her birthday later. Dd is thinking of maybe a half birthday party in the fall. We surprised gd yesterday & did a video call. That was fun, so will probably do it again tomorrow. We have been texting a lot with dd, but it was good to actually see them. Other dd & kids have been good with Facetiming us.

    Well, my jury duty was to start April 1, & I am sure it is cancelled, but got a reminder to do the call in every Friday night, so will have to do that later. I think one of the reminders said basically..don't worry, you won't miss out, we will reschedule you. Darn!! Really wouldn't mind missing out! (I know not very civic minded...but!)

    Stay safe everyone & have a good weekend (in case I don't get on know so busy, lol.)
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    Afternoon gals: Well it's been a tiring last couple of days. DGGD has been running a fever since Wed night..low grade mostly, but a couple of times higher. Been keeping in touch with the Dr's office. We are monitoring at this point. Probably worse things in the office..LOL So needless to say I have not been on the treadmill and eating when and what I can.

    @mswatson0777 I just smiled really BIG when I read your news!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you and your DH.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt I agree with jury duty. I was selected one time for a hit and run and it was a week long trial and witnesses disappeared. We were told after the trial to watch our surroundings.... talk about scary. I don't miss it. I will say it was interesting, but I can live without it. I hope when this is all over you find a "home" church.

    @TeresaW1020 I just laughed when I saw you still went into the meeting...Please stay safe and yes PM me. Tell me more about the fat to fit. I forgot what it was.

    @theslightedgeforever You will get back on track, but actually I believe in truth.I think you are headed for a new Normal routine and should embrace it. (talk to Its_cleo). LOL

    @Shexio I think my sister will say you little 4 legged friend looks like our parents dog they had. LOL. Welcome to the group.

    @trooworld sometimes men don't think like we do. It's been interesting with the clean when you walk in routine.lOL

    @its_cleo I am so proud of you!!! I am sure that I would not be that energetic. I actually like the idea of a balcony workout area. Sounds peaceful and like something I would enjoy.

    Okay, gotta run, but wanted to check in since I have been missing the last couple of days.

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    @cbabie you are probably right there are worse things in the doctor's office. I hope she feels better soon. Man that is scary about being in a jury! This year I am actually in a jury pool they could call at any time, but all the cases have been cancelled for now.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt spending some time on treadmill sounds sorry about your GD's birthday. I think it's normal to feel sad about things we are missing. It's a tough time.

    @Shexio I'm Canadian. I live in Ontario.

    @trooworld that's hard with your husband. It's really hard to give up our routines.

    @mswatson0777 I love the quarantine honeymoon idea. I don't know why more people aren't doing it lol. I do have a feeling there will be a lot of quarantine babies in the fall heh

    And a shoutout to @TeresaW1020's Fat2Fit group, it's a great group of people.
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    @shexio Joyful foods. lol That's a good way to describe that. Awesome job for losing 75 lbs. Yes, tracking is the key. Pretracking and following it works even better for me. I always love different perceptions on subjects. Carb cycling for instance. I know I can do this the rest of my life versus other programs I've done. I started out following the program as written but then tweaked it because the days I exercise or did not exercise had to fit into my social lifestyle. So I had to switch up and just do red days whether or not I'm exercising. Plus the original plans schedule worked around when you had your period and now that I'm close to menopause, who the heck knows when that is going to happen so I've had to just get myself down to a 6 week program and then restart if needed. I love the quote from Tony Horton. So true

    @its_cleo That's great you are using for balcony for some fresh air and exercise. You are using the stairs in your building. You are making the most of a bad situation. Kudos to you. The food will come if you keep working at it. That's what I'm telling myself. Just small choices each day add up. I'm watching Justified too. Love this show. I'm fangirling over Raylan right now. If you are bored, go YouTube Timothy Olyphant. I love his interviews. I was born in KY. :D My daughter doesn't have anything on her walls either. I told her that she's no longer a student and this is her home now. Make a home not just a place to sleep.

    I'll catch up the rest tomorrow.

    Green Day-Stayed OP 228/238 Exercise- 10 min

    March Goals- Drink 3 glasses of water o:) Decluttering o:)
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    @trooworld, I know you are worried about your DH and yourself and rightly so with him being in the medical field. I am sure that you are both practicing all the safeguards that you can but it’s still really concerning. Stay safe, friend!! <3

    @Shexio, I also need to eat fewer carbs and cheese. Last night I had baked chicken with roasted broccoli and asparagus, and it felt so good to not be bloated the rest of the evening. And my weight was done a little bit this morning. We are Southern neighbors! I’m in Athens, Georgia. :)

    @RetiredAndLovingIt, that is great news that you are feeling better. Doing a 16:8 IF will help with inflammation and all other kinds of good benefits. I am sorry that you will miss your gd birthday. I like the idea of having another celebration once you all can be together again. Yes!! You should come on over and join Fat2Fit! I will post about it more below. ;)

    @cbabie, ohhh I am sorry that your girl is sick! You need to be extra careful not to catch it too. This is not the time to be going to the doctor’s office for anything. You know how stubborn we church people can be! I hope you will join Fat2Fit! I will most more about it below. :)

    @its_cleo, thanks for the shout out and you have been such a wonderful addition to F2F! <3

    Good morning! It’s hard to believe that its been two weeks since we have been told to stay in our houses. I am pretty sure that our ban won’t be lifted any time soon. We have over 2,000 infected people in the state and 24 cases in my town. My pastor has a daughter-in-law who is an ICU nurse at one of our hospitals and she has 8 people with the virus. We all worry for her and her husband who because he once had Lyme’s disease has to be extra careful and is quarantined in his house. :/ On a happier note my attitude is much better and yesterday I was very productive, and my master bathroom got a major cleaning and organizing. Today, I’m getting inside my closet and moving the winter and summer clothes around. I also need to organize my shoes. DH said I should get rid of some shoes. The man is clearly crazy! :o

    For those asking about the Fat2Fit group. I would LOVE to see more of you joining my team! Fat2Fit is a weight accountability group. We have six teams that have their own chat threads that last for a month and then we open up registrations for new people and create a new thread for the new month. The thread is basically just like this group. We chat, encourage, support, and share with each other our victories and struggles. We do have challenges that you can join if you want and we do a step challenge using a site called Fitrockr. You pick your day to weigh and record on that day which is kept on a big spreadsheet for all the groups.

    Here is the link again and if you decide to join please just say in the comments that you want to be on Team Mission Slimpossibles! Fat2Fit Registration