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    @nighthazel01, yes you are right that we are all going to come out of this with a desperate need for haircuts. I predict that hairdressers and dog groomers will be among the first to get back to work and will be overwhelmed with clients. :D

    @theslightedgeforever, yes, I have noticed an egg shortage as well. Aldi seems to always have them but Walmart and Kroger either have had empty shelves or very little. I really wish people would stop freaking out and just buy what they need for the week. :/

    @its_cleo, the bath for Maggie Mae went much better than I expected. And now she is clean and smells good. I am a little worried about how shaggy she is getting because she will get matted so I’m brushing her every night and she loves that. How did the session with your trainer go? HaHa with having to brush your hair and put on a bra! I don’t have that issue with Beachbody! :D

    @trooworld, it’s good that you have realized that you aren’t taking good enough care of yourself. What steps are you taking to fix that so that you can feel more in control? <3

    @mswatson0777, Yikes! 50 burpees in 2 minutes. :o There is NO way, but I can’t do them very well at all. Having a to-do list is the best way to get through the days of being stuck at home. This reminds me that I need to update my list and find some new things to put on it. :D

    @joannadavison, I’m glad that you have found ways to attend church and fellowship while quarantined. It’s so very important that we continue to stay connected! Happy sorting and decluttering! :)

    Good morning! So, yesterday morning my staff had our first Zoom meeting. We wanted to talk about what we could do this week as we head into Easter. One of our goals is to do a big push for Facebook Live, so that we can watch the Easter message together in real time. We are also doing a virtual Good Friday service and will have communion. Shhhhhh, don’t tell pastor but I bought red wine instead of grape juice. If I have to finish off a bottle of something, I wanted the calories to be worth it. :D I went out yesterday morning to Walmart, Publix, and CVS (for mom’s RX). The shelves are still pretty empty and at least 90% or more of people had masks and gloves on. I actually for the first time felt like the odd one because I didn’t have a mask on. I got everything I need and won’t need to go again until next week. I’m just really praying that this virus will be over soon and that life can resume. I know we all feel the same. Stay safe, friends! <3
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    @Shexio I agree about meal planning. I always meal plan for the week.

    @its_cleo Thanks. Not really the news, I'm not watching much of it, but work and the thought of me or my husband possibly getting COVID-19 since my husband insists on going to work anyway and doctors go to his work constantly (my husband told me the other day that he's an essential worker since he's in the healthcare industry. I don't know if I buy that.). He IS working from home about half the time, but still, it just takes one interaction. I'm also worried about possibly losing my job. Things are up in the air in that arena. Yeah, I'm hoping a talk with my therapist can help. Good luck with your trainer appt. Yes, you have to put a bra on lol! I'm glad your achilles is feeling better.

    @theslightedgeforever Yesterday I did well. I tracked all of my meals, did a Leslie Sansone video even though I am starting to get depressed and drank all of my water. That's good you are doing well with the water, bravo! It's nice that you can sit in your yard. I haven't talked to my therapist yet, that's tomorrow. The world would be a better place if everyone was like you. <3 Eggs are hard to come by here, too. I am able to find them in a small ethnic market I go to. In fact, I've been getting everything I need for groceries in my small ethnic market that I've always gotten my produce and some meat from all along. I'm just getting everything from them now. No lines, nothing out. I can get everything I need (well, they don't have some things like the big stores). If you have an ethnic market near you, try there.

    @nighthazel01 I'm grateful we bought our condo when we did last year. before we bought it, we were in a less than 500 square foot 1 bedroom apartment that was dark and depressing. If I was quarantined in that, I don't think I would make it lol. Thank you re: mental health. That will be nice to have a new laundry room.

    @TeresaW1020 I'm really focusing on making sure I'm getting better sleep and limiting the news. And I'm taking two days off work: Friday and Monday. I'm also making sure I do some form of exercise every day, I think that will help. <3 Red wine is definitely better than grape juice and no, I won't tell your pastor! :) Stay safe.

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
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    @trooworld I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling with mental health right now. It's definitely a hard time and I'm so glad you're able to connect with your therapist

    @nighthazel01 I agree, I was just talking to my mom yesterday about how glad I am to have a person to quarantine with since I think I'd feel really touch starved to not have anyone to hug during all this!

    @theslightedgeforever That's so weird that eggs are in shortage. I wonder if everyone is buying them up so they can dye eggs for easter? (or at least that's my plan!)

    @its_cleo That sounds intense! I haven't seen fines or anything like that, but I also haven't seen large groups of people gathering either. Maybe it's a Minnesota thing, we socially distanced before social distancing was cool lol.

    @shexio Lunges are my least favorite exercise! Good for you for cranking them out

    @TeresaW1020 Sounds like you have a fun plan for easter, and I won't tell ;) In times like these, wine is needed!

    Happy Tuesday all! Yesterday my Mom and I put on masks and walked 6ft apart so we could "see" each other. This distance thing is starting to wear on me a bit, but I'm trying to stay positive. I think once the weather gets nice again it will be easier. It's gloomy this morning which doesn't help my mood and it's supposed to get cold again later this week.

    I did make a good dent on my paper last night and finished the sixth season of the Great British Baking show which was fun.

    I also woke up early this morning to get an hour on the elliptical before work. It honestly felt amazing. That is one thing that has really hit home during all this COVID stuff is how important moving my body is. It's usually the one time of day that my brain shuts up and it gives me a sense of normalcy instead of just wallowing in the sads.
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    @nighthazel01 I don't know sometimes be quarantined alone would be a good idea. lol Yaaay for a good food day. I had one yesterday. but not today.

    @teresaw1020 So how was your food day? Good ideas on the Easter service and all. one of my friends told me that their church had church by everyone sitting in their cars and the preacher was delivering the message via sound system. Kind of like drive in movies. I thought that was a good idea.

    @trooworld You are doing so well during all this. Just keep at it and lead the rest of us through. Try and think about things that are happening versus the one's that may happen. You have equal chance in your husband not getting the virus and bringing it to you and also keeping your job. Although think of this possibility. You lose your job but that only frees you up for a job that just opened close to you so your commute time is shortened and that gives you more time to exercise like you have been doing and you lose more weight. If we are going to think about future ideas let's think up some good ones that benefit it. Because they are just ideas at this point.

    @mswatson0777 Yeah for your exercise. I did the tires today. Almost popped a knee doing it I will say. But I got in some exercise finally. I flipped the tire down the side of my house but it was too darn loud because everyone is in their house it's so quiet around. Then I had a big wrench I was using as a sledge hammer and that was too loud. I bet all my neighbors were wondering what is that noise. Finally I used two flowerpots full of soil that were heavy and would run with one of them and then sometimes run with two of them. I got in a weird but good workout. Yes you might be right about Easter eggs. My dd lives in MN. She socially distanced also before it was cool. But that's just her personality. I saw a T-shirt yesterday I wanted to get her.

    Started calorie program for now- Went over 1483/1467 Exercise 31 min

    April goals- Drink 4.5 glasses of water :| Decluttering :( burn 200 calories in exercise o:)
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    @TeresaW1020 It's great hearing how everyone is finding ways to connect with people in new ways. Lots of Zoom going on. My church has mass every week online, and people are meeting virtually for several different groups. Good call on the wine, I don't like juice.

    @trooworld For sure find someone to talk to online. I've got concerns about my job too, which I never thought was possible. I want everyone to stay safe as possible so I'm doing my part by staying home.

    @mswatson0777 You're right exercise is so important right now. My daily walks make all the difference for me mentally

    @theslightedgeforever Sometimes it's good to mix up our eating programs anyway. Hopefully the calorie program is easier to be on right now.

    I went for my second walk yesterday and people made regret it. Some people don't care about social distancing. I had to turn around in one place because two groups walking in the same direction were taking up the whole road. I decided to head back home and I had to pass this couple who were walking down the middle of the road. I ended up walking halfway down the lawn of a neighbor. I don't know if I'll go out for a walk today. I haven't left the house in three weeks, things are serious where I live, and I feel like I have a responsibility for myself, my family, and for other people in my community. I'm going to focus on better eating habits, more fruits and vegetables. I might have to walk around my house.

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    The past 2 days have been good. I weighed in yesterday down a pound, so tracking and just making sure I’m eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m no longer hungry (and tracking) is working. I did have some joy foods yesterday, I suppose as a celebration, because Lord knows it wasn’t out of hunger! I didn’t over feed though, just a few chocolate candy's here and there, and extra oil here and there. TBH, I didn’t track it all.... do you do that also? Back to my stricter eating today. I work for a company that makes the oils (yeah, like canola). I’m in IT. I do reporting and such. Slow day yesterday at work. That played into it too!

    Tooth is feeling better. Did lower body the last 2 days. Maybe upper and cardio today.

    @nighthazel01 Look up on you tube Jessica Smith. She has a series for free that’s a walk and talk. I know, some people are idiots, we had a similar issue last night walking.

    @teresaw1020 I hope your food went well today. I also heard of that church that deliverEd the message via sound system. that would be cool!

    @trooworld I Am interested to hear how you answer teresaw1020’s question “what steps could you take...”

    @mswatson0777 50 burpee’s...intense stuff there!

    @theslightedgeforever what a workout....Sounds like you’re a CrossFit person? maybe you needed to have some music playing outside to help reduce the noise.

    @TeresaW1020 I need to make a to do list list also.

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    @theslightedgeforever I love your tire workout! I had to laugh a little bit at your "what will the neighbors think" comment comment cause I would have been in the same boat! I love your ingenuity with the flower pots

    @nighthazel01 How frustrating! It drives me nuts when people aren't respecting social distancing. I've also found myself walking on yards to avoid others.

    @Shexio I try to count my oils, but I have a friend who doesn't who has really good success. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I have a hard time not doing it.

    I had quite the evening. We had a bunch of sticks to burn from a storm last year so my spouse and I decided to do a bonfire. Fun, right? No. First, I found a mouse nest IN our camping chairs WITH live baby mice in it. AHHH! Then, THERE IS SOMETHING LIVING IN OUR WOOD PILE. It sounded bigger than a mouse but I am officially freaked and don't know what to do about it.

    I 100% didn't sleep last night. I am very much an indoor cat (and clearly a newer homeowner since this is my first experience with both of these things. Seriously, how do you flush out a living creature from your stick pile that doesn't want to leave?!?
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    @mswatson0777, Yikes!! Maybe you should call a pest control company to come out and flush whatever is living in your woodpile out. :#

    @Shexio, good job on losing a pound!! B) Yeah, I find myself not always tracking accurately too. I’m trying hard this week to be more mindful because I know that all those little taste, bites, and nibbles add up and not tracking them doesn’t mean that I didn’t eat it. My cousin’s church in California did a drive-in style service and everyone could tune in on an AM frequency. That was pretty cool!

    @nighthazel01, yes walk around your house instead of going out! I once went to a WW meeting with a woman who walked 5 miles every day in her house. She would listen to a podcast and just walk. Stay safe but continue to try to get in some exercise. :)

    @theslightedgeforever, my cousin’s church did a drive-in style service and I thought that was a fun idea. We talked briefly about that but we don’t have that kind of sound-system and we certainly can’t spend any money right now! My food yesterday was OK. I tracked it all, but my points were still over. I’ve already tracked today and plan to do better. My Fat2Fit group has a challenge to lose at least one pound so I’m really wanting to make that happen. I think that it is a good idea to count calories since you have to be more flexible with your eating right now. :)

    @trooworld, I’m glad that you are taking steps to take care of yourself. I know that you are very concerned with your DH going to work. I would be too! I hope you are both taking all the necessary precautions. When I went grocery shopping on Monday, I wouldn’t let my DH even help carry the groceries in from the car. I put everything away, sanitized the kitchen, changed my clothes and washed up really well. At the end of the day, all we can do is our best and pray that it’s enough. :/

    Good morning! I woke up to the news that 10 people have died at a nursing home that isn’t far from where I live. I read several articles and it seems that they were trying to hide that people there had the virus and how bad it was. Sketchy and scary for sure! I also read that only eight states have more cases then we do in Georgia. Ugghhhh I just want this over for all of us! :# I’m still trying to not to come out of this with a huge weight gain. Yesterday, I worked my biceps and back and did a treadmill walk. This morning my muscles are super sore. Today, I’m doing week 3 Booty workout on 80 Day Obsession. I admit that I’m a little scared about how bad the trainer is going to hurt me. I've just got to pull back on my eating and stop the snacking!! Tonight, we have a Zoom Bible study that I’m looking forward to. Have a good day! <3
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    @theslightedgeforever yeah they have been airing old baseball and basketball games here too. I haven’t been watching any of them. I don't like it, it just reminds me. ….that tire and flower plant workout sound fantastic! Just be careful. My trainer a few months ago sent me a Youtube clip montage of Rocky working out, from one of the Rocky movies. He was like- this is what we’re going to do this week lol. …I keep joking I just want to get some cinder blocks and throw them around…...I’m all about light books. I used to like serious stuff but I just lost interest as I got older. Life is too serious.

    @TeresaW1020 lol yeah I get used to living alone so half the time I look like a bum, although I do always shower and get dressed, I’m just not dressed for success as they say….I’m sorry to hear about the folks in a nursing home. It is happening here too. It’s worrisome for sure.

    Lol about the haircuts. Yeah I am more grey than I thought, or else the grey is growing- probably the latter. I only have highlights in my hair, but I was do to get it refreshed in May so that will probably not happen. Everyone in my family goes grey- no one loses their hair though.

    I had the online session with my trainer yesterday, it worked pretty well. Definitely I worked out harder than I would on my own. So probably will keep doing it twice a week like before. It also keeps me sane somewhat. My only frustration is I wish I had more weights but I have looked high and low and absolutely everywhere is sold out pretty much.

    Burpees are interesting, I’ve never really done them. I’m not convinced of the value lol. But I was looking at a video this morning and might give some a try this week.

    @trooworld yeah I get it. I worry about that stuff too. Every time I get groceries I worry about it. And I think my job is secure? But who knows with the longer this goes on. I’m just trying to focus on one day at a time.

    @mswatson0777 lol about Minnesota socially distancing before it was cool. I keep saying I wish this virus had come in the winter when everyone wanted to be inside anyway….woodpile I don’t know. I would just leave them. When the babies are a bit older they will likely vacate.

    @nighthazel01 I hear you it is tough walking and some people don’t care. I’ve started to adjust my schedule to get
    up a bit earlier and go out earlier in the morning. I think there are less people out earlier in the day. By 11 am it’s a bit of a mess.

    @Shexio hey congrats on the pound.

    Is quarantining alone better? I am quarantined alone, and I miss interacting with people. But I try to stay connected with the internet. Once in a while I see one of my neighbours and I’m not super close with any of them, but when I see them holy smokes I want to visit for like an hour. I come on MFP, and another forum. I have calls for work 2 or 3 times a week. I talk to my father every couple weeks. Sometimes I feel like it will be hard to readjust when this is all over.

    Well- I’m feeling okay this week, but I have Friday and Monday off work and the weekend seems kind of overwhelming. I don’t know what I’ll do. I may just keep doing a bit of work.

    My Achilles is still sore but better than it was and I can still jog a bit, I’m trying not to push it- normally I have one jogging route that is very hilly, so I am skipping that one for now. My trainer said I could probably try to stairs, but I have to walk up them not jog up them because it’s the bounce and lift off that hurts the achilles. So that is one thing I will try this weekend.

    I’m trying to get my calories under control but it’s a work in progress.
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    @mswatson0777 Thank you! I'll get straightened out. It's just a rough patch right now. How nice that you were able to see your mom! And good work on your paper and doing the elliptical. OMG! Something living in the wood pile! What are you going to do???

    @theslightedgeforever I've hit a hiccup. No exercise yesterday, I didn't drink enough water, and I ate 9 pts worth of cashews. I'm not in the red for the week yet, but this is not the way I want my days to go. I'm in a depression right now. I think today when I speak to my therapist it will help. Thank you for the positive thinking train, I needed that. I can see how that can help. That's a good way to look at it and opens things up.

    @nighthazel01 Yeah, I've had the same job for 7 years. I'll talk to my therapist over the phone today. Yeah, some people do not care about social distancing, I ran into the same thing with the mail carrier yesterday: She asked if I wanted to get my mail while she had the box for the complex open and I said no, I didn't have my key (duh, she had the box open!). But that's all I could think to say when really I just didn't want to get near her! LOL It sounds like people are bad where you are. Yes, you have to take care of you and your family and your community. You've probably seen the picture of the matches on fire and the one match that steps away and stops the others from burning.

    @Shexio Congrats on being down, woo hoo! I'm trying to think of things I don't track...I don't measure out my protein shake that I put in my morning coffee, I guesstimate that at 2 oz. It comes out to 0 points anyway. Glad your tooth is feeling better. My answer to Teresa's question was: "I'm really focusing on making sure I'm getting better sleep and limiting the news. And I'm taking two days off work: Friday and Monday. I'm also making sure I do some form of exercise every day, I think that will help." However...I did not do any exercise yesterday. :/

    @TeresaW1020 Honestly, the Slimpossibles is really helping me challenge myself. So, thanks for the invitation! My DH is NOT taking any precautions going to work. :/ Just going like a normal day. This is quite upsetting to me. But he does work from home half the week, so that's good. It sounds like you are being cautious, which is good. Yes, that's all we can do. I hope you enjoy your Zoom bible study! <3

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
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    @nighthazel01 I love Welch's grape juice. My father was a preacher so I loved when he would fill up the little communion cups and then I would get to drink the left overs. Although I think they could have found better tasting bread. lol I even remember making jokes back as a child. My parents never really knew what to do with me. :p Sorry about your walk. Some people just don't get it. Those are the ones that put us all in danger.

    @shexio Joy foods. I love that term. Yaaay on your lb down. I'm still working on turning my big ocean liner around. I've made lots of progress this week. I track every thing like 5 mnm's. But then if I'm tasting my gravy, I don't track that. You made me laugh out loud about the comment on me being a crossFit person. Now maybe that girl is secretly hiding inside. Right now I'm bored and need to exercise. I never get bored in my life. As my mom would say, only boring people get bored. But I haven't left the house in month except for one time to ride in the car to go pick up my meds. It's starting to get to me. So my mind is being creative right now. Otherwise, I could just sit and read junk books to escape.

    @mswatson0777 What good things did you do today to improve your health? It's SO QUIET now outside. I bet if you fart in your own yard, the neighbors will hear it. lol Evidently my husband doesn't care. Yuck on the bonfire. At first I was like YAaaaay what fun. Then ooooohh nooooo. I would have went back in and said no thank you til dh dealt with it. I'm definitely not a mouse person. Actually any kind of critter person.

    @teresaw1020 Good for you on your body movement. Now attack the snacking. Could you replace half of your snacks with healthy snacks right now and then gradually increase it to full healthy snacks? So like 1/2 of candy bar and and half an apple. You know I'm all about the baby steps. Not another nursing home. My son works in two. He won't quit. I'm like just quit. They can't have visitors and they aren't going out anywhere. It's the employees bringing in the virus. I'm so scared for him and he has a kay-sa-ra-sa-ra attitude about it.

    @its_cleo Well at least your trainer didn't kill you. My calories are a work in progress too but I'm getting so much closer now. Soon I'll have it under control. Funny about wanting to go talk with the neighbors you don't know. My dh is starting to get that way. He's such a hermit but he misses the interaction with the guys at work. Even though he's like Grumpy Cat. I keep telling him this is what retirement is going to look like. He's getting a preview. When it's all over I said you need to go to the coffee shop every morning and sit with the old guys. I finished that book I was reading. As the story went on it got more erotic. Slow build. I guess they were "rounding the bases". lol My favorite Rocky movie is #4. In Russia where he uses natural equipment. His muscles never looked better. I was thinking about filling up a gym bag with heavy something and tossing it around.

    @trooworld The good thing about hiccups is they go away. So just concentrate on the next meal. Do you have any kind of plan for your day like Breakfast is 6 points and snacks are 3 points, etc.? That's so much easier than running up a tab then finding out you only have 1 point left over for dinner. I had to give my dh the same message I gave you yesterday. He was starting to spiral out of control I think and had to reign him in. We can only control what we have in front of us. We can put good thoughts into our minds just as easily as putting the bad ones in there. I have a visualization of me sweeping out the bad thoughts with a broom. My anxiety is starting to come out in dreams, so I have my own battle to work on there. We'll get through this. So I see your 9 pts of cashews and I raise you 390 calories for corn nuts. Who would have thought they would have so many calories. I guess the smart thing is to track before I eat. I loved that little match burning thing.

    So my exercise for the day included a 1982 Doobie Brothers concert on YouTube. I did jogging on my mini trampoline for one song and then next song I would walk back and forth across the room. Kind of like HIIT. Then next song I would add in some high jumps and windmill arms and then back to walking. A couple of songs I just got out on the floor and danced. But I kept moving and when the concert was over, I put on some more music to continue. Go me!

    Calories- Went over 1553/1500 Exercise-60 min

    April goals-Drink 4.5 glasses of water :| Decluttering :( Burn 200 cals exercise o:)
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    @Shexio Nice work losing a pound. Tracking really does work, it helps to cut down on snacking and mindless nibbling. I'm going to check out Jessica Smith for my walks

    @mswatson0777 - Oh wow, I would have left the woodpile. Maybe just having you near their home will encourage them to leave. I live in a subdivision and over the last few nights I've noticed several of my neighbors have bonfires. Signs of spring.

    @TeresaW1020 That's terrible about the nursing home. There's no reason to hide it, that is what happens with this terrible disease. My state is third in the country for this virus, behind New York and New Jersey. It's hard to understand why Michigan has been so hard hit, so fast.

    @ts_cleo I'm glad you found ways to connect to people while quarantined. Especially your dad, who you said you weren't really close to, it's still a connection and it's good you check up on each other.

    @theslightedgeforever I loved the little wafer bread as a kid, it just melted in my mouth, and for some reason I found that fascinating. Your creative with your exercise, which keeps it from getting boring.

    Yesterday, I walked outside in the morning, but for my second walk later in the day I walked around the inside of my house. Kinda boring but safer.

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    @TeresaW1020 Honestly my goal is to not gain weight in quarantine either! I feel like it would be SO EASY to fall down that rabbit hole, but I don't want to come out of this frustrated with myself.

    @its_cleo I'm glad quarantining alone is going okay for you. I'd miss hugs the most if I were alone. I'm a very affectionate person, so honestly I miss friend hugs even with living with someone! (my poor husband is getting the brunt of me not having anyone else to hug, but he knew what he was getting into when he married me!). If you don't have one yet I HIGHLY suggest a weighted blanket. It helps immensely.

    @trooworld My valiant husband says he'll flush it out this weekend while I hide with my two useless dogs and then we'll burn the rest of the wood so it can't move back. We also ordered A TON of mousetraps so this doesn't happen again.

    @theslightedgeforever What a fun exercise routine, I love it! And yeah, it's his job to flush the big critter out. I killed the mice so now it's his turn. For improving my health I've been really good at creating a movement checklist every day where every day I have to do at least 15 minutes of stretching and a dog walk, and then 5 days a week I have to do a workout that gets my heart rate up for at least 30 minutes. I've also been doing a pretty good job of keeping the junk food out of the house.

    @nighthazel01 Is there a place you can drive to or a path that has less people so you can still walk outside? My goal is to visit more rural parks and trails to try to get away from the crowds and explore new places.

    Happy Thursday all! I had a pretty good day yesterday. I did two sessions of yoga and an extra long dog walk with the pups. Today I got a 30 minute strength training you tube workout in (I wish I could find dumbbells, but I've been making do with body weight exercises). I have a meeting over lunch which I'm less than thrilled about, but I'll get more movement in after work. I also turned in the first draft of my paper and started a book for fun. Reading for fun feels so decadent after parsing through hundreds of research articles. I'll probably do some dissertation prep in the next month and a half, but I'm looking forward to some downtime before classes start up again at the end of May. This summer is going to be brutal with two classes AND working on my qualifying exam. There's a chance I may drop down to one class for sanity's sake, but I'm waiting until later in May to officially make that decision. I hope you all have fabulous days!
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    Good morning my friends! I'm in better spirits today. Yesterday, I set small achievable goals and checked them off in my habit tracker app and that was mood-elevating. That, plus I did a YouTube workout to ABBA (it was a 13-minute fast-paced walking video). The resistance bands I ordered came yesterday so I may play around with them today. I wanted to order dumbbells but those are sold out and impossible to get right now. :(

    @theslightedgeforever Actually, you are right. I'm back on a good path now. I set small, achievable goals for myself yesterday and it gave me something to accomplish and made me feel better. Plus, I talked to my therapist. No, I do not break out my points because it all depends on how much dinner is. Dinner becomes lunch the next day (we have the leftovers for lunch), so I can't say "Lunch is x points." I haven't been eating snacks except for those cashews I had that one day. For breakfast, I've been having a smoothie and although WW thinks blended fruit should be counted, I do not count it because it just doesn't make sense to me that unblended fruit is zero points but if I put it in a blender, it suddenly has points. Corn nuts, 390 cals wow! That is a lot of calories. I know I weighed my cashews before I ate them, I don't remember if I looked up to see how many points it was I think I did but I was like YOLO. So, I did exercise yesterday. You exercised yesterday to the Doobie Bros, I exercised to ABBA! How fun are we? Great job!

    @mswatson0777 What a mighty hero! :D Congrats on getting through your paper! That must have been a relief to turn in. Enjoy your reading for fun!

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
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    @TeresaW1020 : love the idea of 1/2 candy bar and 1/2 apple. I found that for me that replacing the snack with the apple satisfied my sweet tooth so that I didn’t want sugar all night. And when I had a candy the next day, that made me crave sweets all fricken day. So, I went back to the Apple.

    Worked out to P90x Shpulders and Arms today ... then did abs with the AthleanX dude.... 6min. Of holy 💩. Felt amazing though!

  • RetiredAndLovingIt
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    Hi all..sorry not been on for awhile. Not super busy, lol, but the time gets away from me. Wow, is it ever windy today. We had a nice day on Tues, got up to 82! Quite a bit cooler today, tho.

    @Shexio good job with the apples. I haven't really snacked that much, but got some apples, so should start eating some. Altho I did make a pan of brownies the other day. I have been limiting myself to one, so I can try to stay within my calories. Good job with your exercise, too.

    @trooworld Glad your mood has improved. These are difficult times. I think I am usually pretty upbeat, but the uncertainty of every thing has me kinda rattled. Hope your dh stays safe at work. If you find a good routine for the exercise bands, let me know. I have a set, but haven't looked at them in a few years.

    @nighthazel01 We do some walks outside, but I am still content to use the treadmill & just sit out on the deck for fresh air. Dh on the other hand, hates the treadmill, so always want to walk outside. As long as we just walk up the road & stay away from the trails in the park, we don't usually see anyone. Not supposed to be very nice for awhile & maybe some snow Sunday or Wed. Was hoping that was gone for the year. My sis (lives in Mpls) sent a picture today of a little snow they had gotten last night.

    @mswatson0777 Did not realize you live in Minn. My relatives all lived by the Minn-IA border. For some reason, I thought you were in Canada. Yay, for getting school work done. When my oldest dd was doing her masters (part time at night while working) got so tired of it, that the last term, she really piled the classes on, just to get done with it, lol. We had a ground hog in the shed where we store the tractor. I didn't even want to get out of the pickup if I thought it was around. & mice chewed the wiring in the tractor..dh was not happy!

    @TeresaW1020 That's too bad about the nursing home. So sad for them, you know people are unknowingly bringing it in. Dh has been going to the store when we need something because of my age & asthma, lol.
    I did an online food order that he picked up. Was supposed to be just open the back of the van, they load it, & off we go. But dh wondered if it would be bagged..we had seen big tubs that they were using we discussed using our reusable grocery bags. Well, he went to pick it up, got confused on what we had discussed, so got the tubs from the guy & loaded all the sacks in the reusable, etc. So much for minimal contact, lol. But he felt it was Ok, because only one young guy, not the crowds in the store. Probably right, but... I know he did wear a mask, tho, so have to give him credit for that. We refrigerated what needed to be & the rest is still sitting in the van being quarantined for a few days.

    @theslightedgeforever Good job with your exercises. Not sure I could run with filled flower pots. Your Doobie Bros workout sounded fun. I have thought about getting a mini trampoline, they look like fun. I know you worry about your ds. Even tho we don't have official lockdown, I think our state has done pretty good with its recommedations. I get encouraged by the number of negative tests we have had, considering they haven't done a lot of testing, except when people are sick, or now if over 60. Hopefully people are doing the social distancing..I haven't been out that much to see. I laughed at the coffee shop with the old guys. My dh used to go talk to the neighbor almost every day, but since we moved here, he hasn't really found a connection like that. I think he gets a lot more bored that I do that way. I on the other hand, get more "nutsy". Telling people to keep washing their hands is not good for me, lol.

    I usually have to try to talk dd in OK down a little. She gets so upset about all the things the kids are missing. I keep trying to tell her, everyone is in the same situation. She has been working from home (didn't think about it until she said last night, she is an essential worker because she works for communications) Not so easy to do with the 2 kids, and now she is essentially supposed to home school them, too. Dd here is starting to do online teaching, not sure how that works for kindergarten.

    Dh got a recipe for making peanut brittle in the microwave, so he has started doing that. (he doesn't cook, so it is something!) In our order, he got 2 bags of peanuts, so is planning to make 4 batches. That's not good for me, because it is pretty good & a little hard to resist.

    Well, suppose I should go & try to do something. I have 40 minutes, then I usually do my treadmill while Dr Oz is on. Put a roast in the oven, so need to add some potatoes & carrots.

    Keep staying safe.
  • its_cleo
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    @theslightedgeforever I haven't seen Rocky 4 although I have seen those training montages you mention. I've only seen Rocky 1 and 2. Although I did watch both Creed movies because I love Michael B Jordan. That is very creative with the Doobie Brothers concert.

    @nighthazel01 I'm doing the boring but safer route too. This weekend instead of going out for exercise I might try going up and down the stairs to my apt if my Achilles can take it. Less people.

    @mswatson0777 I'm glad you're having the opportunity to read for fun. I remember that feeling from university, my Masters year was tough bc it was 12 months compressed. It just about killed me lol.

    @trooworld have you checked youtube for resistance band workouts? I havent tried but someone said there was a lot.

    Hey all. I am dead tired today, didn't sleep well last night. Terrible dreams. I don't think due to the shut down- it just happens to me once in a while, I actually think it is related to my cycle. They are like horror movies- people being murdered. It is the weirdest thing, I don't know why I get them. So I think I woke up like every couple hours.

    I just want to call it a day. Seeing trainer online in 20 minutes and then I'm flaking out until I can try to get some sleep.

    Tomorrow- some work. Chat online with a friend. I'm not sure what else exercise wise. Haven't plotted it out. Trying to stay in this weekend as much as possible because it's a holiday and there will be too many people out.

    I guess they're trying to lighten things in the US...? Or it seems mixed messaging, I don't know, but here there is still a lot of pressure to stay inside and not go out so I am trying to follow that.
  • theslightedgeforever
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    @nighthazel01 I too have worn a path inside my house. I walk the perimeter outside my house sometimes too for a change. My Fitbit GPS map looks funny as it's just a bunch of circles. Interesting perception. When I think of bonfires, I think of fall. Maybe it's like the cavemen. They were sitting around with nothing to do and they started playing with some wood. Voila! Fire.

    mswatson0777 Do you have any containers like vegetable oil containers or milk jugs. Something with handles. They can be filled up with water and used as weights. Any size of water bottle really. books in a bag. Anything to create weight. Turning in your first draft is quite the accomplishment. What book are you reading?

    @trooworld Yaaay for better moods. Setting the small goals and tracking is a good way to feel a sense of accomplishment. ooh, I'll have to pull out some ABBA. Hubby loves them.

    @shexio Your workout sounds so intense but I bet you have great looking muscles. I need to find me a good strength training workout video that l like. I have all the equipment.

    @retiredandlovingit I hope you got in your treadmill with Dr. Oz. My son mentioned the nice Tuesday. He went out for a walk and his dad said, why aren't you staying in the house. lol My dd had snow too in MN. Groceries: I wipe everything down. Even the eggs one by one now. lol Then came wiping all the plastic bags down. I use them as garbage bags. Then there's the produce... I can't wait til we get back to the time of just putting away groceries. I hated that job to begin with. But now it will seem so quick and easy. Your roast in the oven made me smile. Especially with potatoes and carrots. My mom fixed that every Sunday. When we walked in from church, you could smell the roast. She had it in her big dutch oven.

    @its_cleo I hope your Achilles heals soon. So now you have to see Rocky 4 just for the muscles. Especially when he's in the barn. He really transformed his body between 1 and 4. I love a good makeover. I liked the Creed movies too. Yikes on the dreams. I agree mixed messaging. Maybe my age, but I don't understand why people just want to go and mill about together outside. I like my freedom as much as the next person but I also value my health and the health of those I love. I liked the new campaign of "I'm staying inside FOR my ......... (my answer is hubby and mil, well of course me too. I'm selfish like that) I was telling dh last night Yippee, the weekend is coming. He just looked at me. Everyday is a weekend now. I said maybe in YOUR mind, but let me have my fun.

    Calories- Stayed OP 1559/1660 Exercise-Rest Day

    April goals: Drink 4.5 glasses of water :( Decluttering :( Burn 200 calories
  • nighthazel01
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    @mswatson0777 You sound very busy, but you still find time to exercise, that's great. It sounds like your getting to the end of your degree. What an accomplishment.

    @trooworld I'm glad you're feeling better. The habit tracker sounds like a good idea.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt It would be hard to work from home with young kids in the house. My brother has it rough, He has super active boys in preschool and 1st grade, not to mention a giant dog. I'm not sure how he gets any work done. He has conferences calls a lot with other companies, but his house is not quiet.

    @its_cleo The stairs are a good idea. Is your Achilles heal getting any better? When I run my ankle hurts so bad I have to hobble around for days after. I pretty much stick to walking now.

    @theslightedgeforever Bonfires are a fall thing, I guess I think of spring because people were outside of their houses. I usually don't see my neighbors after October, people are reemerging. I need to find a less congested place to walk.

    I walked around the inside of my house again yesterday. I did get out for an early afternoon walk also, it felt good. We got some weird weather after, the winds picked up and we ended up with hail and snow. There's a light cover of snow on my lawn and driveway now. I took the day off of work, so I'll have to find a project to work on. Happy Good Friday everyone.
  • Shexio
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    Im making the intention here, I will limit my joy food fri-Sunday. Watch my portions and be mindful so that I eat more greens and fruit and minimal - if any- processed treats.
    The goal is a good Monday/Tuesday weigh in.

    Gas here is 1.29 wow.

    My workouts are intense- I guess. They sound intense but, if your willing to just show up and press play, just do what you can do and not be intimidated- you’d be amazed at what you can get done.

    Today, did total body and some abs. I’m sure we will get walking in, no work, so I plan to clean the house.

    @nighthazel01 good job on getting in a walk.

    I maybe mentioned it before - Jessica smith on youtube has some walking workouts on you tube.